Hemorrhoid Treatment

Effective hemorrhoids treatment: Chinese musky ointment

Effective hemorrhoids treatment: Chinese musky ointment Many are familiar with such a disease as hemorrhoids. It causes unpleasant symptoms that greatly aggravate the patient's life: itching, burning and discomfort in the anus, inflammatory processes, the appearance of morning and crack, cramping, pain, and bleeding.

What individuals are at risk in the

  • Have a sedentary lifestyle( usually office workers, drivers)
  • Have bad habits: smoking, alcoholism and other
  • Have a genetic predisposition to hemorrhoids
  • Workers whose occupation is associated with frequent stresses in the abdominal muscles( for example,loaders)
  • Women who recently gave birth to a child

Many people do not want to attend a doctor because hemorrhoids cause them psychological discomfort and a sense of shame. But you should reject negative thoughts and seek help from a proctologist who will prescribe the appropriate medication. If this is not done in a timely manner, the disease may go into an idle stage and cause complications requiring surgical intervention.

Today in the pharmacy you can buy a lot of drugs: ointments, candles, pills. One of the most effective medications for treating hemorrhoids is the Chinese Muscle Ointment .Soon you will find out what advantages it has in comparison with other medicines, how its components work and much more.

The main characteristics of the drug

Effective hemorrhoids treatment: Chinese musky ointment First of all, it draws attention to the origin of the ointment resulting from its name. Can I trust medicine from China?

Many products in this country are low in price and unpredictable quality. However, Chinese medicine is an exception to this rule and is in no way inferior to the European one( and in some way it even surpasses).After all, the basis of medicines from China - natural plant material.

What is a Chinese musky ointment? It is a local herbal remedy that has a white color and a pleasant aroma of plants.

Muscular ointment for hemorrhoids helps to achieve the following results:

  • Quickly eliminate pain, discomfort( already in single use)
  • Strengthen venous rectum vessels and improve blood circulation
  • Remove or reduce inflammation
  • Prevent the development of complications, including the onset of tumors
  • Toothbrushescracks and wounds
  • Stop bleeding due to the presence of ointment astringent substances

How effective is a Chinese musky ointment for hemorrhoids?

In 2013, several medicines in Moscow conducted a study of this drug, which was attended by more than five hundred patients( both with internal and external hemorrhoids).In most patients, persistent improvements were noted in the early days of the drug.

Persons suffering from an onset form of hemorrhoids experienced a positive treatment result after 10-14 days, which also indicates the high effectiveness of the drug. As reported in many sources, there was no patient who would not cure hemorrhoids with this medication.

But what do the customers say and write about the therapeutic effect of Chinese musk ointment?

As a rule, positive reviews in most:

"I will understand everyone who is in contact with hemorrhoids. Persistent itch, burning, pain during bowel movements. I suffered a lot of pain for a long time until all this was accompanied by bleeding. Good friends advised me a musky ointment. At first I doubted it, because it's a medicine from China. In the end, I decided to try. In the evening, he introduced a little ointment into the anus, and the pain lasted only a few minutes! I felt cool and ease. After a few weeks of use, all the unpleasant symptoms have disappeared. Today, hemorrhoids in my life are bad memories "(Sergey, Yekaterinburg).

However, on the Internet, you can also find negative or ambiguous responses to the application of Chinese musky ointment: "I have been working as a driver for many years. For the past four years I have been disturbed by hemorrhoids. Then I bought a musky ointment in the pharmacy. It seems that it takes good symptoms( pain, burning), but the disease itself does not go anywhere. What to do, I do not know "(Igor, Moscow).

Basic and auxiliary components of

Effective hemorrhoids treatment: Chinese musky ointment The secret of the effectiveness of this drug is laid in its rich in stock. Each component( including auxiliary) has therapeutic properties and acts in conjunction with other components, increasing their effect.

The main components of musk, bezoar and borneol reduce inflammation and contribute to the recovery and strengthening of blood vessels. Boer and calamine have a good antibacterial effect. Pearls help stop bleeding. Amber improves blood circulation.

As an auxiliary component, the ointment contains lanolin, dimethyl sulfoxide, and vaseline. Dimethyl sulfoxide relieves pain, lanolin restores connective tissues and strengthens venous vessels of the rectum, and vaseline disinfects wounds and cracks.

What are the benefits of muscle ointment compared with other hemorrhoids?

  • This medicinal product contains substances of natural origin. It provides a musky ointment against the background of "chemical" drugs.
  • Practically does not have contraindications. The only exception is the individual intolerance of one of the components of the ointment, but it is rare.
  • Does not have side effects. The
  • Ointment is great for treating both internal and external hemorrhoids.
  • Quickly( 1-2 times the application) heals the cracks and removes inflammation.
  • Convenience of use.
  • not only eliminates the symptoms of hemorrhoids but also relieves the causes of the disease once and for all.
  • Does not leave stains in the laundry, quickly absorbed into the surface of the skin.
  • Pleasantly smelled.


Contraindications are increased sensitivity to individual components of the drug, with caution should use ointment for people who are prone to allergies. Therefore, with the emergence of anxiety symptoms in the form of allergic reactions, the treatment of muscle ointment should be discontinued. Despite the fact that there are practically no contraindications, it is not recommended to use the drug without prior consultation with a doctor. Also, experts recommend caution with respect to musk ointment for pregnant women.

Detailed instructions for using and storing

Despite the fact that the musky ointment is easy to use, some important rules must be known by everyone to make treatment as effective as possible.

As with many other treatments for hemorrhoids, it is necessary to empty the intestine yourself or using an enema before using it. Then you need to carry out a hygienic procedure for cleaning the anus.

When the patient's surface is dry, it is possible to proceed to the application of musk ointment. Apply it with a thin layer. After the procedure, the patient is recommended to lie in bed for several minutes. It is strictly forbidden in the first forty minutes to empty the intestines, as this will reduce the effect of the ointment to zero.

Ointment can be applied once a day( preferably before bedtime).If the disease is difficult, the ointment should be applied in the morning and evening. Duration of treatment depends on the peculiarities of the organism, but on average it is 10 days.

If you have internal hemorrhoids, you need to use a special attachment that comes with the kit.

Ointment for hemorrhoids should be stored in a dark, dry place no longer than 3 years from the date of manufacture.