Barley on the eyes of a child: how to treat

It is very important to take care of your own immunity constantly, but about the immune system of the baby and the pomp. One of the signs of weak immunity is barley, or acute purulent inflammation of hairy ears.

How to get rid of it as quickly as possible and without any hassle, you can treat

barley by folk medicine and how effective it is, read this article.


1. What is barley
2. Causes of barley appearance in children
3. Signs of barley in children
4. Species of barley in the eye of
5. When barley is dangerous and what are the complications?
6. Diagnosis of
7. How to Cure Barley in a Child
8. Prevention of
9. Instead of Conclusion

What is barley

Barley is manifested as a tumor of the century and its subsequent edema. It occurs as a result of inflammation of the lining of the hair follicle.

Causes barley bacterial infection against weakened immune system due to colds.

Basically, the provocateurs of acute purulent inflammation of the lining of the hair follicle syringe or the

of the sebaceous gland of Zeiss ( also called barley in medical terminology) are streptococci and staphylococci. This illness is not pleasant, it is accompanied by itching and smoking in the eye, but a little about how to treat it correctly.

Causes of Barley Expression in Children

Different people have barley due to various reasons. For women, for example, the likelihood of getting sick more than men, and explains it simply. Women are more likely to come in contact with their eyes, touching them directly with brushes and brushes when applying make-up.

In children, this illness is just as "very popular" as they can climb dirty hands in the eye, or when playing in the sand to bring unintentional sink in the eye. In any case, in the case of acute purulent inflammation of the lining of the hair bag, it is better to immediately consult a doctor and not engage in self-medication.

So why do children often have barley? The culprit of the appearance of this disease in 90% of cases is infection, which is entered, for example, dirty hands of the child.

Similarly, the disease may occur as a result of other negative [factors:

  • stress;
  • Cold Disease;
  • dust( getting into the eyes of fine particles);
  • violation of hygiene rules;
  • overcooling;
  • weakened immunity;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • is a disturbed metabolism.

If you are wrong in treating barley, you can spread the blood infection and get it infected. In some cases, when there is barley in children, there is an increase in temperature. Therefore, if there is an exact assurance that it is a sharp purulent inflammation of the lining of the hair bag, it is better to go to the doctor immediately and receive treatment from a specialist. Barley on the eyes of a child: how to treat

Barley Characteristics in Children

The development of barley occurs as follows: the infection penetrates into the gland, because of this iron is compacted and increased in size. In the ducts that go outside, a blockage occurs and the purulent fluid fills the gland, and therefore the child experiences painful itchy sensations in the eye area.

Children who have weakened immunity due to colds are very susceptible to this disease. Just kids who do not yet understand that you can not rub your eyes dirty hands. The occurrence of barley affects a lot of factors, knowing the cause of occurrence, selected appropriate treatment.

How does barley appear in children? This disease causes the child a lot of trouble. She is accompanied by itching and smoking in the area of ​​the century's defeat. Sometimes the temperature rises, chills appear. But the main symptoms of the manifestation of barley in children, nevertheless, there is redness and puffiness of the century. Moreover, pain in the eye depends on how much the baby's eyes swell. The eye is constantly tearing, and the child feels the feeling that there is an outsider in the eye.

If this is an external barley, then after a few days, there is clearly visible yellow wheezing, which in no case can be squeezed out. The head of the abscesses will grow and turn yellow until an independent discovery takes place.

The capsule rupture takes about four days. This produces purulent mass along with dead cells. When the inflammation unfolds, the pain will be much less. Gradually disappears and redness.

Normally barley does not leave traces behind itself, but in some cases there may be a small scar. If it is internal barley, then on the inner surface of the century you can observe reddening. The skin around barley is inflamed and swollen. Barley on the eyes of a child: how to treat In the case of internal barley, the inflammation is slower, but much more painful. In addition, the child may have a headache. If abscess is not visible, then the barley is not ripe yet, and it may simply disappear without ripening. This, incidentally, often happens.

Species of barley in the eye

Barley is a disease characterized by inflammatory processes of acute nature. Acute purulent inflammation of the lining of the hair sac may appear in two different forms and divides into two types of :

  • internal;
  • external.

Barley on the eyes of a child: how to treat

External barley occurs as a result of infection in the follicular follicles of the bulb. Formed purulent inflammation of the glands, most often located in the century from the outer wall. In addition, the infection can affect the sebaceous glands including. In this situation barley is localized on the outer part of the century.

It is believed that this species is most common among patients with this ailment. If you squeeze abscess or do not do any treatment, there may be complications. The disease in this case begins to progress actively. There is infection of healthy cells that are close to inflammation.

Inner barley is localized on the inner surface of the century. It is formed as a result of the inflammatory process in the meybomyevoy gland. This is due to its close location to the follicle of the eyelashes.

