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Spots on the skin are like scabies in humans: varieties, itchy on the neck, back

Spots on the skin similar to scabies indicate the presence of infectious skin lesions. It occurs quite often, especially in young children. This is caused by frequent contact with contaminated surfaces and animals. Shingles are transmitted through interaction with the potentially

hazardous component. Often, the disease affects people with a weak immune system. This can be affected by the presence of a chronic disease or hereditary predisposition.


  • 1 Major Varieties of Infectious Disease
  • 2 Symptoms of Circulatory and Pseudomonas Asparagus
  • 3 Microsporia and Multivariate Form of Disease
  • 4 Manifestation of Red and Lining

1 Major Varieties of Infectious Disease

Skin-like skin lesions are a consequence of penetration of the causative agent on the skin. There are quite a lot of infections that provoke the disease. To date, the following varieties are distinguished:

  • pink;
  • Screwdriver;
  • red;
  • tropical;
  • harness;
  • branched;
  • scaly;
  • asbestos;
  • is cracked.

Symptoms of pink lichen appear after the first contact with the infected object. In the form of defeat of the skin it resembles a mother's plaque. Over time, multiple pink spots appear on the body. Rashes can go on their own in 1-2 months. Concomitant symptoms are not observed.

Astringent lichen strikes the hairy part of the head, extremely rare limbs, but can be located on the back. There are small spattering spots in humans. In the place of the defeat of the hair begins to break, hence the name went off. Gradually stains begin to rise, and nails - yellowish.

Spots on the skin are like scabies in humans: varieties, itchy on the neck, back

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The red lichen is characterized by the appearance of various rashes. It can develop on the back, abdomen and other parts of the body. Rashes are peculiar, while they are accompanied by a strong itching.

The tropical shape is white or black. In this case, the skin at the site of the defeat is characterized by a special pigmentation.

Herbal lichen is caused by herpes virus. On the skin it is possible to replace the small rash, which is accompanied by an unbearable itching. It appears on the body in a chaotic order.

The tetanus form of the disease is characterized by the development of pinkish-yellow spots. They are often localized on the neck, shoulders, or chest.

Fat lichen, psoriasis is a chronic disease. Impresses the skin in the area of ​​the elbows.

Asbestos form of the disease is localized on the head and neck. Characterized by the presence of white spots stains.

Squash or mycosis can be localized on the back and nails.

All types of skin diseases require expert intervention. Leek is an infectious disease that can be passed on to all family members.

2 Symptoms of Stinging and Pink Leaves

The scabies are more often recorded in children. The main place of localization - the face, neck and shoulders. You can get infected after contact with an animal or a person. The first signs of the disease: pink pustules, which have clear borders. Over time, red lesions may appear on the skin. At the same time hair begins to break off, immediately under the root. This form of the disease in most cases is passed on to children from grandmothers. Spots on the skin are similar to scabies characterized by edema and have clear borders. Gradually swelling begins to increase, there are bubbles and crust on it. At first, the disease proceeds asymptomatic.

Pink petite arises due to viral lesion of the body. However, many specialists are not completely sure about this. Spots on the skin similar to lichen develop due to overcooling. Most often the disease occurs in the autumn-spring period. Mainly localized on the abdomen, shoulders and folds of the skin. On the skin you can see pink or light spots. In the center of the skin is dried, and on the sides peeled off. Gradually the hearth begins to grow, accompanied by an unbearable itching.

Treatment eliminating complex. It depends on the root cause, the pathogen and the general condition of the patient.

3 Microsporia and multi-colored form of the disease

Leprosy occurs in humans quite often, in most cases, children suffer. Microsporia - a common type of skin infection. The pathogen itself is localized on the wool of animals, more often it is fixed in cats. The first symptoms of the disease are observed on the neck in the form of pale pink spots. The center of the lesion is characterized by a bright shade and peeling. You can see the darkness on the edges of the spots. If the lichen in the person is localized on the head, in this place the hair is broken. This form of infectious disease is not accompanied by an itch.

Spots on the skin are like scabies in humans: varieties, itchy on the neck, back

Multicolored and slove-like lichen is due to hormonal imbalance in the body. Often, spots on the body appear due to excessive sweating, oily skin, or prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Lesion lesions are localized on the back, chest and abdomen. They are characterized by large size. If the skin of a person is tanned, the spots appear discolored. In the winter, lesions are characterized by bright pink or brown shades, which are localized on the neck.

Multicolored lichen is the longest form of infectious disease.

It can be on the human body for years. Gradually the color of the spots changes to brown or greenish. At this stage of an illness, people begin to seek help.

4 The manifestation of the red and shingles

Spots on the skin similar to scabies can be trapped in the form of the disease. The main causative agent of skin lesions is herpetic infection. Localized lichen on the back, but can also be observed on other parts of the body. The development of the disease is possible due to strong nervous strain. Often, the causes of the disease lie in overcooling or weakened immunity. In children, lichen can occur in the form of chicken pox. In this case, not only damage to the skin, but also pain from the chest. This complicates the diagnosis.

The lesion is filled with a small rash with watery filling inside. Over time, the bubbles begin to burst, at this moment a person is a danger to others. Liquid is the main carrier of the disease. Contact with a sick person increases the likelihood of developing lichen. A few days later, all rashes on the body begin to dry up. However, man is suffering from pronounced pain syndrome. This is due to the defeat of the intercostal nerves. At the same time, the whole body of a person itches, it puts a terrible discomfort. It will be impossible to cope independently with the enclosing form of the disease.

Red leaf lichen is an uncomplicated and completely unexplored form of ailment. Many experts suggest that the disease develops on the body under the influence of severe stress surges. Quite often, this process is affected by chronic ailments and viral infections. Red scabies are more often recorded in women suffering from diseases of the digestive system. Lesion lesions develop on the neck, hands and nails. Affected organs, oral cavity and mucous membranes. The spots are reminiscent of erosive lesions.

Determine whether it is lichens or not can only be a specialist after a thorough human examination. Quite often, tests are needed to confirm the diagnosis.