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How and what to take off acute pain with hemorrhoids

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How and what to take off acute pain with hemorrhoids

Treatment of hemorrhoids can take a lot of time and effort, especially if the disease has developed to a difficult stage. Successful therapy must be comprehensive: it contains both medicinal products and therapeutic methods. But the first priority, if you are tormented by an attack on hemorrhoids - to remove inflammation and pain, which can be very strong.

Medications for Hemorrhoid Attack

The first means by which patients resort to pain relief medication. Inflammation and acute pain can be removed using tablets, ointments or candles. Local use drugs( candles and ointments) tend to make the effect faster and more pronounced, tablets are more suitable if the pain attack occurred outside the home.

How and what to take off acute pain with hemorrhoids

When choosing between candles and ointment it is necessary to focus on the form of hemorrhoids. An effective remedy for external hemorrhoids - an ointment, with the internal form of this disease hemorrhoid treatment is more convenient with candles.

  • can be found in any of the nearest pharmacy with many anesthetics. What kind of tool will be most effective for you can be determined only by personal experience. An attack on hemorrhoids can be removed with drugs: Neo-Anusol, Relief, Anestheol, Post-erysan. Many of these medicines( for example, Relief) can be used during pregnancy and lactation without any restrictions or after consulting a physician. Most anti-hemorrhoids that you can buy without a prescription have a fairly wide range of effects( usually anti-inflammatory, hemostatic and analgesic).But consultation with the doctor before the treatment is necessary;
  • tablets in the form of tablets also help to soften the attack of hemorrhoids. Most doctors appoint Ginkor Fort, Detralex, Glenol, Venoruton and some other drugs. Usually, pills should be taken at a short course in combination with another treatment for acute attack;
  • , if treatment with these drugs does not produce a positive result, you can try adrenaline candles or candles with novocaine. They are only available on prescription, but can cope with pain in cases where there is no sense of being over-the-counter pain relievers.

If nothing helps to get rid of acute pain and inflammation, the doctor may prescribe a novocaine blockage in the sacrum area. It is an effective remedy that reduces inflammation and relieves pain even during severe attacks. But it only applies in the extreme case: the blockade is a risky procedure that can only be done by an experienced physician. It is possible to place a novocaine blockade during pregnancy and lactation, although the dosage of the drug should be controlled by a doctor.

How and what to take off acute pain with hemorrhoids

A severe attack can be treated with leeches. They pump out blood from the area next to the node, and when bite injected into the blood anticoagulants, which prevent thrombophilia. And since the external node's thrombosis is often the cause of exacerbation, treatment with leeches can produce good results. Treatment with leeches can reduce pain, relieve inflammation. It is not possible to apply this method during pregnancy, but there is no contraindication for hirudotherapy in the period of lactation.

Folk remedies for hemorrhoid attack

Folk medicine offers many recipes that allow, if not completely removed, to greatly reduce pain when exacerbated by hemorrhoids. But it must be remembered that folk treatment also has certain contraindications, so it is not worthwhile to use it without consulting a physician.

