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How to start shaving: tips for growing a beard


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How to start shaving: tips for growing a beard Each person in his life faced the moment when it was necessary to start shaving his face. Usually this happens in 15-16 years, when the young

people are almost adult, and the first signs of courage appear on their faces. It is impossible to tell exactly from what age it is necessary to start shaving, after all each person is individual in the development.

For some time, the slight infidelity of a teenager looks quite natural, it can continue to even 17-18 years. But if the bristle ceases to look like a "child's cannon" and it is clearly spoil the appearance of a young man, then it's time to remove the hair for the first time.

This is an elementary hygiene rule that should be instilled by all parents to their children. However, this procedure involves many issues that you can not always find answers in adults or peers. What needs to be done to avoid skin irritation, which cosmetics are best used, can you not remove your hair and immediately grow your beard?

In general, how do teenagers start shaving properly? Let's consider each stage separately.

Choosing an

tool Today, a young man has a huge selection of shaving tools and tools. For simplicity, we divide them into three groups:

  • A dangerous razor. Her name speaks for herself. This razor consists of a pen and a long sharp-blade blade. She is the least suitable to shave her for the first time since, without experience, she can be hurt and even seriously injure herself. However, in clever hands, this is a great tool that completely removes hair and does not irritate the skin. It can also be trimmed with a small beard.
  • Safe machine. The most popular option. There are disposable and reusable machines, with variable blades. One-time is enough for two or three times( it will be right to throw it after the first), repeated serve longer. They are quite simple to use and practically not dangerous, unless you can scratch the skin. With machine tools, as well as with a dangerous shaver, apply a foam or shaving gel. How to start shaving: tips for growing a beard
  • Electric Shaver. This tool is even easier to use than the previous one. It does not require changing blades, it is very easy to shave. Of the minuses - the need for an outlet( although there are battery), as well as low quality hair removal, plus you can get skin irritation.
  • Before Shaving

    Choose a machine - it's safe and easy enough. What kind of brothers, one time or not, is not so important, but if we take the first, then it should be new, otherwise the blunt blade will damage the skin. Start shaving properly, as it's written in hygiene brochures, very easy and will eventually become routine, and may even be a pleasant procedure. The main thing is to prepare well, shave carefully and finish correctly. How to start shaving: tips for growing a beard

    First of all, you have to wash your face with warm water - the pores of the skin will open, and the bristle will become noticeably softer. You can also use a special cream to further soften the skin. By the way, when shaving a beard, first remove the maximum volume by a trimmer, and then pass the razor.

    Remove excess water with a towel, the skin should remain moist. Now we apply foam or shaving gel on the palm and we distribute it to those sections of the person who are going to handle the machine. The gel can be the best option because it has significantly better moisturizing properties and also cools the skin.

    You do not need to immediately go for a razor, it is better to wait a couple of minutes - the foam softens the bristles, and it will be easier to clean.

    The process of hair removal

    So, the first time has come, how to shave correctly?

    You can start moving a blade from the temporarily or from the nose, this is not essential. You need to move in the direction of hair growth, without pushing too much on the machine. If you move against the movement, then the whistle will make small blemishes on the skin, which then blushes and itchy.

    The machine must be rinsed after each passage under a stream of running water or in a separate bowl so that the blade does not clog up with cut hair and foam. After all, we examine the skin and check that everything is removed. If not, you can again brush with foam and shave again, or simply moisten the blade and gently cut the remaining hairs. To handle hard-to-reach places, you can rotate the razor and pull off the skin, which will make the blade work more efficiently. How to start shaving: tips for growing a beard

    In the future, after direct penetration, you can repeat already against the growth of hair to achieve greater smoothness of the skin. But for the first time and this is enough.

    In the case of an electric shaver, it's all easier: after turning on the device, you must drive the cutting face on the face, barely touching the protective grid of the skin, so that it does not grasp. Electric shaver can also be used for circular movements, if hair grows in different directions.

    After shaving

    Spot the face and wash the foam remnants, check the cleanness of the skin. The blade, hardly or not, in any case slightly injures the skin and, in essence, removes, exfoliate the upper layer, therefore, special protective measures after shaving are used for its protection and restoration, the so-called "aftershave".This includes alcohol-based lotions, soothing gels, emulsions, and creams. There are products that contain menthol, give a feeling of freshness and cold, restore balms, heal microtraumas, and more. We use any of these funds, we should not neglect them. After the first time the bristle will grow on the face uniformly and over time it becomes clear which areas grow fast, and which are slow. How to start shaving: tips for growing a beard

    When to shave next time? Again, all individually, here it is necessary to look at the speed of appearance of hair. Usually men make this procedure 3-4 times a week, some have to do every day. It all depends on the level of testosterone in the blood, the abundance of vitamins and the overall health of the body. There is another option: you can stop shaving and begin to grow your beard, how to do it right, consider further.

    Beard Growth

    Brief Recommendations for Future Beards.

    Before starting to grow a beard( if it is a pleasantly solid solution), there should be some experience with the razor, that is, bristles should not be "young".Therefore, it is necessary to shave regularly beforehand for at least some time.

    The first day: you need to remove all facial hair, make it as simple as possible. From this moment, the blade can be put aside and no longer touch it - we begin to grow the beard.

    How to start shaving: tips for growing a beard In the first month, no shaving or trimming of hair is necessary, only to wash them and lubricate with cannabis oil. After three or four weeks, the skin will begin to heavily itch, it will have to endure. Only care, good nutrition, the use of vitamins is important.

    In the second month, it will be clearly seen which places will grow slower, the hair will stick with the shreds. You can begin to trim the beard with a trimmer to make it the only length. And continue to care, wash, wipe with oil and massage.

    In the third month, the hair reaches such lengths, they can be cut with scissors. By this moment it is necessary to decide with the style and draw up a beard at will or to apply to the professional. And care that did not stop for day care.

    Next, it will be a bit easier, the beard will have to be cut only occasionally, wash and comb regularly.


    To properly start shaving and how to care for your skin, it does not require much knowledge or effort, even if you need to do it for the first time. We only need to deal with the matter patiently and neatly, and there will be no problems. The same applies to the issue of growing beard.