Cadet school after grade 5 for boys

The leading place among all educational institutions engaged in "raising boys" belongs to military schools. Admit the guys here in the period of formation of the main vital values ​​and beliefs - when they meet for 12-15 years.

What are the benefits of

for cadet schools for boys after grade 5, what are the living conditions and the further prospects for training and employment for cadets, read in the materials of this article.


1. What personal and moral qualities are brought up by boys in the cadet school
2. Lifestyle of cadet boys at the
school 3. Conditions of residence in the cadet school
4. Daily classes, subjects taught by
5. Prospects for further education, employment
6. Adaptation of Boys at
Cadet School 7. Instead of Conclusion

What personal and moral qualities are brought up by boys at the

Cadet School Despite a solid educational activity, live in learningThe hake is not boring and monotonous, although many come to the military college everyday life of such and seems at first glance.

Cades often visit historical places of the country, interesting exhibitions, meet with heroes, athletes. Similarly, Cadets are frequent guests of various ballroom evenings, fun events, discos.

Allocated time to visit parents. They can meet with their child every day. And if the Cadet is urgently needed in the city - he can be released for several hours in the liberation, signed by the school head or his deputy with a strictly regulated absence. Cadet school after grade 5 for boys

In any military school, the pays particular attention to three aspects of child upbringing: learning, discipline and sport.

In the walls of these educational institutions, children learn because only the consistent, persistently working people who do not cope with the difficulties and try to overcome them, achieve great success in life.

The first difficulties that are encountered in the life of the young men in the walls of the military lyceums, prepare them for their present life. Therefore, here and there are such conditions that each cadet opens and showed itself on the positive side.

Many of those who studied in military schools are big people who have a significant place in the history of the state. Therefore, they are an excellent school of life.

While caring for the education of students in personal and moral qualities, cadet schools set themselves the task of finding and creating favorable conditions and opportunities for the development of the capacity of cadet boys.

The purpose of the existence of all cadet schools is the development and upbringing of patriotic, cultural and moral mood among students, the preparation of fully developed citizens with a reference point for military and civil service.

Lifestyle of cadet boys at the

School The most important condition for staying in a military educational institution is the strict observance of discipline. They rises from 6:30 to 7:00 hours. The collection is only 10 minutes, after which it is necessary to run to the charge. After that, the Cadets are having breakfast and going to classes. They end at lunch.

In the afternoon, boys are given time for self-training. They also have free time during which everyone can do their own business. Here is just to leave the school's territory strictly forbidden by .This is called samovolkoy and severely punished for such actions. Dinner cadets are usually at 8:00 pm and go to bed at 22:00.Cadet school after grade 5 for boys

At Saturday lunch, cadets have the right to go to release, usually spend their weekend at home, in the family. But on Monday morning, boys are obliged to be in college.

To use this right, boys need to maintain their success at the proper level. Because those cadets who have scores below 6 points remain in the barracks in order to tighten their knowledge. But the law states that once every 3 weeks each cadet, regardless of his assessments, has the full right to release.

The responses of many students at boys' military schools indicate that comrades always support each other, prevent less successful cadets from slipping into two. Friends who know very well about this or that subject will always come to the rescue. In this case, those who are lagging behind receive the necessary knowledge, and those who succeed are new, useful information.

Conditions for residing in the cadet school

A barracks are provided for the residence of cadets in the school. All students are divided into companies, platoons and divisions, depending on age. When creating the order of the day and the mode of stay of the cadets, the requirements of the sanitary service were taken into account.

There is a sanitary part for conducting medical services for pupils. It consists of medical offices, chambers for treatment and an insulator. Sanitary staff is highly qualified doctors and nurses.

Everyday in the institution alternate:

  • is responsible for the NCC;
  • responsible for floors;
  • healthcare worker.

They are responsible for constantly monitoring how day discipline is handled, discipline, maintains internal order and organizes the educational process.

The approximate schedule for the day of the students of the cadet school is as follows:
6.30 - rise
6.30 - 6.45 - morning toilet
6.45 - 7.00 - morning check, morning charge
7.00 - 7.30 - room cleaning in the barracks, sleeping place
7.30 - 8.00 - breakfast
8.00 - 8.30 - time to prepare for the
training process 8.30 - 11.40 - classes in
classes 11.40 - 12.20 -
lunch 12.20 - 14.00 - classroom classes
14.00 - 14.30 - free time for students
14.30 - 16.30 - independent classes for additionaldisciplines
16.30 - 17.00 - pLoudun
17.00 - 19.30 - independent study on additional disciplines
19.30 - 20.10 - dinner
20.10 - 20.40 - Walk
20.40 - 21.00 - personal time students
21.00 - 21.30 - self
21.30 - 22.00 - Evening inspection and retreat.

