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Treatment of dry seborrhea: symptoms, causes

When diagnosing seborrhea, treatment is not only possible but also necessary. Seborrhea is a state of mind of the organism, characterized by a malfunction in the functioning of the sebaceous glands. In the chronic form of the disease it passes rarely, in about 10% of cases. What is an

seborrhoea and which ways to treat it - these questions are primarily concerned with people who have been diagnosed with such an issue.


  • 1 Factors affecting the development of the disease
  • 2 Symptoms of the disease
  • 3 Therapeutic measures
  • 4 Cosmetic methods
  • 5 Folk remedies against illness

1 Factors affecting the development of the disease

main causes of disease - malfunction of the endocrine system and the autonomic dystonia. Abnormalization can occur in any person regardless of age, but most often it occurs during a period of rapid pubescence, when the hormonal background changes substantially, secretion of the sebaceous glands increases. Seborrhea often affects middle-aged or elderly people, and men tend to be more affected.

As one of the causes of seborrhea and a factor contributing to its development, malnutrition is considered as ill: symptoms of the disease can be manifested when excessive consumption of harmful food: greasy, salty or sweet.

Seborrhea appears in places where there are more sebaceous glands: the hairy part of the head, the area between the shoulder blades, the face, the upper part of the chest. However, more often, Seborya affects the "open" areas of the body. Particularly prone to T-area of ​​the face( chin, nose, forehead), central part of the back, neck area.

The main factors influencing the development of seborrhoea are the change in the hormonal background - an increase or decrease in the number of androgens or estrogens.

Seborrhea in women occurs as a result of increasing the content of male hormones simultaneously with a decrease in progesterone and estrogen. Male seborrhoea is usually caused by an increase in the level of androgens and in accelerating metabolism. Progression of the disease can provoke different tumors, the effect of hereditary factors is not excluded.

The development of seborrhoea is observed in severe diseases such as encephalitis, Parkinson's disease or Itsenko-Cushing's disease, and epilepsy with severe mental disorders: schizophrenia, manic-depressive psychosis.

Seborrhea in young children( gneiss) may occur after 3 months of life, initially without any particular inconvenience. There is a seborrhea in the form of a crust of light yellow color, usually localized on the scalp. Over time, these crust beaten off. They may look like a regular magnifying glass, so their appearance does not always matter.

Treatment of dry seborrhea: symptoms, causes

In young children, patnarushsya can develop through maternal hormones that are still present in the child's body. These hormones increase the activity of the glands producing fat. Usually gneiss is passing over time, when hormones cease to act. Another cause of seborrhea in children is allergy transmitted from parents. In such cases, eczema may develop.

2 Symptoms of

disease In seborrhea, the symptoms depend on the form of the disease and the degree of its development:

  • Most commonly, with the development of dry seborrhea in the body, acne and dandruff usually occur. Because of the increased amount of fat, fungi begin to develop. Dry seborrhea is characterized by peeling of skin particles. With a natural amount of fungi, this process goes unnoticed. If the amount of fungus increases dramatically, then the number of dead skin cells increases, dandruff is formed. Thus, the cause of dandruff is a violation of the balance of the scalp resulting from an imbalance in the hormonal level.
  • Fat seborrhoea causes the appearance of dermal lesions of the skin. Signs of manifestation - expanding pores, the formation of comedones, blackheads. The skin becomes thicker, it becomes a characteristic grayish tinge. Hair looks greasy, often balds are formed. On the skin there are oily cysts, or "white acne" - small nodules of yellow color.
  • The inflammatory seborrhea is manifested by severe redness that extends beyond the area of ​​hair growth.
  • Propensity for the onset and progression of seborrhea may be inherited. The dependence of the disease on the season is established: in the summer the disease usually takes place, in the autumn the exacerbation begins.

    Treatment of dry seborrhea: symptoms, causes

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    Regardless of the type of disease, the symptoms of seborrhea may be similar. In the first place, qualitative changes begin, the production of sebum increases dramatically. At the same time, the corneous layer of the epidermis thickens, the skin acquires a characteristic greasy shine. Many patients notice increased hair loss - more permissible norm( 100 hair per day).

    If a patient with seborrheus washes his head relatively seldom, the disease begins to progress, the area of ​​the defeat increases, the skin begins to itch, the peeling is even stronger.

    In severe cases of seborrhea, spots, plaques, bleached plaque can appear on the skin. The skin of the ears, the forehead, and the area behind the ears may be affected. Many complain of severe itching and the presence of constant discomfort.

    If the patient does not receive proper treatment, the disease takes a very severe form. On the skin in the area of ​​the chest, face, back there will be plaques, there is a complication - a bacterial infection.

    3 Therapeutic measures

    In seborrhea, self-medication is not acceptable: it passes only under the supervision of a specialist. Before the diagnosis is given and the treatment is prescribed, the patient will have to go through a whole range of different studies and apply to several specialists. Such medical specialists are:

  • Dermatologist.
  • Andrologist / gynecologist.
  • Endocrinologist.
  • Neuropathologist.
  • The main treatment is the administration of drugs of different orientations. Patients are prescribed drugs designed to regulate the functioning of the autonomic nervous system, to fill the lack of certain vitamins( A, B, E, D), zinc and sulfur.

