Vodka raises or lowers pressure? True answer

Vodka is a strong alcoholic beverage, which is mainly made from cereals. Vodka is one of the most popular among Russians, and not only alcoholic beverages, without which practically no feast can be solved. Therefore, many people want to know how it affects the

human body, and, in particular, how it affects arterial pressure.

Any alcohol, especially if it is used in large doses, has a negative effect on the body, with the most severe liver. But alcoholic drinks have one insidious feature - with their frequent use in humans, a stable dependence is created, and as a result there is a daily need for alcohol.

Vodka raises or lowers pressure?

A few years ago, scientists conducted a study to find out how the use of alcohol affects blood pressure. His main goal was to experimentally find out: vodka reduces or increases pressure. After the experiment, scientists came to the conclusion that not only vodka, but also any alcohol containing alcohol provokes an increase in blood pressure.

In addition, researchers have found that in the use of moderate doses of alcoholic beverages, they are beneficial and useful in the prevention of coronary heart disease. A dose of strong alcoholic beverage, whether it is vodka or cognac, which will bring more benefit than harm, is no more than 50 ml. When using a large amount of alcohol, as a rule, spasm of the blood vessels may occur. For this reason, it is possible to adjust blood pressure with alcoholic beverages, but only with great care and in extreme cases. However, the undoubtedly best alternative is, of course, taking medications.

In the event that you often have high blood pressure, and in addition to severe headache, seek urgent medical attention, as there is a link between these symptoms, with a high probability. And even more so at such a state of health, it is better not to engage in self-treatment and not to resort to means of folk medicine, vodka, etc.

Follow the doctor's instructions and do not be sick!