Cadet school after grade 5 for boys

Everyday classes, subjects being studied by

During the organization of the educational process in the school for cadet boys, progressive domestic and world experience was used. At the same time, scientific achievements were taken into account in pedagogical and psychological teaching.

In addition to disciplines related to the curriculum, cadets undergo specialized training. It can be physico-mathematical, social-humanitarian and defense-sports orientation. In addition, the boys need an easy understanding of foreign languages, among which English is compulsory. Cadet school after grade 5 for boys

The educational process is organized in such a way that the laying of not only the established general level of entrants is carried out, as well as their preparation for further study in higher educational establishments. Therefore, the Cadets have a wide erudition, a significant culture and a rather well-formed sense of civic duty. For conducting classes teachers use the latest technical achievements with the widest material base of the school.

In addition, one of the main tasks of the cadet school is the disclosure of the talents of his cadets. Therefore, each of them has the opportunity to show themselves in some kind of business. It may be sports or military affairs, art or science. In the walls of this educational institution, each student is provided with a huge amount of space that he can use for his own achievements.

A broad enough list of additional education has been included in the training program. In their extracurricular time, the cadets can engage in scientific, technical, artistic and aesthetic, physical culture and recreation, tourist-lore studies and military-special subjects.

Perspectives of further study, employment

It is possible to get to the cadet school not every student who wants to do this, for this he must have a good middle point, sufficient physical training and a great desire to study at a military school.

Therefore, falling into the ranks of cadets, the guys continue to try to study and before them open good prospects for further study and employment after the graduation from the cadet school.

Throughout the time of teaching cadets teachers are doing a huge job individually with each of them. Therefore, at the end of the training, virtually every one of them knows exactly what he intends to do in the future to serve in the army, work in the internal affairs or become an employee of the Ministry of Emergencies. Cadet school after grade 5 for boys

In order for cadets to be targeted at enrollment at relevant higher education institutions, they are offered to familiarize themselves with the peculiarities of all potential options. For this purpose, meetings are organized with specialists from different departments represented by the

  • Military Academy;
  • Academy of Ministry of Internal Affairs;
  • Command and Engineering Institute of the Ministry of Emergencies;
  • Institute of the Border Guard Service, etc.

Even when students from military schools do not go to universities, they become patriots of their homeland. For this, during the training, active interaction with various security structures is organized, various meetings with their leaders and representatives are organized. So soon the Cadets become their subordinates.

School attendance is often visited by representatives of power education institutions. By conducting various contests and contests, they celebrate and award the most successful cadets. Thus, the students of the military school become interested in becoming a ranks of students of this or that military college. Cadet school after grade 5 for boys

Adaptation of Boys at the Cadet School

It is very difficult in a military school to have those who were at home a "nap of land" or was brought up democratically( with parents on equal terms).Easily adapt to life in the walls of the school, those who grew up with authoritative education. It will be much easier for them to take the authority of the mentor.

The authoritarianism in the family leads to the fact that the boys who came from her have the ambitions of the leader and dedicate their entire time because they revenge the weakest of all the humiliations they received in their childhood. Therefore, the ideal option is a guy with healthy ambitions and is able to defend his point of view.

And parents need to think about it in advance. The child needs to be explained that one needs to listen to his mentor and precisely fulfill all that he orders. Otherwise, the cadet can not only fall into disdain for it, but become "exile" of the entire collective. But, at the same time, it is necessary to have an opinion and defend it. If the child understands this - he will feel comfortable in a barracks. Cadet school after grade 5 for boys

Parents of hooligans are also eager to give their children a military school in order to be redeployed there.

But here one has to figure out what the child is aiming for, showing everyone his hooligan behavior to everyone. If he so simply tries to attract the attention of others - in the walls of the barracks, his behavior will not change. If educators manage to drive such hooligan, punishing for misconduct and encouraging complacency, he will correct.

If the hooligan has a completely different goal - revenge for all who surround him, then the psychologist's consultation is necessary. In this case, some punishments will not lead to anything. Much in this situation depends on the wisdom of the mentor himself.

Instead of the conclusion of

Cadet school after grade 5 for boys Based on the above, one can conclude that whether to give or not to give a child to a cadet school, parents must decide on their own.

It is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the nature of each child individually. Because not every boy can force from such a young age to begin to live independently at a distance from his parents. One child and 13 years old can be independent, while others in 21 can not "break" from their parents.

And in order not to make such changes a trauma for him all his life - one must take into account his opinion as well, because in the opposite case all may end up not as it would be desirable.