    Treatment of dry seborrhea: symptoms, causes

    Hormonal therapy is mainly prescribed to patients whose illness has become mild. Currently, hormonal preparations are more often prescribed on a plant basis, they allow maintaining the endocrine balance. In addition to hormones, with severe illness prescribe antimycotic systemic drugs.

    To cure a relatively mild seborrhoea, the patient has to make some useful changes. So, the patient is shown a special diet, in which emphasis is made on the reception of fresh vegetables and fruits, dairy products, eggs.

    At least at the time of treatment, it is recommended to use as little fat as possible of animal origin, heavy food such as fat, red meat. It is not recommended to eat canned food, spicy, salty and sweet dishes. It is necessary to exclude some condiments and spices: pepper, horseradish, mustard.

    In seborrhea, physical activity is very important. Patients are shown sports, walks, bathing, hardening, as these activities improve blood circulation, accelerate the metabolism.

    It is important to ensure proper care of the scalp and hair( with some types of seborrhea).The treatments for treatment of dandruff are best suited for treatment shampoos. Sebiprox is considered one of the most frequently recommended doctors for seborrhea. Shampoos act immediately in several directions: eliminate pathogenic fungi, have anti-inflammatory and exfoliating effects, suppress the activity of microorganisms.

    4 Cosmetic Methods

    One of the most popular remedies for treating excessive hair follicles, magnifying glass, seborrhea, and dying - ozone therapy. Ozone quickly restores the structure of hair, promotes their growth. This method is considered one of the most effective for the treatment of hair loss.

    Efficiency of the method is explained by the positive effect on the scalp, the improvement of microcirculation. Ozone has antiviral, antibacterial properties. Treatment in this way makes it possible, in the short term, to eliminate the accumulated harmful substances in the body, to provide adequate supply of hair follicles, to improve blood circulation and lymph flow. Ozonotherapy can significantly improve the effectiveness of therapeutic shampoos, masks and other means.

    The most effective and promising way of treating seborrhea is MIL therapy, which combines modern technology and ancient oriental treatments. During MIL therapy on the damaged site, it affects laser and magnetic radiation immediately, as a result of which their effect is multiplied.

    MIL-therapy accelerates the formation of protein, improves the state and activity of hair follicles, restores microcirculation. The radiation has an antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory effect, eliminates pain and swelling in the affected area, increases immunity. MIL therapy can be combined with traditional medical treatment.

    Mesotherapy involves the introduction of special medications into the mesoderm( middle part of the epidermis).Injections allow rapid improvement of the skin condition. The dosage of the drug in each injection is extremely low. The drug is injected into the skin in the affected area and in some distance to improve the treatment effect.

    Treatment of dry seborrhea: symptoms, causes

    Mesotherapy can be used as a single drug, and a mesococtail is a mixture of several drugs. Mesotherapy is carried out in beauty salons, as part of an anti-aging program, eliminating cellulite and excess fat, in the treatment of head and hair.

    5 Folk remedies against

    Aids can be exacerbated by medicines. They should be chosen carefully. Before using, consult a doctor, as even harmless herbs can cause allergic reactions and worsen the situation.

    You can use tincture of St. John's wort to remove acne and treat the oily seborrhea. To prepare the tincture, mix grass and alcohol in a proportion of 1: 5.With infusion, you can make lotions for the treatment of affected areas, or just wipe your face with a fat seborrhea.

    Treatment of dry seborrhea: symptoms, causes

    For the treatment of seborrhea, you can use a mixture of egg yolk, castor oil, honey and onion juice( all 1 tablespoon.).All ingredients need to be mixed and rubbed well into the scalp. Then wrap the head with a towel and leave it for 1 hour, rinse with warm water.

    With oily seborrhea, you can use broth of oak bark with honey. The crushed bark should be filled with water in a proportion of 1: 5 and boiled for 20 minutes. Then let stand, strain and mix with honey( 1 teaspoon per 1 cup of liquid).The resulting infusion is applied to the roots of the hair.

    In folk medicine for the treatment of hair, various parts of the rabbit are distributed. For treatment of seborrhea the shredded root( 2 tablespoons.) Will fit. Make a broth based on the root. To do this, fill with a glass of water crushed root, bring to a boil and hold on low heat for another 20 minutes. Then the broth is ready to cool, strain and apply to the scalp.

    Another way is to cook decoction of herbs. For cooking it will be necessary in equal quantities plantain( leaves), flowers of calendula, corn columns, St. John's wort, nettle, immortelle, crushed burdock root. All constituents fall asleep in a thermos, pour 1.5 tablespoons.cool boiling water, cover with lid and leave overnight. Apply the infusion only on clean hair, carefully rubbing into the skin. Then close your head with a special hat for the shower, top the wrap with a towel and so hold for an hour. Then allow the hair to dry naturally. Do not wash them again.

    When traditional treatment, even in combination with folk recipes, has a positive effect, it is necessary to consolidate the result. For this, even after the end of treatment, it is recommended to use a drug shampoo for at least 2 months.