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How To Quickly Get Rid Of Cellulite: The Best Recipes

How To Quickly Get Rid Of Cellulite: The Best Recipes And why, in fact, only women are pursuing this trouble, and the name is what is cellulite? What is wrong? Yes, because only women have magic roundness. It is them - the hips and buttocks - selects its purpose cellulite. Equal subcutaneous fat, located on the principle of honey cell,

, is surrounded by an intercellular fluid, gives the women forms a smoothness and elasticity. And at some point, this precious balance is broken, the skin becomes loose and lumpy. This can happen not only with mature women, but also quite young. And most often it is connected with the general weakening of the skin tone and a set of excess weight. So, fighting cellulite, we at the same time bring the whole body to the order: we pull up muscles, improve the condition of the skin, filling our cells with vitamins and moisture.

The best remedy for cellulite - comfortable shoes

And what about shoes here, in fact? But with the fact that on high heels do not go much, and walking is the best remedy for cellulite. And not just from cellulite. If you have the opportunity to go to work, or at least part of the path to overcome on foot, the result will not force itself to wait.

After a few days of regular walking, you suddenly feel surprised that you are not tired at all. There is dyspnea, blood circulation improves, the heart and vessels work. And yet - naturally burned fat, cholesterol and blood sugar, strengthen the muscles of the legs, back and stomach.20-30 minutes of daily walking, it is walking, not running, and you will understand how to quickly get rid of cellulite: the best recipes - the simplest recipes.

How to quickly get rid of cellulite? Will have to work

Cellulite itself will not pass, it will have to work on it. Everyone knows it. But how? What are the methods and means to give preference to thousands of the most controversial proposals? There are inviolable rules that give a guaranteed effect.

We must realize that fighting cellulite is not a fight against overweight. It simply has a complex effect on the body, which gives an integrated result. Yes, normal gymnastics will not help if you do not include in it special anti-cellulite exercises.

When adjusting nutrition, but necessarily taking into account the influence of one or another product on the restoration of the water-fat balance of the skin. At the time of an active attack on cellulite, you will have to forget about other cosmetics and pay attention only to anti-cellulite complexes - the benefit of modern therapeutic cosmetology has in the arsenal a huge selection of lines that include all stages of exposure to problem skin - from cleaning, peeling, feeding to specialmeans for anti-cellulite massage.

How To Quickly Get Rid Of Cellulite: The Best Recipes

About massage - separately

Without massage will definitely not work. It can be done at home, every evening after the soul vigorously rubbing the skin anti-cellulite cream. Sea salt should be in the bath of each woman, she needs to rub the skin all over her body. This is a massage, and filling cells with invaluable trace elements. Not only rubbing, but also ordinary patches, pinching perfectly toning the skin in problem areas. Contrasting souls, massage with a tricky water jet smoothens the "orange peel", and just dramatically increase your mood!

Depending on the disregard for cellulite it is necessary to resort, along with self-massage, to the services of a professional masseur. In any salon there is a whole arsenal of tools and methods for quickly getting rid of cellulite: the best recipes necessarily include an active massage with anti-cellulite cream. Even better - massage with essential oils. Moreover, it is necessary to do the whole course - 10-15 procedures.

How To Quickly Get Rid Of Cellulite: The Best Recipes

Wraps - Not Just a Tribute to the

Fashion All kinds of cellulite wraps - with white or blue clay, seaweed, with curative mud are very popular. These services are offered in beauty parlors, but if desired, they can be done at home. It is important that after this procedure there was no need to hurry somewhere. So, the most lucky time is the evening.

The procedure is very simple: for example, the clay is diluted with warm water to the mash-like consistency( it is often sold in the pharmacy in the form of a finished emulsion), it can add some essential oils to it - they help blood circulation and do not allow to dry the applied mass. After applying, turn the film, and from the top - a warm blanket. Now relax - listen to music, watch TV or just sleep. After 15-30 minutes to take warm shower. Apply an anti-cellulite cream to the body.

Another miracle tool - honey. Slightly warm liquid honey with the addition of a few drops of any essential oil with your hands to put on the skin and massage the problem areas. The procedure is not easy. The massage boils down to just squeak, clog honey, and tear your palms away from your skin. Worth to work hard to feel the flow of blood to all tissues and the incredible smoothness of the porous skin. After all, apart from everything else, this is also a wonderful cleansing of the skin. By the way, honey can be used for wraps, but only not common: it is too heavy for the body and can cause tachycardia or an allergic reaction.

In cases where a woman is poorly wound, it is worth limiting anti-cellulite masks. Their huge quantity, and can be used both by means of pharmacy and by popular methods. The magnificent effect is given masks with essential oils. In pharmacies, you can choose the oil in the shower - juniper, birch, bergamot, cypress, rosemary, various citrus oils.4-5 drops is enough for 20-30 g of olive oil. Apply to the skin and hold for 15 minutes, then remove the residue with warm damp napkins. It is not necessary to rinse with soap, oil has already been absorbed into the skin.

Of course, it will not be easy. Having made the decision to get rid of cellulite, one must also take the determination not to retreat to the full achievement of the goal. And even then, because the cellulite has a habit of returning as soon as it gets out of sight.