Children about nature: "Fairy-tale calendar" |

"Fairy Tale Calendar" - eco-book for children

Do you want your child to grow up intelligent, educated, creative personality, and merciful?

If "yes", then its education will have to deal with the early age( and better start before birth).And one of the most important factors of

is reading.
Do you think that by chance Albert Einstein advised that children grow up prudent, read them fairy tales!

But if everything is clear in the classics, many parents are cautious about the modern children's books. Probably not accidental. Because the choice of books for children should be approached very and very carefully. Children must listen and read not just bright, good fairy tales, but also competently written. Because the so-called innate literacy is laid out precisely by reading good, correct books.

And is it easy to find the right book right now?

Maybe "Fairy Calendar" by Marfa Sokolich will be exactly the book you are looking for?

To understand this, just look at the "Planet" site and read a couple of pages: https: //planeta.ru/campaigns/ eko-grin

WWF Russia: "Fairy Calendar" will be a great gift to the year of Ecology

Children about nature: "Fairy-tale calendar" |
In our fairy tale calendar, July is dedicated to the Amur tiger. We are pleased to announce that the World Wildlife Fund of Russia, which is engaged in the salvation of this Ussuriese Red Book predator, has approved the edition of Fairy Tale Calendar.

Environmental Programs Director
Victoria Elias

Review of the book by Marfa Sokolich "Fairy Calendar"

The book "Fairy Calendar" is devoted to one of the most actual in our time - the protection of nature, a careful attitude to all its inhabitants. It's no secret that the nature of our country needs protection. And to educate future generations it is necessary to incite interest and love to all living things on the planet.

The author chose an unusual format for her book: she presented a fairy tale in the form of a calendar where each tale of her year meets her tale. This is a small story that happened with one of the animals in the spring, summer, fall or winter. The book is written in a light expressive language, and, undoubtedly, will be of interest to students of junior classes.

It will be especially useful for children living in cities that do not have much opportunity to observe events, changes in nature. Tales of Marfa Sokolich teach children sympathetic and good attitude to all animals without exception.

The World Wildlife Fund believes that the book "Fairy Tale Calendar" will be in demand from the small readers of our great country, and will serve as a great gift to the Year of Ecology both for boys and their parents.