Hemorrhoid Treatment

Why is hemorrhoid in children, signs and treatment

Why is hemorrhoid in children, signs and treatment Hemorrhoids are considered an adult disease, but nevertheless sometimes found in children. The reasons for its appearance in childhood are slightly different, but the essence remains the same: due to venous insufficiency there is a varicose veins, resulting in hemorrhoidal


Hemorrhoids in children has some complexity, therefore, requires increased attention and special treatment.

Features of Childhood Hemorrhoids

If you look at the most common causes of hemorrhoids, it becomes clear that the baby's body is subject to completely different influences. They are not threatened by sedentary lifestyles and the rise of goods, and even more so, pregnancy and childbirth. So why is hemorrhoids in children? One negative factor is constipation. They are the main cause of childhood hemorrhoids.

Constipation in children caused by intestinal dysbiosis and gastrointestinal tract imperfections. The situation is aggravated by the long seating on the pot, which may be completely different reasons. For example, babies often have a "psychological" constipation during the period of adaptation to the garden or in an unfamiliar setting. Not understanding this, the mothers force the child to sit on the pot until he "does business".He begins to cry, the stomach is straining, which leads to the protrusion of hernia and stagnation of blood in the small pelvis. This is also the true path to constipation.

Childhood hemorrhoid has one more cause - congenital varicose veins, which manifests itself immediately after childbirth. In this case, when crying, muscle tension or defecation in the baby, the vena cava is clearly visible in the anus. Sometimes hemorrhoids arise due to decreased physical activity, but in children this happens very rarely.

Symptoms of

The complexity of hemorrhoids in young children is that they can not always explain what is happening to them. And the less the child's age, the harder it is to find out. In an annual child, the disease proceeds with almost no symptoms. Usually, parents notice a disease when it's hard for him to empty, and he begins to cry. In rare cases, anus is protruding.

It is equally difficult to recognize in a child's 2 year hemorrhoids. You can do this during bowel movements. Firstly, sitting on a pot, the baby will be strongly pushed, crying and falling into hysterics. Secondly, his stool will be mixed with blood. If these signs are not present, it is worth looking at the baby's anus. Sometimes a disease of a well-seen mesh of blood vessels.

In three-year-olds, children often have a hidden form of hemorrhoids. It can not be recognized if it is good to study the feces and the anus of the child. If the rectum is damaged, the anus will slightly stand out. Also, on a child's hemorrhoids 3 years can indicate a vascular mesh in the area of ​​the anus and bloody secretion. When these symptoms occur, you should immediately visit a doctor.

In 4 years of , most children themselves can tell their parents what is going on. According to this message it is not difficult to judge that the child has constipation or something interferes with defecation. The main thing is to let him understand that this is very important, and that it's not necessary to be ashamed of it. As the 4-year-old child's hemorrhoid has the same course as the three-year-olds, the symptoms of the disease are almost identical.

After 5 years, parenting is simplified. At this age, the child can complain about the symptoms that he or she is concerned with, therefore, it will not be possible to determine the disease.

In children, there may be an anal fissure. Its signs are blood after bowel movements, as well as diapers or linen. An increase in body temperature can mean the onset of inflammation.

In extremely rare and unexpected cases, a complication such as a hemorrhoidal thrombosis may develop. In this case, the child feels discomfort, severe pain, the reaction to which will be a constant crying.

To confirm the diagnosis, you need to undergo a hospital examination. Only an experienced physician will be able to determine the degree of disease and appoint an effective treatment.

Treatment for childhood hemorrhoids

Why is hemorrhoid in children, signs and treatment For diagnosis of the disease, as a rule, sufficient exterior examination by an experienced specialist. Do not panic in advance, because in childhood, the disease is extremely rare. But if the doctor found a child with a hemorrhoids, what should be done in this case? First, it is necessary to listen to his recommendations, and secondly, gain patience.

In most cases, hemorrhoids are treated with conservative methods. Suitable for ointments, candles and compresses. Since children's candles are not released, adults are used for treatment, pre-cut them according to the required dosage.

When choosing ointments and candles it is necessary to be as careful as some of them are contraindicated for children. For example, Proctosedil can not be used to treat infants and newborns, but can be used by schoolchildren. For children of a certain age, such means as Gepatrombin G, Candles and Ointments Relief, Ginkor Prokoto can be used.

How and what to treat hemorrhoids in children? This will be discussed in more detail by the doctor, but briefly, the treatment involves the daily use of candles and ointments. Candles are inserted into the anus after emptying the intestine 1-2 times a day. It is necessary to do this very carefully, so as not to injure hemorrhoids.

To deal with the symptoms of the disease will help folk remedies:

  • Lime based on decoction of strawberry leaves, a weak solution of manganese, beets, carrots, rowan berries;
  • Microclimate of warm rose hips( about 40 ° С) or potato juice;
  • Sitting baths based on decoctions of turnip, chamomile, oak bark, marigold, thyme, marigold;
  • Steam baths with an admixture of garlic juice and onion;
  • Compresses from a self-made ointment, which is prepared so. Mix 10 grams of propolis and 1 tablespoon.lhoneyThen make a stock of boiled beeswax and oil( 50 g).Add honey to propolis to it. All components are thoroughly mixed.

In order to eliminate hemorrhoids in children, treatment should be comprehensive. Therefore, in the first place you need to get rid of constipation. To do this, you need to give the child some laxative, such as Dufalak. Well help the abdominal massages that are made around the navel in a clockwise direction. To prevent injuries to the child of the mucous membrane of the rectum, when hemorrhoids can not make enemas, but you can put microclysters with folk remedies based on rose hips or sea buckthorn or with the preparationMicrolax. Stomatolysis is a key to preventing and treating hemorrhoids in children.

In turn, it is impossible without a complete set of measures, which includes:

  • Proper nutrition, with the inclusion in the menu of products that stimulate the intestines
  • Treatment of dysbiosis must necessarily be accompanied by the restoration of intestinal microflora
  • Teaching the baby to personal hygiene and regular laxing,which will improve the vascular tone and allow to increase the outflow of blood from the pelvic floor
  • Avoid prolonged sitting near the TV, computer
  • More to move, do charge, walk and playfresh air
  • Restrict the use of fast food, snacks

To treat hemorrhoids in children, it is necessary in due time, to find out the first symptoms, consult a doctor. Timely initiated therapy will eliminate this unpleasant disease, depriving the child of discomfort and pain.