Apricot oil for the skin: application in mask for the face

Repicense oil is one of the favorite remedies for folk medicine. Even our distant ancestors have learned to extract it from the roots of ordinary rabbit( or a large burdock, as it is called in botany).Fortunately, we are deprived of the need to waste time and effort on self-heating

of rapeseed oil at home. Now it's enough just to go to the pharmacy, and this healing remedy can be used without any hassle for purpose. What is the purpose of rapeseed oil?

Raphael oil for the skin: application in mask for the face

The use of rapeseed oil for face

Rapeseed oil is widely used both in pharmacology and in the cosmetic industry mainly as an ingredient of various skin creams. Its effect is based on the regenerative and cleansing effect, which is especially important in skin care. It is known that skin cells, as well as any cells in our body, are constantly updated: some die out, they are replaced by new ones - this is called regeneration. However, if this function of the body is broken, then the condition of the skin sharply worsens, which leads to acne, acne, and in more severe cases - boils and even suppurations. Oily skin helps to cope with these problems, turning the skin into health, beauty and youth.

How to use

  • Face Cream Oil If you mix a teaspoon of rapeseed oil with a few drops of chamomile essential oil, it will be a great way to clear your face from makeup and contamination.
  • To help cleanse the skin from acne, try to smudge your face over a lime or chamomile tea tray. Now with your fingers gently massage the skin with rapeseed oil for 3 minutes. Oils are not a lot of brothers, it should completely wash and wash your face is not required.
  • A mask for dry or mature skin. Well tones and stimulates blood circulation. Five grams of green parsley rub, add 5 drops of raspberry oil and 7 ml of aloe juice. Mix thoroughly, gently splattering on the skin. Stand for one hour.

Enhance the beneficial effects of any cosmetic product by adding cream, tonic, lotion and serum to 2 teaspoons of rapeseed oil immediately before use.

Before bedtime, after a few hours, apply a little peppermint oil on the cleansed eyelash with a cotton stick. It will stimulate their growth and strengthen follicles. If necessary, you can also do the eyebrows.

Raphael oil for the skin: application in mask for the face

Rapeseed oil for the body

However, rapeseed oil is used to care not only for the face, but also for the whole body.

  • If you add a small amount to the bath, then the skin will become soft, smooth and velvety, and soften the rough areas. At regular reception of baths with cannabis oil the skin of the whole body will be more effectively regenerated and rejuvenated.
  • Before taking a shower or bath, apply on the dry areas of the body of rapeseed oil, it is possible and completely on the whole body. Skin drying is guaranteed.
  • By rubbing this valuable oil in the scalp, you can avoid peeling, dandruff, hair loss. For a better result it is recommended to mix with rapeseed and other vegetable oils. For example, oil of germs of wheat, chamomile, grape seed, jojoba and others. To increase activity, add some esters, such as grapefruit, bey, ylang ylang, and so on to the oil mixture. Masks are applied to the scalp and distributed over the length of the hair. Coat in polyethylene and terry towel for 20 to 50 minutes, depending on the type of hair and the selected composition.
  • For nail care, add a few drops of rapeseed oil in the bath and make nonsense masks at night, rubbing the butter in the nails and cuticles.

Butter oil is an inexpensive tool with such an impressive track record.