Bandage Headache: Causes and Treatment of the Disease

In this article, we will consider pushing a headache that torments many people, it can throw in the back of the head, to put an end to the eyes and to have a nasty character. Headaches have different signs. You can feel a throbbing, a sharp pain, a pain in different areas of a head and presses that

compresses pain.

Bandage Headache: Causes and Treatment of the Disease

Such manifestations can occur unexpectedly or after some influence from the outside. The headache patch differs from any other attack on your feelings. Having tested such an attack at least once, you will not confuse it with anything. If such attacks often visit you and pain feelings become ever more urgent you should contact a doctor.


  • Types of headache
  • Signs and causes of pain sensation
  • Sensation of headache attack
  • Prevention and treatment of headache of compression
  • Medicines for relieving pain
  • Summing up

Types of headache

  • vascular - it's pulsating headpain that occurs when stretching blood vessels from blood pressure on them;
  • is a muscle tension pain that occurs during compression and tension of the neck and head muscles;
  • is a liquid-dynamic - it breaks up, which suppresses pain, which gives to different parts of the head, including the eyes;
  • neurological - manifested acute, piercing pain.

The causes of their occurrence may be:

  • disturbance of blood supply to the brain;
  • total overstrain of the muscles of the head and neck;
  • irritation of the nerve endings in the brain;
  • oxygen starvation of the body;
  • violation of thermoregulation;
  • head and neck spinal cord injury;
  • spasm of the vessels of the brain;
  • damage to bone or cartilage spine tissues;
  • inflammatory processes in the axillary sinus;
  • is a bacterial or viral lesion of the body;
  • alcohol intoxication;
  • cardiovascular disease and so on.

It is impossible to imagine headache treatment without tracking its symptoms, identifying the type and causes, and also completely eliminating or confirming a number of illnesses in human suffering.

Signs and Causes of

Pain Sensitivity The headache pain is the most common complaint in 92% of the population. It can occur even in young children and at all ages. More often than this type of pain in statistics, women suffer.

The main causes of headache attacks:

  • changes in the body's hormonal background;
  • received head and brain injuries;
  • stress and depression;
  • Excessive tension of any body;
  • malnutrition and alcohol;
  • excessive consumption of fatty, salty foods, food products with nutritional supplements and preservatives;
  • fasting and sleep disturbance;
  • change of seasons, atmospheric pressure fluctuations, abrupt climate change;
  • Drug Administration.

With regard to symptoms of headache, a person's sensation is approximately as follows:

  • feeling that the center of the pain is squeezing something from the inside;
  • pain covers the temporal, frontal, and occipital parts simultaneously or alternately;
  • pain spreads from neck to neck, eyes, temporal part;
  • pain attack covers more than one side of the head, less commonly both;The
  • pain attack is monotonous, it does not increase, but it is nourishing.

Such pain may occur in complicated diseases, such as brain abscess and encephalitis. But then the symptoms are pronounced and felt long-term, even constantly. In these two cases, vomiting and nausea often occur.

Sensation in the headache attack

Bandage Headache: Causes and Treatment of the Disease The localization of headaches is manifested differently for different causes of its occurrence, for example, against the background of the inflammatory process in the ear, the pain extends more to the temporal portion of the head.

If increased intracranial pressure, the pain is squeezed more than anything in the eye. Pushing pain differs from that usually accompanied by a cold or flu.

To accurately describe the feelings of a person who has attacked a headache, they can be compared to when a person measures a tight hat and she is very small.

Often, this type of headache occurs during stress and depression and is most pronounced in the age of 27-37, this pain has a depressing character, and sometimes accompanied by a loud and sharp sound, like an external stimulus.

Most people complain of pain in the muscles located in the head and collar area. An attacking pain always lasts a different period of time - from 15-20 minutes to several days.

Causes of headache that affects the eyes can be emotional shocks, frequent stressful conditions, pathology of the temporomandibular joint.

Strengthen attacks and make them consistent in nature, possibly using large doses of analgesics, caffeine( coffee, tea, energy drinks), as well as various tranquilizers.

Separately, it is necessary to highlight this kind of exertion of headache that occurs in cervical osteochondrosis, that is, the destruction of intervertebral discs. With this burning, compressing, pain-intensive patient, the patient feels the following: dizziness

  • ;
  • vomiting, nausea;
  • vision disorder;
  • loss of consciousness;
  • ringing in the ears.

In case of osteochondrosis, venous blood flow is disturbed; consequently, pain is exerted. Also, the causes of headache, pressure on the ears, eyes, throat and neck can become hormonal disorders in the body, irregular and irregular diet, change in sleep mode, a sharp change in climatic conditions.

On the treatment and prevention of headaches, you will find out in the next section of this article.

Prophylaxis and treatment of headache contraction

Powers pain - a scourge of modern society. Therefore, take your hands and get involved in the prevention of headaches. To do this, you will not need much time and effort, but you will be sure that this serious trouble will not surprise you.

