Chalazion in a child - treatment in the first stages.

      Symptoms of Chalazione in Children - Occurrences.

      Disease develops gradually. The child first has a slight swelling of the century( one or two eyes) - this is the consequence of blockage of the sebaceous gland.

      Gradually the skin of the eyelids blushes and more and more swells .The initial phase of the chalazion is accompanied by itching and smoking of the affected century

      Chalazion in a child After 3-5 days, it is possible to detect a dense capsule within the age of the child. If the seals are located closer to the outer part of the century, then it can be noticed immediately. The painful sensations are already noted, but the inconvenience due to the growing seal.

      The Khazaion rarely runs itself, besides, it causes the child discomfort.

      In neglected cases, the ailment leads to conjunctivitis and severe visual impairment. An ophthalmologist consultation is just needed in this situation. To be engaged in independent treatment of a disease is dangerous.

      Find out what can be dangerous, discuss treatment. L

      et's talk about diagnosis and prevention.

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      The doctor's opinion about the disease

      Treatment of chalazione in children by conservative methods.

      At a timely appeal for medical aid, it is quite possible to overcome the disease without resorting to surgery. This is possible only at the stage of clogging the gland, before the formation of a dense capsule. Consequently, conservative treatment involves 2 variants:

      Chalazion in a child Drops for eyes and ointment .The meaning of their use in disinfecting a patient of the century, eliminating pus and restoring the normal functioning of the glands. Typically, drops are designated Torbex, yellow mercury ointment or hydrocortisone ointment.

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      The course of treatment varies in duration on a case by case basis.
      Injection. This type of therapy is very unpleasant for small patients, although it is distinguished by its effectiveness.

      Its essence consists in conducting in a seal under the age of special injections , corticosteroid, which promote its resorption.

      Surgical method of treatment

      When the chalazion is already quite dense and does not bring pain, you can remove it only in an operational way. The procedure itself is very fast and simple .

      Perform it under local anesthesia. The child clamps the eyelids, cut the conjunctiva and remove the painful seal.

      The joints to the place of operation do not impose, but only a bandage that should be worn for two days. After the cut, the place of surgery is disinfected with an antibiotic.

      No scarring after the operation remains, as it is carried out in the inner century. In most cases, children do not suffer from chalazionom again. However, disease may return to those suffering from dysbiosis or diabetes mellitus.

      Removal by Chalazion Laser

      This method is perhaps the most progressive and "advanced" of all. But, unfortunately, not all clinics have modern equipment.

      Removal of laser seals occurs under local anesthesia and always gives one hundred percent result, even at large capsules, and also eliminates the probability of relapses.

      We find out whether it is dangerous, we will discuss the prevention.

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      Treatment by folk methods

      Chalazion in a child It is worth to say that resorting to folk methods of treatment of chalazion in children, without consulting with a specialist - at least, is not thoughtful.

      Sometimes you can only be harmed.

      Aloe juice will be useful in the early stages of the disease.

      You need to swallow it 5 times a day for 4 drops in a sick eye.

      Also should be carefully , clean hands to massage is formed in the child's age of sealing - it contributes to the displacement of manure. A aloe plant is widely known for its disinfectant properties.

      You can try to make the cabbage package - this vegetable effectively removes inflammation. For this, it is necessary to chop raw chopped cabbage, mix with the protein of raw eggs, put it in a pure gauze and apply to the patient's place.

      Compressor from dill seeds is made as follows: a couple of tablespoons of seed to pour boiling water, boil for 10 minutes on a slow flame. Trowel slightly cool and make a compress wrapped mixture in a gauze wipes.

      Some moms claim that they have cured chalazion in children in a very simple way - just put a towel on the century, dipped in boiled water. Perhaps this method will work if you immediately identify the disease.

      In order to prevent the chalazion , it is necessary to teach children to wash hands regularly and prevent them from rubbing their eyes with dirty hands, as well as to strengthen immunity and treat all the colds to the end.

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  • Infection in the eye glands. For example, a child did not wash his hands, scratched his eyes, and the infection was infiltrated;
  • Weakened immunity after transmitted flu, acute respiratory infections, ARI;
  • Presence of diabetes mellitus in a child;
  • Excessive digestion of sebaceous glands.

Chalazion in a child Eye Diseases is not so rare in children. It is important to recognize them in a timely manner, for example, a disease such as chalazion.

Halazion is an disease that manifests itself in blockage and inflammation of the sebaceous gland of the century.

A disease affects children more often than adults;

can develop in the upper or lower centuries, sometimes with both eyes. Another disease name is Grade .

Khalyazion is often confused with barley, and indeed, the disease in its symptoms is extremely similar. However, chalazion does not dissolve independently and is much more dangerous in terms of consequences. It is important not to miss the moment and to correctly diagnose the disease in a timely manner.

Reasons. At what age is most often manifested?

At risk, there are children of the senior preschool and junior school age, more often they are diagnosed with them. Chalazion may be an independent disease or a consequence of other diseases.

For reasons of chalazion in children, physicians include :