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Dwarf short-haired breeds of cats

Shorthaired cats in most of their dwarfs. Their short paws are often due to dwarfism. As you will see below, some dwarf cats are really tiny. Shorthaired cats, however, are not necessarily miniature.

Some of the short-haired cats, on the other hand, are quite large

.Dwarf Lambkin, for example, weighs about 4.5 kg when it grows up. Therefore, the main distinctive feature of short-haired dwarf cats is not their overall size or weight, and their short paws.


Do you like little cats? Then you have to be a pet, and most likely it is a manchkin. The breed is parental for most short-haired cats.

For decades, the manchkin has been crossed with a Persian cat, sphynx, leper and many others, which gave the world a huge selection of short-legged cats. The character of the manchkin is calm and cheerful, and remains the same even when it grows.


This Italian breed largely resembles a small child. Parent bambino rocks are manchkin and sphinx, which provides it with an absolutely unique look.

Short-tailed and fox cat?- yes, practically the only one of its kind! Bambino is characterized by the affection of the sphinx and the friendliness of the manchkin, which makes it one of the nicest breeds of cats in the world.


Duel is even more special in terms of the appearance of the breed. These cats have short paws from the manchkin, lack of sphinx hair and magical wrapped ears from American curly.

Probably the most exotic cat you've ever seen. The breed is extremely rare, but if you get at least one of them, one of the best home pets will appear in your home. These cats love their owners and have an active and playful character.


The breed of lambkin is similar to lamb or sheep wool. Wonderful, curly coat on the touch resembles cashmere. The parent breeds of the hybrid are Manchkin and Selkirk Rex, therefore, Lambkin has an obedient and cheerful character.


Like a short-haired manchkin and a curly ear? Then you will definitely enjoy Kinkalou! These cats love to play with people and have a very playful character. In addition, kinkalo is known for its whims: they love trampolines and often sleep on their backs.


The genus of this breed is really complicated. Minskin is a combination of fantastic breeds of cats such as manchkin, sphinx, boom and devon rex.