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How to make white hair: tips and tricks

Marilyn Monroe has been a perfect blonde for half a century. Which girl did not dream to light her hair and become as feminine and desirable! However, sometimes even professional hairdressers can not achieve the desired effect immediately. So let's talk more about

about how to make your hair white.

How to make white hair: tips and tricks

First and foremost, it is hydrogen peroxide. Without it, it is unlikely that the natural color of hair will be more fresh or fashionable. With the help of peroxide, you can even light up even quite grizzled hair for two, three and even four tones. In addition, if the desired tone you want to achieve as a result is much lighter than your natural hair color, hydrogen peroxide is also used to prepare the paint.

If you have repeatedly colored your hair, it will be difficult to change them, especially if they are very dark. It can take from 30 minutes to 2 hours, and one hundred percent can not be counted immediately, sometimes it turns out simply a peeping color in the color scheme from white to orange. Then you have to resort to re-treatment of hair. If, however, and this time it will not be possible to achieve complete discolouration, it is better to stop your choice on walnut, light chestnut or some other darker color.

Some lines and paints for illumination are provided for self-painting at home. However, if you do not have the skills of painting, then you should consult a specialist, preferably in the hairdressing salon. Remember that discoloration, or blonde, is a real stress for hair, as due to the intense chemical effects they are drying and exhaustion.

Many paint manufacturers emphasize that their paints are supplemented with plant extracts, but it is not able to completely eliminate the negative effects of hair, discoloration and coloring. Therefore, it is not necessary too often to resort to discoloration, especially if you have recently made a chewing curtain.

Hair Lightening with

Lighting If you still want to do your own hair straightening at home, you need to cook:

  • has its own hair - they should be dry and inelastic,
  • old, unnecessary towel,
  • comb with wide teeth,
  • Clock,
  • hair dye preparation along with instructions( required!),
  • gloves.

The process of hair loss

First of all, read the instructions and prepare the luminaire.2/3 of the solution spread over the hair along the entire length to the very ends, without applying the solution to the root portion of the hair. The shutter speed is determined depending on the desired degree of illumination: if you want to light lightly, it is about 15 minutes, and strong light will turn out if you hold the paint for half an hour. Apply a third of what you have left, apply the roots of the hair along the entire length and hold for 10-25 minutes. After that, the hair should be washed with water, then shampoo and rinse.