Massage of collar zone


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Massage of the collar area helps to restore normal blood flow, get rid of saline deposition and improve cellular processes that are commonly found in this

area. Since this zone of the body is still in the human body, it is here that there is a deposition of salts, due to which a "hump" can be formed and acute pain appears, which eventually only intensifies.

Massage of collar zone

Massage collar zone - the procedure is not only pleasant, but also very useful. With its help you can get rid of "hump", carry out prevention of diseases of the spine and significantly improve cerebral circulation.

Thanks to massage you will get a great relaxation effect, as well as get rid of pain and tension. Such a massage is just necessary for people who suffer from headache tension. It usually appears as a result of loads that arise at work. If you spend a long time in an awkward position, a headache can become your unchanging companion.

Massage session should last for 15-20 minutes, during its carrying out it is necessary to use special oils or a cream, not to injure a skin.

How is massage performed?

Fortunately, the collar massage is one of the simplest and most affordable types of massage that anyone can master. A nice plus of this procedure is that no massage is needed for such a massage.

In order to best perform the massage of the collar area, the massaged should be placed on a high couch or placed on a chair with or without a low back, preferably in front of the high table. You can also expand the chair so that the patient leans against the back of his chest, but then you need to put a small pillow or a folded towel. On the table it is necessary to put a soft pillow or roller, so that a person could comfortably settle and relax, putting his head on such an improvised support.

Massage should begin with a light stroke, which will provide warmth of the upper layer of the skin and muscles. Movements should be directed from the spine to the sides, from top to bottom, but in no case is not the opposite. Gradually you need to increase the pressure to stroke into rubbing. This technique performs the phalanges of the fingers, which allows you to achieve maximum effect with muscle effects.

The next stage of massage should be kneading. It is performed with both hands, since the main purpose of massage is the trapezius muscle. This is a rather painful part of the massage, especially if the spin is excessively tense or if it contains more deposits of harmful substances. In case of unpleasant sensations, the patient will say what kind of pain arose in any place. Suffering pain in this case can not, if your "client" reported painful feelings, the pressure should be reduced. The

is not very recommended, it can have a negative effect on the whole body of the patient.

When exposed to the collar area, attention should be paid to the shoulders and upper back, as it is here that most often the accumulated voltage and stagnant blood. Grinding and kneading the back is required on the surface of the joints and muscles of the back.

Try to avoid sharp movements and do not put too much pressure on the skin, as it can lead to bruises. Learning to do a massage of a collar zone is not so difficult on its own - the main thing is to know the basic movements and to feel how much you can squeeze muscles.

Massage of collar zone
Cradle Massage Massage See this video on YouTube

Massage Therapy

Traditionally, massage is an excellent procedure, often included in the prevention of many diseases, which helps to get rid of excessive stress and stasis at the end of the day. In general, the massage of the collar area is also shown to people suffering from migraine, spinal diseases, circulatory disorders and hypertension.

Massage is also used to get rid of symptoms of neuralgia, with sleep disorders and hypertonia. Regular fifteen-minute massage will ensure normal well-being and will allow you to get rid of the pain of the tension of constant companions of office workers who have to spend hours sitting in front of the computer.

In mental stress or stress it is also recommended to receive several massage sessions. This will restore the normal functioning of the nervous system and relieve stress from the headache, which can accompany regular stresses on the nerves.

Low mobility and sedentary lifestyles also require regular massage, otherwise the muscles are atrophied and the disease of the vertebral column will occur. To prevent this, it will be necessary not only to make adjustments to your daily routine, adding therapeutic loads there, but also regular massage of the collar area.

There is also medical testimony for a massage of a collar area. For example, with osteochondrosis, massage can help get rid of unpleasant sensations in the area of ​​the spine and head. However, the cure of osteochondrosis with a single massage is impossible, even if you regularly visit specialists. Therefore, it must be combined with medication and physical exercises designed to strengthen the spine and its surrounding muscles.

Contraindications for massage

Massage is not suitable for everyone, and the massage of the collar zone is no exception. The list of contraindications for it is similar to other massage procedures. You can not do massages for people suffering from cancer, with a violation of the liver, kidneys or heart, with blood diseases, including thrombosis, as well as at high pressure.

Massage of collar zone

For infant massage the contraindications are the same as for an adult. In the other difference is only in the intensity of manipulations.

Similarly, doctors do not recommend massages for people suffering from skin diseases, acute infections or viral diseases, which are accompanied by a sharp increase in body temperature.

Summary of Massage

Despite the fact that almost always the first massage session takes place quite painfully( which is often the result of an illness), for the second time the massaged person feels much better. Fatigue and apathy disappear, sleep and appetite normalize, pain in the neck, shoulders and head disappear. Often, massage is a great alternative to a large number of analgesics for migraines.

Full course of massage therapy will allow you to return to normal life and fully restore efficiency.