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How to clean the ears of a cat or Operation Clean Eyelash

For cats in communication with the outside world, listening plays an important role. The cat's ear is three times more sensitive to human volume of sound, in addition, it is able to filter the sound background, highlighting the noise of a certain nature. During the hunt, this graceful predator

is able to hear a rustling of the mouse feet at a distance of 25 meters! It is quite natural that the slightest discomfort in the ears completely knocks the cat off the track: it loses appetite, becomes sluggish and sad. To prevent such a development, the owner must carefully monitor the condition of his ankle passages and know how to properly clean the ears of a cat.

How to clean the ears of a cat or Operation Clean Eyelash

Usually cats can cope perfectly with their own toilet. You probably paid attention to how thoroughly they wash. The wand, like a muzzle, is put in order, rubbing it with a dipped bristle with a paw. But in some situations the owner still has to interfere with the hygienic process. Your help surely requires some breeding meals, for example, sphinxes or Scottish longitudes - this is due to the peculiarities of the structure of their hearing aids.

Forced ear cleansing will necessarily be required in case of any illness. Any inflammation causes increased secretion of ear sulfur, which is an excellent nutrient for a variety of bacteria and fungi. If you do not remove these selections, the inflammation process can spread very quickly, penetrate deep into the auditory tract, and damage the tympanic membrane with subsequent loss of hearing. Possible and more tragic consequences - if the inflammation affects the brains, your pupil is likely to die.

Most often, the cat's ears are at risk in the following cases:

  • foreign body
  • ear mite
  • otitis

How to clean the ears of a cat or Operation Clean Eyelash Symptoms of all these pathologies are similar: the animal shakes its head and constantly, obsessively scratches the ear. If you press the ear of the base, under the fingers there is a "squeezing".The inner part is packed with thick dark, badly fragrant secretions and covered with crusts. Wool around the ear is wet and sticking.

If you notice these manifestations in your favorite - grab it in a bundle and rush to the vet. The doctor will prescribe treatment. But in any case, you can not clean your ears. Cats are terrible bugs( if it's not a matter of caress) and do not tolerate any manipulations on themselves, expressing a strong protest with the help of claws, teeth, and uterine cravings. To minimize losses( your cat and cat), try to follow some simple recommendations.

Train the animal from childhood to regular ears. Do it unobtrusively, delicately, combining with affectionate scratching. Even if the eyelids look healthy and clean, do one or twice a week prophylactic cleansing - mainly to remove the fear of touching the ears. For such a procedure, you do not need special equipment - just wrap your finger with a piece of bandage or cotton swab, moisten it in warm water, remove it so that it does not flow into the ear, and with a few circular movements wipe the anus on the inside without immersing in the depths.

How to clean the ears of a cat or Operation Clean Eyelash

EARNING PROCEDURE In the case of serious, painful contaminants( see above), the process is somewhat complicated. A cat needs to be wrapped in a towel so that it can not scratch you. It is advisable that someone helps you - it is necessary to fix the head of a fluffy patient so that she does not injure herself with sharp movements trying to escape.

Then take a cotton wand or a tampon, moisten them with a special lotion to clean the ears, immerse it in the ear and thoroughly clean the auditory passage with circular movements, directed from the inside out. It is necessary to act very neatly, but especially not to be afraid. The fact is that the cervical membrane is located so that it is impossible to get it directly from the external auditory passage.

At the end of the procedure, offer the unfortunate sufferer a piece of her favorite delicacy.

Various eyelash lotions can be purchased at any pet store. Well-labeled "Otifyri", "Epi-otik", "Bars Lotion", and also products of the German firm "Beaphar" have proven well. A witty solution to the problem may be the sticks "Miss Kis" - the usual cotton wands, but impregnated with a healing lotion.