  • can be used to treat acute phase hemorrhoids using garlic preparations. This product has been used successfully for the control of hemorrhoids for more than one hundred years. Garlic can be used for making candles: pick up a few teeth, and grind them into small grate. You can skip through a meat grinder or use a meat-pulp - it is necessary to bring the garlic to a mushy condition. Mix the garlic with butter( unsalted, preferably fresh), the resulting mixture should be slightly cooled, then form a candle from it, in diameter each should be no more than 1.5 cm, in length - from 3 to 5 cm. Cool the resulting candles in the refrigerator. There is no need to bring candles to a completely frozen state, enough so that they do not melt and do not deform in hands, but the colder the candle, the more effective the treatment of pain - due to the effect of the cold;
  • is another recipe where you can use garlic - one of the easiest. It's enough to clean one claw and enter the back pass at night. When the next trip to the toilet, the garlic itself will leave the rectum. This procedure should be carried out within a week, then a break should be made after which treatment can be repeated;
  • if at hand there are no useful in the treatment of products, you can do with plain water. Treatment with ice, despite its simplicity, can very effectively alleviate hemorrhoids. To treat hemorrhoids with ice is simple: enough to freeze water in the form of rectal candles. Forms for freezing may be rubber bandages. Making this recipe even more effective can be if instead of the usual water take broth therapeutic herbs( chamomile is best suited).Before introducing a candle, let it melt slightly or immerse it in warm water: it will facilitate the injection process;
  • can quickly relieve inflammation and pain if you make enemas with camomile. Two tablespoons of dry chamomile( you can buy it at the pharmacy or prepare yourself), pour 200 ml of boiling water, heat in steam for 15 minutes. Allow the broth to cool, then add water to room temperature to get 200 ml. For hemorrhoids it is better to set a mini-enema, the volume of each should not exceed 50 ml. Chamomile has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, but it actively kills the natural microflora of the rectum, so using enemas( or candles) from chamomile for more than two weeks is not worth it;
  • also offers folk medicine for use in the treatment of hemorrhoids. Berries should be crushed to a mushy condition, put in a gauze and applied to external hemorrhoids;
  • oak bark can quickly relieve inflammation and reduce pain when attacked by hemorrhoids. To prepare the decoction for an enema take 30 grams of dry or 100 grams of fresh oak bark, boil it for 15 minutes in a liter of water. The broth should be strained, cool. The course should not exceed a week.

It should be borne in mind that the plastic tip is often more damaging to the rectum when the enema is raised. Therefore, with hemorrhoids, it is better to use enemas and syringes with a rubber tip.

What can not be eaten in case of exacerbation of hemorrhoids

A proper diet is a very important part of the treatment, without which healing pain treatment will be ineffective. It is necessary to unload the digestive system as much as possible and take measures against possible constipation, which will only increase pain and inflammation.

How and what to take off acute pain with hemorrhoids

  • should be eliminated from the diet of all flour( including bread), fried, salted, greasy, marinated, smoked, fast food. This may seem excessive, but there is nothing complicated in keeping with such a diet: many harmful products have healthy and delicious analogues( pork can be replaced with veal, yeast bread with bread made from flour of coarse grinding);
  • should contain as much fiber as possible in the diet: vegetables, fruits. But to eat should be moderately, dividing the daily menu into 3-5 meals;
  • there is no need to limit itself to the use of fluid: the body must receive at least 1.5-2 liters per day.

If the diet does not fully help with constipation, laxatives should be used. Guttalaks( it can be used even during pregnancy and lactation) Regulax, Forlax, Prelax and any other laxative will greatly reduce the pain in stomach pain.

Additional measures for the onset of hemorrhoids

It should not be forgotten that effective treatment for hemorrhoids is always a complex of different measures. Getting rid of pain, inflammation and discomfort can be much faster if you follow some additional measures:

  • is a simple remedy that will make the treatment more effective - keeping hygiene. At times of exacerbation, exclude the use of toilet paper. In case, if you need to go to the toilet not at home, it is necessary to have a wet wipes with them for cleaning. At home somewhat to remove the pain and inflammation will help cool water for sweeping;
  • is also a quick removal of an acute attack of hemorrhoids without an enema. It will help clear the intestines and facilitate digestion;
  • try not to exclude physical activity - as far as the state allows. Otherwise, the blood will stagnate in the pelvic area, which will increase the pain. Whenever possible, exercise should be done or any exercises strengthen;
  • should be kept as sitting as possible in the position as much as possible, and it is desirable to sleep personally upward - it reduces the load on the rectum.

Compliance with the recommendation is a simple but effective remedy that can accelerate the treatment of acute phase of hemorrhoids.

Quickly remove acute pain and severe inflammation when exacerbated by hemorrhoids, you can only know precisely the stage and the features of the disease. Therefore, a doctor's consultation before the start of any treatment is mandatory. Otherwise, you risk only exacerbating the problem.

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