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Constant discomfort in the abdomen or intestine: reasons to do?

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There is no person who at least once in a lifetime did not feel abdominal discomfort. The causes of this phenomenon may be different. Sometimes the reasons are banal and understandable. For example, when it comes to

for overeating or consuming stale food. A constant symptom of discomfort in the first trimester of pregnancy is nausea. But sometimes the painful conditions of the intestine can be symptoms of serious illness. It is necessary to pay attention to the specifics of manifestations of discomfort in the intestine in children and adults.


  • 1 Causes and Symptoms of Adult Discomfort
  • 2 Prevention and Treatment of
  • 3 Intestinal Disorders in Children
  • 4 How to Eliminate Child Problem

1 Causes and Symptoms of Adult Disorders in

Nausea, Heartburn, Abdominal Bloating Due to Cumulative Gases, Pain, feeling of heaviness in the stomach after taking meals, constipation, diarrhea accompany various disorders in the operation of the SICKNESS-intestinal tract.

The causes of these manifestations may vary. For example, malnutrition, unbalanced diets, malnutrition, overeating, stressful situations, changes in diet and diet, abuse of caffeine, alcoholic beverages, enzyme deficiency( metabolic disorders), development of appendicitis, failure of the digestive system, food intake, medicines, parasites.

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Constant discomfort in the abdomen or intestine: reasons to do?

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Abdominal discomfort in women can be caused by inflammation of the appendages, lunar. In men - inflammation of the prostate gland. If we are dealing with functional impairment, abdominal discomfort often occurs due to malnutrition, drug intake, stress, changes in the acidity of the stomach, and intestinal microflora. The phenomena of dyspepsia( discomfort in the stomach) arise when certain types of food are abused. With excess protein foods, there is rotting dyspepsia. When you enter the intestines a large number of fats - fat, carbohydrates - fermentation. Stress can provoke spastic states of the intestine, changes in its peristalsis, which can lead to constipation.

Admission of antibiotics is often accompanied by dysbiosis with a characteristic liquid chest.

And there is often a discomfort in the stomach after eating.

Constant discomfort in the abdomen or intestine: reasons to do?

Often functional( alimentary) disorders of the digestive tract function lead to bowel irritation. If the symptoms appear more than 12 weeks, then the diagnosis of IBS( irritable bowel syndrome) is diagnosed. In this disease, there is necessarily a psychological symptomatology: neuroses, psychosomatic disorders, the presence of stress factors. The presence of vegetative vascular dystonia is also a factor in intestinal disorders. Rarely, IBS occurs after food poisoning. It manifests itself as a disorder, usually pain, bloating in the stomach after eating. A chair may be a type of diarrhea and constipation.

Under the influence of the operation of the organs of the GI tract, which leads to discomfort in the intestine, is understood pancreatic diseases( pancreatitis), gallstone disease, hepatitis( liver damage), abnormalities in the duodenum, stomach ulcers, gastritis. Only the doctor will be able to correctly identify the source of the disease, based on the necessary analyzes and research. After all, there are often similar symptoms. Doctors say that the stomach is an equation with many unknowns. Therefore, if the symptoms of you or your child are frequent or persistent, consult a specialist for the correct diagnosis. Only by identifying the disease and its features, the doctor will prescribe treatment for you.

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2 Prevention and treatment of


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A discomfort in the abdomen may also occur in a healthy person. He can be warned. The main prevention will be sufficient physical activity, balanced nutrition. For therapeutic purposes, they also prescribe different types of diets. Necessary diet that excludes dairy products and excessive salty or sour meals. For example, nausea may be due to the presence of toxins in the body. Toxins are produced by different sorbents. The following drugs are most commonly used: activated carbon, Smecta, Atoxil, Polysorb. Rigorous drinking also contributes to the removal of poisonous substances and serves as a prevention of dehydration.

Different laxatives will help with constipation. Positive influence include: diet with prunes, dried apricots, peaches, glycerine candles, enema with salted water and oil. Pain will help remove spasmolytics: broth mint, chamomile, No-Shpa, Spasmalgon. Infusion of anise, fennel, thyme will help with swelling and gases. To restore the intestinal microflora, you need a sour-milk diet. When diarrhea is followed, fixes the diet. This is rice, crackers, kisses, cooked steak eggs, low-fat cheese. If the gastrointestinal tract disorder is a serious inflammatory process, an increase in temperature, antibiotics are prescribed. When treating diarrhea, appoint Levomitsetin, Ciprofloxacin, Metronidazole. You should remember that treatment can only be prescribed by a doctor after necessary examinations.

3 Intestinal discomfort in children


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In addition to all the above-mentioned symptoms in adults, discomfort in the stomach in children has its own peculiarities. An important role is played by neurological factors. The nervous system of children is only formed, therefore, children are prone to stress. For children, the source of stomach pain after eating is the immaturity of the digestive system. Its formation can proceed differently in each child. Characteristic manifestations in newborns are colic from the accumulation of gases in the intestine. Gases and air cork, which occur when swallowing food improperly, can provoke constipation. The diet of the breastfeeding mother will also effect the digestion of the baby. The excess of fresh cabbage in the diet will result in gas formation in the baby. Excessive fatty foods will cause constipation. The use of plum, on the contrary, can lead to an accelerated emptying of the intestine. Feeding mom is better to eat baked apples, and vegetables, fruits, meat must be cooked or stewed. As the baby grows, the diet and the diet of the mother should change.

Constant discomfort in the abdomen or intestine: reasons to do?

Additionally it is necessary to indicate hygiene. Failure to observe the basic rules of hygiene may result in helminth infestation or the development of pathogenic microflora in children. So do not forget to wash your hands, handle nails yourself and children. It is necessary to sterilize children's dishes, do not forget to wash toys. Feeding moms should wash breast and soap before feeding.

4 How to eliminate the problem of a child

As with adults, the main prevention of abdominal discomfort will be diet. For infants, a good way is to massage the abdomen clockwise, a warm diaper on the abdomen to prevent spasms. Necessary for kids gymnastics.

In case of unnecessary gas formation, plantain, fennel tea, dubalak, papaya syrup, Espumisan, Normaz are prescribed. You can use a gas outlet pipe. When constipation is introduced carrot and beet juice, use the drug Guttasil, preparations based on licorice. When diarrhea is prescribed antibiotic Nifuroxazide, sorbents. Be sure to prescribe abundant drink to avoid dehydration, which is especially dangerous for babies. Often use drugs that restore electrolyte balance. For children it is especially important to correctly determine the causes of discomfort in the stomach. So let's dwell on the necessary research and analysis that the doctor should appoint to you.

Thus, even if it is not a serious illness, it is necessary: ​​to give a general analysis of feces, a stroke on enterobiasis( pinworms), feces analysis on an eggplant, a copolology, feces of feces. It is even more important to take into account the biochemical, general and blood sugar analysis. Urine tests performed. Assigned ultrasound. This is the minimum that allows you to judge the condition of the gastrointestinal tract both in children and adults. In the presence of persistent symptoms, hospitalization may be required to determine the cause of the disease, and further studies will be conducted. In the case of high temperature, accompanied by convulsions, diarrhea, refusal of food, weight loss, vomiting, hospitalization is required.