Micropolarization of the brain

Micropolarization of the brain is a modern method that is very effective and can help you to change the functional state of the elements that make up the central nervous system.

Micropolarization of the brain

During this procedure, a weak current is applied which the

directs mainly to the scalp area. I would like to note that in this case, almost always the current parameters are located in the area of ​​several tens or even hundreds of mA, and if compared with other procedures in standard physiotherapy, then it is just huge figures.


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General information about

micropolarization We continue. The correct direction of impact is ensured by the use of electrodes of very small size, in combination with their locations. Due to such procedure there is an opportunity to significantly improve various cognitive functions, in particular - memory, vision, general emotional state of the patient.

In addition, the process of sleep is normal, as patients are often suffering from insomnia, and if they fall asleep, they wake up without the necessary strength and feel some tiredness of the body. Also, in this way, it is possible to put in order motor skills of the person's skills and functions of language.

Developed such a method of approximation in the seventies of the last century in the city of Leningrad at a special institute of experimental medicine. This method is mainly aimed at restoring the normal functioning of the brain, as well as significantly reducing the level of manifestation of so-called functional immaturity.

It is imperative to note that there are no different side effects, and there was a good tolerability of such procedures, since not every patient is able to properly carry such studies. At present, in the centers involved in the study of this procedure in more detail, not only scientific but also medical activities are conducted.

This therapy is important for both adults and young children. For example, if a child is seriously lagging behind the development of other children, then due to such a method during a relatively short period of time, parents will be able to observe significant improvements, that is, there will be high activity, improve the cognitive process.

In addition, when a child begins to engage with professional educators, it will be much easier for him to learn this or that information. In general, the average efficiency of this method is approximately 75-80%.

Keep the procedure about 45 minutes. The best part is that during the procedure, the child will not feel absolutely no pain, that is, everything is as convenient as possible. If we talk about the children, it can be noted that they quite simply perceive such studies, because due to relatively weak but constant current, it is well combined with the physiological processes that are noticeable in the child's body.

It is worth noting that transcranial micropolarization for the brain is called a procedure that is considered almost completely independent. It is never done in conjunction with medication therapy.

Essentially, this study aims to become a substitute for more standard treatment options. As a rule, a positive effect is felt in about 3-4 months, but in some situations, a person will be able to experience improvement almost immediately after all the necessary research has been carried out.

It is also desirable to repeat such treatment courses from time to time, but it should be done no more than twice a year. These terms are due to the fact that the procedure has certain effects that will be noticeable immediately after its passing.

Changes in the positive nature of the electroencephalogram are noticeable much earlier than clinical ones, and in virtually every case they occur immediately after the required course of treatment has been taken. Such changes may indicate significant changes in bioelectric processes, namely, their level of increase.

Contraindications in this case are relatively small, and the most important of them are the presence of tumors, damage to the tissues of the brain, the presence of different courts. You can not do this kind of research if brain tumors are present, even if they are small in size. This method is almost ineffective in cases where there is a clear mental retardation and autism.

The essence of the method and the scope of application

Micropolarization of the brain Mostly, micropolarization is used in cases where a person has different illnesses, as well as if there is damage to the central nervous or peripheral system. In addition, they use this method for detected violations of vision, speech, hearing or when the child lags behind in development.

Also, quite often doctors prescribe micro-polarization and for prophylactic purposes in order to maintain the normal functioning of the nervous system and other important human organs. I would like to note that in this procedure there is absolutely no age limit. That is, it can be carried out for both elderly women and for very young children.

I would like to note that they use such technology quite widely. Due to the required complex of studies, the patient will be able to restore his or her own behavioral disorder or psychology. The following changes apply to both children and adults.

The micro-polarization of the brain is used if the following conditions or conditions occur:

  • is a shocked cranium;
  • effects of both open and closed cranial injuries;
  • in order to significantly improve memory and restore normal brain function;
  • after a person has experienced a stroke;
  • effects of diseases that are infectious;
  • aphasia, which arose after a stroke;
  • if doctors diagnosed "vegetative status";
  • in cases where the blood in the body is drawn in an unusual manner, as for such a process;
  • become a neurosis or the like;
  • if certain surgical interventions were performed near the spine;

I would like to note that this procedure is much more effective when it comes to the treatment of children. Micropolarization has a high degree of efficacy in the following cases:

  • is the incontinence of feces or urine;
  • Down syndrome;
  • diseases associated with the central nervous system, while taking into account absolutely all types of violations, syndromes and conditions;
  • degenerative-degenerative processes;
  • to strengthen the body as a whole;
  • serious lag in development;
  • diseases of the peripheral part of the nervous system;
  • significant hearing impairment, speech or vision;

Features of the

Application It's hard to say at this time that this method is available to everyone. The widespread use of this technique does not allow for too complicated the accounting for the results of future effects, as well as a fairly high level of dissemination of results in the application of various devices.

In addition, there is no standardized methodology in the evidence base, and there is a complete lack of necessary studies that would be properly monitored. But, at the same time, this method is used, and most importantly, it has proven itself ideally, as a very effective option in the fight against problems logopedic.

For example, if the problem is that the child has a low-grade typical regenerative therapy, and with the patient there is a serious delay in the development of the psyche, then the application of this method will significantly accelerate the pace of the correction process.

Such changes will initially begin with the fact that cognitive interest will become more stable, as well as increased efficiency, the overall level of activity will increase. In general, in fact, a whole set of positive emotions will change for the better.

For early childhood autism, Down syndrome or other types of genetic disorders that can affect the development of mind and language, this procedure is used with extreme caution.

It should be noted that the results in this case will be virtually imperceptible, although there are some situations where micropolarization is quite effective, but this is more an exception than a rule.

Probably the most pleasant thing is that in this case there will never be any complications due to the procedure. The course of treatment in practically all cases continues the same term and makes, depending on the disease, from 7 to 12 procedures. Such procedures are an opportunity to conduct in an outpatient style. Each individual procedure lasts approximately 40-50 minutes, with absolutely no pain.

I also want to note the fact that similar procedures are equally well tolerated by both adults and children. Courses are repeated every four to five months. Here everything depends directly on the results that were obtained as a result of the necessary set of research.

Clinical efficacy of

Micropolarization of the brain helps to achieve significant results in the treatment of many diseases. In general, following this procedure, the following occurs:

  • if there is a stroke, then the regress of general symptoms of the brain is observed approximately 3 times faster;
  • the number of patients with hemorrhagic stroke is reduced by almost twice, and patients with skull injuries three times;
  • in people who have poor eyesight, it raises almost 3 times, while improving both acuity and foresight;
  • processes the correction of speech disorders more quickly;

It is safe to assert that this procedure is very effective and can be applied with a variety of different diseases, both in children and adults. However, the desired results can only appear if this procedure is applied in accordance with periodicity, since for each individual case it is actually different, and this fact must be taken into account.