Hemorrhoid Treatment

Causes and symptoms of hemorrhoids in women, treatment methods

Pathological increase in hemorrhoidal veins( hemorrhoids) is quite common in individuals of both sexes, therefore, the symptoms and external manifestation of them in general are the same. Previously, we found the causes and signs of hemorrhoids in men, which would be useful to women and ladies, and in this article,

, we will more fully understand the causes of this disease, which are specific to female subjects.

Causes of Hemorrhoids in Women

The following factors may be the cause of the disease:

  • Causes and symptoms of hemorrhoids in women, treatment methods Professional activity of or sedentary lifestyle. Many women's professions are not associated with increased physical activity or high motor activity. Therefore, with prolonged sitting, there is a stagnation of blood passing through the vessels in a small pelvis. To this disease the most prone secretaries, cashiers, managers, etc.
  • Stress .Emotions directly affect human health. And since female subjects are the most prone to experiences than men, they are far more difficult to tolerate; women may have hemorrhoids precisely for this reason.
  • Driving a car .Many women have their car and spend driving for quite a long time( standing in traffic jams, shopping trips, children outlets in schools and sections).Therefore, there is nothing surprising that, after a sedentary work, instead of a walk, she gets into a car and rides on her own affairs, which only worsens the situation. Blood flow in the rectum is disturbed, and as a result, and begin to disturb the symptoms of hemorrhoids.
  • Disturbances in the diet. Symptoms of hemorrhoids in women may not be long enough to wait for constipation. Problems with bowel movements are one of the main causes of hemorrhoidal veins. The reasons for this may be different diets for weight loss, which deplete the body, violate a healthy diet. Disturbance of etching can cause constipation, disturbance of natural intestinal peristalsis.
  • Pregnancy and the following genera .Reasons for the occurrence of hemorrhoids in women are often associated with pregnancy and the birth of a child. It is not a secret that from the moment of conception, in the future mother's physiological processes in the body begin to occur, the purpose of which is a safe delivery and subsequent genera. The pelvic organs significantly increase the blood flow, and in the absence of movements, it begins to stagnate. The uterus becomes more in volume, heavier, and pushes on the vessels, further increasing the load on them.
  • Menstrual Cycle .After some periods of time there is an increase in the flow of blood to the organs located in the small pelvis. To prevent the onset of symptoms of hemorrhoids, at this time it is important to lead a more mobile way of life, to adhere to proper nutrition.
  • Asthma due to genital diseases, especially of chronic nature.

Symptoms and signs of hemorrhoids in women

It should be recalled that the detection of such symptoms should immediately visit the proctologist, since hemorrhoid in women at early stages can be cured quite simply without resorting to long-term therapy.

  • Appearance of discomfort in the back passage
  • Circumcision and incision during fusion of
  • Difficulty in defecation
  • Light itching and burning
  • Clearing and secretion of mucus

First signs of hemorrhoids in women:

  • Blood appearing in feces, in a toilet bowl or on toilet paper. This is one of the most obvious signs of the disease, since fecal masses damage the nodes during bowel movements.
  • Death from the anus of hemorrhoids. Initially, the fallout occurs only when the tension, after which they independently work back. However, with the complication of the situation, an independent adjustment is required. If the disease is started, there is swelling and develops inflammation, self-correcting dropped nodes will not succeed.

How to treat hemorrhoids in women

To do this, use conservative therapy, using candles, ointments, folk remedies, therapeutic diets. Moreover, if a woman carries a child, treatment should be carried out by special candles from hemorrhoids during pregnancy. They are useful not only for the body of the future mother, but also for the fetus.

If the medicine for hemorrhoids did not help get rid of the disease, the doctor may recommend a gentle treatment. In most cases, it is not connected with the work of the scalpel, but consists in chemical, thermal or radio wave effects directly on the hemorrhoidal node.

Well, the most effective( but not desirable) is surgical treatment, most often - hemorrhoidectomy. He has a lot of contraindications, adverse effects and further painful sensations in the recovery period.

Prevention of Hemorrhoids in Women

To prevent the occurrence of this rather unpleasant disease, simple prevention recommendations should be followed.

  • Proper nutrition to prevent diarrhea or constipation. The menu should include fruits, vegetables, fiber. Daily water consumption is not less than 1,5-2 l.
  • Food should be fractional, preferably 4-5 times during the day. This is especially true for the period of pregnancy.
  • Do not strain while visiting the toilet and do not sit on the toilet for a long time while reading books or magazines.
  • Every hour - half do warm-up or stroll, if work is related to long seating.
  • Do not overload when wearing heavy things.
  • Pre - and postpartum periods help to use special techniques to prevent hemorrhoids.