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Effective pills for hemorrhoids

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Effective pills for hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids - a disease that is in the competence of the proctologist. It proctologist doctor should prescribe treatment after

establish the diagnosis and determine the extent of the disease, and the presence of certain symptoms. Experts prefer to treat the disease by conservative methods. And indeed, most patients recover quickly after conservative treatment and do not require surgeon intervention. What is the most effective medication for hemorrhoids?

What to Treat?

Any drug can only be taken after the doctor's recommendation. Often, the acute course of the disease involves the treatment of drugs in the form of tablets, that is, flototropic drugs.

Most tablets of hemorrhoids drugs made from natural ingredients - herbs extracts, can provide excellent anti-inflammatory effect and positive effect on blood vessels. So, let's list the best pills.


Effective pills for hemorrhoids

"Chemoidin" is the name of an excellent herbal preparation in the form of tablets. This tool consists of extracts of herbs that have a beneficial effect on the vessels. The medicine eliminates bleeding and successfully fights inflammation in the anus. Pills quickly relieve pain, eliminate the sense of burning and itching. Pass the tension of the anal aperture. The role of the drug in digestive processes should not be diminished. "Chemoidine" has a positive effect on the stomach, eliminating constipation. It takes at least three weeks to take the medication to feel the visible result. Getting a stable result is possible after six months of effective hemorrhoids treatment. What other means will extend our list?


The best way to hemorrhoids is to use this remedy. The drug brings relief after the first two tablets. First of all, the tone of the veins of the rectum increases, stagnant blood phenomena disappear. In norm comes the permeability of the capillaries at the site of the defeat, the severity and pain syndrome.

Take DetraLes tablets in accordance with the instructions. The first four days should be eaten 6 tablets, the next three days the dose is reduced to 4 tablets. The course of treatment is a week, but it is possible and continue treatment after consultation with the doctor. The next appointment will be up to 2 pills a day.


This is called the best remedy for hemorrhoid, consisting of herbal preparations. It contains plants such as zeolites and hemorrhoids, as well as two types of bran."Litovit-B" greatly affects the digestive process, eliminating constipation. Medications are struggling with the fragility of capillaries, eliminating bloody discharge from the anus, which so often accompany hemorrhoids. In addition, the distinguishing feature of this remedy is a positive effect on the patient's immunity.

"Asklezan-A" means

Reception whose name "Asklezan-A", ensures correct bleeding in the veins of the pelvis. Walnut extract as part of this medication perfectly strengthens the veins. This biological supplement to food is also recommended for the prevention of hemorrhoids.


Effective pills for hemorrhoids

Pyletx is no less effective. The main direction of this is to eliminate inflammation, pain and stop bleeding. It consists of natural ingredients, which have a positive effect on the walls of the vessels and reduce swelling of the affected area.

«Hynkor Fort»

name is Dan analgesic drug that is to say the effect on the human body due to its natural ingredients. In addition, it is a good medicine for the circulatory system, which allows you to stop bleeding with hemorrhoids and reduce vascular permeability. It is used in any form of the disease.

Hemorrhoids, in most cases - is the result of constant constipation, so you should understand that cure constipation tablets are most effective. Especially this medication is required for patients with exacerbation of the disease. For easy passage of fecal masses it is recommended to receive money "Cute Par".These pills are most effective in constipation.

"Milly Par"

Effective pills for hemorrhoids

This laxative operates mildly and quickly. Tablets make the trip to the toilet more enjoyable. The chair becomes regular, in addition, the drug helps to heal cracks and wounds in the anus. The patient quickly gets rid of bloody secretions, which almost always accompany the acute form of hemorrhoids.

In the treatment of hemorrhoids, pills have their advantages. They are convenient to drink always and everywhere, in contrast to ointments or candles. Not very comfortable to run in the toilet up to 5 times a day to apply the ointment and get rid of itching in the back passage. It is more convenient to take pills and old ones, which it is difficult to apply a ointment or to insert a candle independently.

However, what medications should be taken in one case or another should be decided by the proctologist. Only the doctor can correctly appoint treatment, taking into account the symptoms, the form, the degree of development of hemorrhoids, as well as the individual characteristics of the patient's body. But it is better and more effective to carry out prevention of hemorrhoids and to lead a healthy lifestyle. After all, it is always easier to prevent the disease than to get rid of it.

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