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The child has elevated alkaline phosphatase in the blood: causes and treatment

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Why alkaline phosphatase is elevated, the cause of a child's manifestation - these issues are within the competence of the doctor. When a baby is ill, it is often prescribed different tests,

among which there are blood tests. It happens that these analyzes reveal an elevated value of alkaline phosphatase index. What is this? And what can this mean?

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  • 1 Change Etiology
  • 2 What kind of illness can this testify?
  • 3 How can I lower my performance?

1 Etiology of Changes

Alkaline phosphatase is a special enzyme component. In a certain amount, these enzymes are present in most tissues of the body. The highest concentrations of alkaline phosphatase enzymes are present in human bone tissue, their bile ducts and osteoblasts.

Its large volume is noted in the intestinal mucosa. It is made by its superficial layer, only in the digestive processes involved only in the background. The main goal of alkaline phosphatase in the body is the cleavage of phosphoric acid, which is required for the body from various compounds. Even this substance performs the function of movement of the body of an element such as phosphorus.

For adults and children, normal digital values ​​for LF differ. For infants of all ages, the following values ​​are characteristic:

  • at the moment of birth of a baby - more than 250 units / l;
  • on the fifth day of life - more than 231 units / l;
  • since the sixth day of life and for the sixth month - more than 449 units / l;
  • from six months to twelve - more than 462 units / l;
  • from one year to three years - more than 281 units / l;
  • from four to six - more than 269 units / l;
  • from seven to twelve - more than 300 units / liter;
  • from 13 to 17: boys - more than 390 units / l, girls - more than 187 units / l.

What are the reasons for the increase in alkaline phosphatase in children?

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The child has elevated alkaline phosphatase in the blood: causes and treatment

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The state of alkaline phosphatase in childhood at normal values ​​higher than 1.5 times than in the adult population, and as childrenfrom the moment of their birth to a certain period of life actively grows and goes their development, then the figures that characterize alkaline phosphatase, can be marked enough at a high level and reach 800 U / l.

But this is not at all a reason for worries, because such a provision is due to the fact that in enzymes of alkaline phosphatase there is not only the hepatic, but also the bone marrow enzyme. In the population whose bone system has already completed its formation, the main role in the growth of alkaline phosphatase activity is played by the isoenzymes of an organ such as the liver.

When passing various surveys, it should be borne in mind that the alkaline phosphatase values ​​may slightly deviate in one direction or the other. The reason for this may be different methods of research, reagents, which are used in this case.

In pharmaceutical practice, tests for determining the activity of alkaline phosphatase play a huge role and help to diagnose pathologies that are present in the liver, which are accompanied by a reduction in the incidence of bile into the duodenum.

In such cases, alkaline phosphatase in the blood of babies can often increase.

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2 What diseases can this testify?


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One of the greatest values ​​of LF can be observed when there is a disturbance of bile outflow. This can occur in the presence of stones in the bile ducts or in the presence of bile duct tumors. Apart from all this, at an overestimated level of this enzyme the doctor can put the baby in the next diagnosis:

  • bone diseases( also referred to as tumors, sarcomas or cancerous bone metastases);
  • mononucleosis, infectious;
  • myeloma;
  • intestinal infections;
  • Children's Cytomegaly Virus.

The child has elevated alkaline phosphatase in the blood: causes and treatment

High importance is given to analyzing the level of alkaline phosphatase in the diagnosis of this type of disease, such as rickets, since the value of alkaline phosphatase increases significantly before the disease itself becomes noticeable.

Sometimes LF may increase physiologically. This can occur in premature infants or in adolescents, during puberty, when accelerated growth of bone tissue occurs.

The level of alkaline phosphatase may be increased by the administration of some medications. Many drugs have a similar side effect. These medicines include Paracetamol, penicillins of various species, sulfanilamides, erythromycin and various other types of drugs. With increased metabolism in bone tissues during the period of bone fractures, the value of such an enzyme can also often increase.

The child has elevated alkaline phosphatase in the blood: causes and treatment

The decrease in enzyme levels is not strictly controlled and is not particularly important for physicians. Indicator LF can decrease in cases where bone growth is broken, with the lack of some trace elements, vitamins C and B12, iron deficiency anemia. Occasionally, it may occur with a hereditary form of hypophosphataemia.

3 How can I lower my performance?


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In order to reduce the level of alkaline phosphatase, and to bring these figures to the norm, it is necessary to first cure the main type of disease that led to this increase. Simply fit the numbers will not succeed.

In children, the activity of enzymes LF is largely overestimated than in adults.

In particular cases, when alkaline phosphatase activity is higher, it can be said to be a liver cancer. At times it is the only symptom of the disease, it is necessary to pay special attention to the increase of this enzyme. Given this, it is so important and it is necessary to pass all the necessary analyzes to understand the clinical picture of the child's condition and start treatment timely. This will result in the baby recovering as soon as possible.

So, in order to give a qualitative assessment of the result of raising or raising the values ​​of the level of LF in the blood, any specialist may need to conduct additional surveys. It is necessary to remember and not forget that the limits, in which the normal levels of alkaline phosphatase fluctuate, are very large. They directly depend on the age of the examined person.

Because of this most accurately diagnose one or another type of disease only with one increase in the level of such an enzyme can not even the doctor. But nevertheless, in combination with other studies that are carried out in addition, one can find a complete general picture of the disease as a whole. And if necessary, the doctor will appoint additional examinations.