2017 Year

New Year's wall newspaper 2017. We make a wall-paper independently on the New Year's cock

New Year

There is little left before the New Year holidays, which means that all educational institutions will start exhibitions on New Year's themes. Even now, the responsible boys should think about how the 2017 new yearbook of their class will look.

Highlights to consider when creating a wall paper.

So, we make the wall-paper yourself on the New Year's Eve.

The basic rule of any wallpapers - wall paper should be unique. It is not necessary to use those details that were included in last year's variants. Try to come up with something new and original.
The wall notes should include not only greetings and thematic pictures, but also information related to school news and events. You can also take into account some of the results of the passing year, both the whole school and individual students.

It is also worthwhile to write information about the upcoming New Year, telling that it represents the symbol of 2017.A good idea is to post a horoscope for the whole year for each zodiac sign.

Basic Materials.

Now it's worth discussing the materials that will be needed to create a school newborn wall paper. First of all, this is a sheet of watman format A1.To create a colorful work, you will need colored pencils, markers, markers and paints. You can use ready-made letter templates to avoid spending much time drawing a header. They can be printed on a printer. To add originality of the New Year's wall-paper, you can use extra cloths of cloth, ribbons, spruce twigs, small Christmas trees, Christmas bells, sequins, rhinestones or crumbs of old glass decorations for a Christmas tree.

New Year

The main text on a wall-paper is best to write by hand. To do this, you should first draw a line with a simple pencil, which should be erased afterwards. You can write text using colored pens or felt-tip pens. You can, of course, save time and print the finished text on the printer, after which it should be pasted to a wall-paper.

New Year

As for drawings, there are a number of several images that must be necessarily depicted on the New Year's wall-paper. In 2017 the most compulsory picture will be the image of the Fire Cave. It can be pictured from any picture. To the Cockerel turned out bright, it can be decorated with small sparkles. In addition, you can portray the main New Year's heroes: Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, Snowman, harness deer. Do not forget about the main beauty of the New Year - a Christmas tree.

For many years, the collage of school photographs has not lost its popularity. Originally, it can be imagined if you cut the students' heads individually and stick them to the fairy-tale characters painted on the wall-paper. Such a wall-paper will give a good mood to anyone who sees it.

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