Try to follow a few simple guidelines:

  • make outdoor walks as much as possible;
  • regularly ventilate the room you are in;
  • find for yourself moderate physical activity, such as yoga, fitness, swimming;
  • learn techniques of self-massage and take breaks in the work, in order to restore normal blood flow;
  • Avoid stress, scandals and unpleasant situations;
  • adjust your lifestyle so that at least 7-8 hours are taken to sleep;
  • undergo a general strengthening massage;
  • monitor the condition of the spine, train the correct posture;
  • choose the most comfortable and proper pillow for sleep;
  • watch for arterial pressure;
  • reduce in its diet the amount of fats and carbohydrates, and especially their combination;
  • abandon smoking and excessive alcohol consumption;
  • eat vegetables and fruits, greens;
  • take vitamin complexes and increase your immunity.

That's all. These measures are very simple and do not require large financial investments. Take care of your body and he will pay you tribute to your health!

If, however, your life still crashed, and it caused the attack to be compressed, which compresses the headache, then it is necessary to postpone everything to begin with and try to rest, it is better to lie down. Try to think and analyze what specifically led you to such a state.

Open the windows and ventilate the room in which you are in for 20 minutes, try to humidify the air - you can turn on the humidifier, if it is not at hand, you can soak the towels and lightly pushing to hang on the batteries or on the back of the bed, chair.

Try to apply compress to the forehead with cold or hot water. Each person responds in a different way to the compress, so leave the one with whom it is comfortable. As a non-medicated self-treatment, you can brew such herbs as primrose tall, valerian, linden, tawalo, mint and sage.

You can apply essential oils for aromatherapy, but you must be sure that you do not have allergies to these oils. Well removed tension of lavender, rosemary, mint oil. With them you can grate whiskey or drop 2-4 drops on the pillow.

If your physical condition allows you, take yoga or walk slowly down the street. The bandage of the headache decreases if you rub the temporal circular motions, gently squeeze the neck and collar area.

From folk remedies, tangible relief can bring a peel of lemon, it must be cleared of pulp and attached to the temples and forehead. It will give an irritating and warming effect. You can take tincture vystirnik or St. John's Wort and lightly massage the eyebrows.

In most cases, especially if the cause of the pain is unknown, it disappears or decreases significantly. Then rinse with cool or cold water( face, neck, hands).

If you have made all attempts to get rid of an oppressive headache, but they did not succeed or the pain intensified and became more frequent, then you should contact your doctor. Visit the therapist and he will tell you what to do next.

Medicines for pain relief

Medicines that are prescribed in such cases not only relieve pain and tension during an attack, but also prevent future crises. The doctor may advise and prescribe medications based on the following active substances:

  • "Acetylsalicylic acid";
  • Paracetamol;
  • "Ibuprofen";
  • "Napoxen sodium";
  • "Nimesulide";
  • "Ketoprofen".

Probably also the use of combined analgesics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, however, in most cases they only provide temporary relief or ineffective. These drugs do not affect the causes of pain and do not regulate the psycho-emotional state.

It is much better for headaches to help with combinations of pain relievers and antispasmodics, which enhance the effect of each other. A good example is Spasgo, which is being conducted in the UK.It contains paracetamol combined with dicyclomine hydrochloride.

Spasmolgon tablets have the same effect. To improve your condition will help the drug "Nayz", try to also be a powder for the preparation of suspension "Nemesil".Unfortunately, there is no miraculous universal way of treating pressure and compressing headaches.

Everyone is treated with his own methods: pills, coffee, folk remedies, a glass of brandy. However, the effect of such treatment may be unpredictable: either relief or deterioration.

It is imperative to undergo a survey, because without knowing the exact cause of compressing pain, it is impossible to find the appropriate treatment. The doctor will prescribe tests, tests, such as CT and MRI.Self-help can only help temporarily, so you need to get rid of the very cause of pain.

There are cases where you should contact a specialist as soon as possible:

  • presence of side effects - weakness and numbness of the body parts, loss of vision, memory problems;
  • headaches become longer and stronger;
  • is too strong headache that can not be tolerated;
  • has a severe headache, even from touching anything;
  • in addition to headache there is an increased temperature, nausea, difficulty in breathing, dry mouth.

Summing up

Compression pain attacks are characterized by their unpredictability and strong pain sensations. Frequent attacks with growing pain may suggest that an inflammatory process has started in the body or an organ has been struck by a serious illness.

The treatment of headache pain is necessary after determining the cause of its occurrence. In the process of diagnosis, it can be ascertained that this is a consequence of a complicated disease or disruption of the functioning of the systems of your body. Therefore, after treatment, attacks of compressive headache can go through.

Take off attacks, possibly using drugs or folk remedies. It is recommended to use non-medicated methods and to spend more time on preventive measures.

During the treatment of a complex disease, your body receives a large amount of drugs and, where it is possible to do without them, try to do it. Be sensible, listen to your body and respond in a timely manner to his alarming signals!