The main function of this gland is to isolate the secretion through which the eyeball is wetted. This secret allows the eye to not dry and maintains the desired level of moisture in the eye.

If there is an inflammation, the ducts in which the fluid is released are clogged. That's when there is the formation of barley. In the same way as the outside, the internal barley should be treated on time. Otherwise, chalazion may develop. In principle, the symptoms of internal and external barley are similar, their main difference is in different localization in the century.

When barley is dangerous and what are the complications?

If you do not treat barley in a timely manner, then the disease can go into chronic form.

At this stage, there may be two variants of the development of events: barley may become chronic and freeze in one form, without developing, or there are unpleasant complications.

Inflammation of the lymph nodes located near the inflammatory processes that occur in the course of this disease can occur.

In addition, the child may feel tired and tired. There is lethargy all over the body. Headache and fever are the same as the major complications during the illness.

Not excluded and more serious complications, inflammatory processes of the century lead to infection of the eye and inflammatory processes in it. In rare cases, complications can lead to thrombophlebitis in the eye area, as well as inflammation of the human brain's lining. Therefore, one should carefully consider the appearance of acute purulent inflammation in the eye, because its complications can lead to fatal outcome.

Manifestations of complications often occur from the fact that the child constantly scratches his eyes or tries to self-remove the pus by pressing on swelling. Manure can get into the bloodstream and spread the infection from the body, and this is extremely dangerous. If the purulent masses themselves did not leave, then you should seek help from a specialist in the hospital.

Diagnosis of the disease

In the course of the disease, the diagnosis is quite simple, the diagnosis is clinically. As soon as the inflammatory process has begun and noticeable the appearance of redness and swelling of the century, it is necessary to turn to the doctor of an ophthalmologist. He specializes in turning the eyelids and will make a visual inspection, while using side lighting.

No additional reviews required. Similarly, the doctor will take the necessary tests for the crop and determine the infection, and in addition, an antibiotic sensitivity analysis.

In almost 100% of cases, the only microbe that can call boils and barley is the golden staphylococcus. Therefore, when a child often suffers from barley and boils, it is a disease caused by a golden staphylococcus, and in this case there is no need to give any smears.
If the barley has a recurrent nature, then conduct blood and urine tests on glucose levels. In determining acute purulent inflammation of hair bags of the century, it is important to pay attention and not to confuse barley with chronic inflammation of the gland in the area of ​​the century - the chalazione.

How to treat barley in a child

Different drops can be used to treat barley in children, such as: Tobrex Tobrom, Levomycetin .As part of these drops, there is an antibiotic that has a detrimental effect on the infection caused by staphylococcus.

The Sofradex effectively helps eye drops. To boil them need 6 times a day , alternating with the application of hydrocortisone ointment .It is applied at the lower eyelid 3 times a day at .

When the barley is opened, the baby's eyelashes can stick together, so it is worth getting wet with a cotton swab in furatsilin solution and removing pus.

It is advisable to warn the child that he does not face his hands in order not to spread the infection to other eyelash follicles.

With the permission of the doctor you can use folk remedies, for example, to make lotions of chamomile or plantain. These herbs provide a good anti-inflammatory effect. Barley on the eyes of a child: how to treat
If the abscesses appear episodically, and are of a long-lasting nature, then in this situation, it will not be possible to fully cure a child only by local means. Adequate treatment in this case is the administration of antistaphylococcal antibiotics.

There are not enough such drugs. The principal point is that, as a rule, in the treatment of skin infections can not manage 5-7 days of treatment. It is necessary to undergo a course of therapy for a period of at least 1-3 months.

When treating barley at home, you can use the following folk medicine recipes. Soak a cotton swab in 70% alcohol. Precipitate a place where inflammation begins. It is necessary to do this carefully and carefully so that the alcohol in no way falls into the eye of the child, otherwise it can cause eye burns.

Barley is afraid of heat, so you can apply a warm boiled egg, pre-wrapping it in a cloth. This method also reduces pain in the baby.

Prophylaxis of

If the proper treatment of such an illness as barley is appropriate, the effects will be minimal. If you undergo home treatment yourself, then you must remember that you have to wait for the unwanted opening of barley.

It is not recommended to excite an abscess by itself, as there will be a possibility of complications, the introduction of an infection.

Prevention of this disease is to minimize the factors that affect its appearance. It is necessary to strengthen the immunity of the child, more often to walk in the fresh air, to take the sun bath. Take care of the proper nutrition of the baby so that his body receives the right amount of vitamins and nutrients. To explain to the child how important it is to observe the rules of personal hygiene, such as morning and evening hygiene, the child should have his own towel and cute.

Instead of Conclusion

To save your child from eye inflammation by the type of barley, you should take care of the child's health, strengthen his immune system and monitor the proper nutrition. If barley is still formed, one should immediately consult a doctor, since with inflammatory eye diseases should not be joking.