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Hair Removal Tools: Review

The fastest, inexpensive and painless procedure for hair removal - shaving, which, however, women have to spend at least twice a week. Today, special appliances for hair removal are issued - female electric shavers, vibro-epilators and sets "two in

to one", which have replacement heads for hair removal and shaving.

Hair Removal Tools: Review

What are the advantages and disadvantages of epilators?

Similar devices can rightly be called the most effective way to remove unwanted vegetation on the body. But this way has a number of shortcomings:

  • 1. Dizziness. Epilation with the device - the procedure is unpleasant. It is accompanied by significant pain sensations. In this connection, such devices are not recommended to handle the bikini zone at maximum speed. In addition, you should choose models equipped with special nozzles-constraints.
  • 2. Duration. Epilation with the device takes much longer than with the usual shaving machine. To remove hair you will need at least half an hour.
  • 3. Noise. Many models of epilators during the work out a lot of sounds, which makes the process of hair removal even more unpleasant.

The advantages of this procedure are:

  • 1. Efficiency. Those who use a shaving machine for epilation know that it only cuts off the tip of the hair. The rest immediately begins to grow again. Therefore, the procedure has to be repeated quite often. The epilator also allows you to completely remove the hair. Damaged by such devices, hair follicles are restored only after 3-4 weeks. Consequently, such an epilation will need to be carried out no more than once a month.
  • 2. Cost-effectiveness. Using a special device, you can independently conduct a procedure, the effect of which is comparable to salon hair removal. Thus, you can save on a trip to a specialist.
  • 3. When using the epilator, no consumables are required. So, when shaving a machine, you will need a shaving foam and a skin treatment cream after the procedure. A wax epilation, besides the product itself, will require a large number of stripes. But for the epilator nothing else to buy is not required. Once you have bought the appliance yourself, you will provide for a long time a complete remedy for removing unwanted hair. In addition, it can be easily transported and stored.

Hair Removal Tools: Review

What to look for when choosing an epilator?

If you decide to buy a device, you should remember a few basic requirements that apply to it:

  • 1. Certificate. Once you have selected a model in the store, ask the seller for a certificate on it. This document can guarantee you the safety of the appliance. Epilators imported into the country illegally may be manufactured in violation of technology or from toxic materials. They can cause irreparable harm to your health.
  • 2. Defects. Carefully inspect the device you have selected. Pay attention to the presence of cracks or scratches. Even if the damaged appliance is sold at a large discount, it is better to refuse to purchase it. If damage occurred during the fall of the epilator, there is a high likelihood that the generator postings could break through. Such a device will quickly get out of order.
  • 3. Price. Of course, the cost of an epilator does not say about its quality. But still, too cheap models to buy is not worth it. Its price may mean that low-quality materials were used in production.
  • 4. Warranty card. Buy only the epilator, which you will be provided with a warranty card. The seller is obliged to affix the seal in this document and indicate the date of purchase. Only so you can count on free repair in case of device breakdown.

Hair Removal Tools: Review

The best models of the

epilators. The eyepieces usually have a tweezers at 2-3 speeds. Lower first speed is provided for short, thin hair, which is pulled together with the hair follicle. For hard and long hair, a faster rate is required to reduce the time of epilation and the painful feelings associated with it.

PHILIPS MultiPinet System Satinelle: 21 rotating disc, 1st speed - 600 pinch per second, 2nd speed - 733 pinch( PHILIPS NW 2841 and HP 6437).

BRAUN Silk-epil multi-tweezers system: 3 speeds for soft, normal and quick hair removal, 20 pairs of rotating discs, 2 speeds.

The ROWENTA Multi-Precision Precision System( in Epil Active models): 32 pair of tweezers, 4 rows of double brushes that feed the hairs. Epilators are both two-speed and single-speed( more simple and cheap).

There are painful sensations in epilation and often in addition to them - skin irritation. Therefore, PHILIPS has supplemented its new Super Sensitive series with a vibrating anesthetic - a rubber brush for continuous massage and skin anesthetic for epilation, which has two levels of regulation.

Perfect epilator for sensitive skin HP 6455 Satin Ice developed by PHILIPS.Before epilation on the device is installed a frozen cooling capacity, the cooler comes to the skin immediately before the removal of hairs and relieves pain. In addition, with the help of a special nozzle, you can perfectly remove the dead skin cells. True, the cost of such an epilator is quite high.

Nevertheless, choosing an epilator should not be guided solely by considerations of economy. Knowing the sensitivity of the skin, you can choose an epilator with appropriate functions and attachments. You should also consider the availability of additional accessories that can be very useful, such as brushes and travel covers for PHILIPS models, or the built-in rechargeable battery is charged for the Super Sensitive series, which ensures that your hair straightener is completely autonomous.