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Dermatitis in cats - causes, symptoms and treatment

Dermatitis is an inflammatory process that occurs on the skin due to the effects of external factors and stimuli. Such inflammation can be both acute and chronic.

Causes of dermatitis

Depending on the cause of dermatitis, including cats, they are divided into:

  • Infectious;
  • Parasitic;
  • Traumatic;
  • Medicinal;
  • Chemical;
  • Thermal.

Dermatitis in cats cause, symptoms and treatment

In the form of dermatitis traumatic manifestations of mechanical damage to the skin or tissue, which is characterized by scratches, bruises or wounds. Infectious, it is purulent dermatitis, if the pathogenic microflora appears and develops actively in the place of the violation of the cover.

Thermal dermatitis is the result of a referral to the body of a pet of high temperatures, characterized by the appearance of burns.

Mortars, creams or ointments that have a potent irritant effect, as well as their long uncontrolled use, can cause medication dermatitis.

Parasitic dermatitis is characterized by the appearance of a scabies mite( like a subcutaneous mite, written here) that is introduced under the skin.

Aggressive substances( alkalis, acids and even some detergents), when exposed to the skin of the animal, leave a chemical burn, also called chemical dermatitis.

Dermatitis in cats cause, symptoms and treatment

Treatment of

Depending on the type of dermatitis, the treatment also varies. The appointment of drugs is also affected by the disease stage. Most often, eliminating the cause of irritation, the inflammatory process also passes.

Traumatic dermatitis is treated using methylene blue or an alcoholic solution of iodine. Lotions using astringent or Vishnevsky Ointment Compressor are well suited for this task.

With purulent dermatitis at the site of injury, it is necessary to cut the coat, remove the formed crust, and treat the damaged place with different antiseptics( chlorhexedine).After that, you need to sprinkle morning sweets of streptocide tablets or antibiotics. The severe form may include taking antibiotics inside or in the form of injections.

When using medication dermatitis, emollient disinfectant ointments are used. Sometimes veterinarians prescribe drugs based on propolis.

Chemical Dermatitis treat somewhat differently. In the first place, it is necessary to flush the stimulus with a stream of water. If chemical burn is obtained by acid - it is necessary to rinse the affected area with a weak solution of soda, if alkali - use a solution of citric acid or vinegar.

Dermatitis in cats cause, symptoms and treatment

Prevention of

Any illness is easier to prevent than to treat. Therefore, the most important and, perhaps, the only rule in prevention is the care of a pet. It is necessary to observe the rules of keeping the animal, do not leave potentially dangerous means in easily accessible places. But the most important thing is that you always need a qualified expert!