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Lessons of gel nail build-up. How to build gel nails? Materials for gel nail extensions

In the immortal work of A. Pushkin there is a well-known mention of "beauty of nails".The relevance of this thesis in our day, apparently, has only increased. Well-groomed nails - an integral part of the image of a modern woman. Hands are one of the first to attract looks, and whether you are at least seven hemorrhagic lobes, the

problem with your fingernails will inevitably and permanently ruin your reputation in the eyes of others. There are lucky people whose nature rewards tough, even and beautiful nails. What to do is not so lucky ladies? Gain bravery and make some experimentation by choosing the most suitable materials for nail extensions.

Lessons of gel nail build-up. How to build gel nails? Materials for gel nail extensions

Lessons of Gel Nail Extensions

Recently, one of the most popular methods is gel nail extension. This technology is based on the use of special gels, which become hard under the influence of an ultraviolet lamp. Such nails look natural, have a natural shine and a flat surface. Being a porous natural polymer, the gel passes air, allowing the nail to breathe.

How to build gel nails?

And, nevertheless, how to build gel nails? Depending on the length and condition of the nails, an increment is selected on tips or forms. In the first case, short nails stick past the tips - false nails, and only then cover the gel. If the edge of the nail plate acts more than 2 mm, then the use of forms - stencils with a window is possible. The shape is superimposed so that the edge of the window is placed at the edge of the nail and only after this is applied a gel. The stencil is removed after stamping the gel, and the saw gives nails the desired shape. If your nails are long enough, then the gel is applied directly to them, concealing the inclining of inequality and imperfection.

Most often cause at least three layers of gel. This is the most flexible and gentle three-phase system.

  • The first layer is a hypoallergenic base that ensures a reliable fusion of the nail and the polymer.
  • The second layer is a simulator.
  • The third - the final, protects against negative influences and gives aesthetic appearance.
  • This system provides the ability to select materials for gel nail extensions and their optimal combination, depending on the individual features of a natural nail.

    Materials for gel nail extensions

    In the arsenal of modern masters of the nail service, a large variety of gels, which are not only harmless, but also have a beneficial effect on the structure of the nail plate. Materials for gel nail extensions mainly consist of resin of coniferous trees and other natural and semisynthetic substances. Among their many advantages are also non-toxicity, the absence of a sharp smell and the ability to spread and level, which allows the master to achieve perfect smoothness.

    This iridescent picture altogether obscures some of the disadvantages of gel enlargement. Let's start with the fact that this service is quite expensive. And if you want to be subjected to the procedure, you will have to wait for an hour for three. This list also includes the need for a monthly correction.

    It should be remembered that gel nails are quite fragile. Therefore, their newly-created owner should carefully use the usual habitual movements to teach fingers a new sensation. It is worth buying gloves for home work, because nobody canceled it.

    If you decide to learn more about this art or master it, then your attention is given to the lessons of gel nail build-up, where experts step by step will demonstrate the correct conduct of the entire technological process. You can view such lessons on your home computer or sign up for special courses where you will be taught all the secrets and details. Having mastered this wisdom, you will always be fully equipped, and your impeccable appearance will help you to achieve career heights and harmony in your personal life.