Hemorrhoid Treatment

What does the ball appear around the anus?

Any discomfort in the back pass brings to man a lot of inconveniences and experiences. Not everyone decides to immediately consult a doctor with such a delicate problem. Many are trying to find an answer to the exciting questions on the Internet, they do some

treatment steps themselves, which does not always produce a positive result. The ball around the anus, detected by accident during hygiene procedures, refers to such problems.


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What it can be

What does the ball appear around the anus? Many serious proctologic diseases in the initial stages of their development may not disturb the person and are detected by accident.

Considering the variety of possible pathological conditions, the potential danger of some of them for the patient's future life, a ball in the back pass should be considered a serious symptom requiring a specialist.

What causes can lead to its formation? There are quite a lot of them:

  • Hemorrhoids - the appearance of a small cone in the anus can begin with the external form of the disease. Over time, the ball around the anus increases, densifies, acquires a cyanotic color, becomes painful - it is a thrombosis of the external hemorrhoidal node. If the cone is detected outside the sphincter, then it is a manifestation of internal hemorrhoids.
  • Anal fringed - soft collars formed by the skin folds around the anus, is the result of acute thrombosis of the external node.
  • Anal fracture - a scar tissue on the site of a healed chronic defect may feel like a sphincter or anus in the anus as a tubercle or a ball of fairly dense consistency, the patient usually bothered with prolonged pain after bowel movement.
  • Paraproctitone - the growth or consolidation in the form of a cone is found in the anus or under the skin near the anus, usually accompanied by pulsating pain, disturbing the general state of health( weakness, temperature increase).
  • Tumorous formations of of vascular origin are infrequent causes.
  • The fibrous polyps of the anal canal, , are cones of fairly dense consistency, which may fall after defecation, exercise, and long seating in one place.
  • Papillitis - hypertrophy and inflammation of the anal papillae in the anus are manifested by cones that fall out of the anus with increased intraabdominal pressure, often resulting from proctitis. What does the ball appear around the anus?
  • Perianal warts - balls of soft-elastic consistency, can grow and resemble external signs of cauliflower. They are of viral origin, the human papillomavirus is sexually transmitted.
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    Actuators for

    Concerns When accidentally detecting cones in the back passage, no other patient complaints and indications for possible causes, initial self-monitoring is allowed. During one - two weeks it is necessary to remove all situations connected with stagnation of blood in a small basin:

    • to make correction of food - to exclude sharp, spicy dishes, coffee, alcohol, fatty foods, fast food;
    • normalize the stool - prevent constipation or diarrhea;
    • eliminate weight lifting;
    • to increase motor activity during sit-up work;
    • do not wear tight clothing and wipe synthetic linen.

    What does the ball appear around the anus?

    When balls appear near the anus, you should contact the

    Proctologist. If the measures taken are sufficient to reduce the size or disappear, then the standard should be such a way of life. Most often, this situation occurs with hemorrhoids. In the absence of the effect of the work or the deterioration of the condition should immediately consult a doctor to examine, find out the cause, choice of treatment tactics.

    Anxiety should cause a ball around the anus, which has large dimensions, complicates the process of emptying the intestine, causing pain and inconvenience when walking or sitting, bleeding.

    Usually this is more serious than hemorrhoids. The presence of concomitant symptoms also gives an opportunity for a quick referral to a specialist.

    Therapeutic Action

    Do you have hemorrhoids?

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    What does the ball appear around the anus?

    The choice of the method of treatment of the ball and related problems makes the proctologist after the examination of the patient

    The choice of the method of treatment is carried out by a specialist after finding out the reasons for the appearance of the ball in the anal area. If the patient is concerned about the accompanying symptoms, then prescribe the drugs of the appropriate action. For example, when hemorrhoids are used locally, use heparin or troksevazinovaya ointment, assign heat to the area of ​​cones and preparations for internal use( Detlelex, Phlebodia) for 2 months. With anal faltering, surgical removal is recommended. Anal fracture is treated conservatively, with pronounced guard humps and narrowing of the lumen of the rectum, surgical treatment is indicated. Paraproctitis is treated with medicines only at the stage of maturation of the hearth of inflammation, which further deprivation from it involves the participation of a surgeon.

    Do not expect that the problem will dissipate itself, for example, the ball will disappear in the anus. In the empty place nothing happens. The task of the doctor with the active participation of the patient to deal with the situation and eliminate health problems.