Pigeon Kasany: description, photo of breed

Pigeon pigeons are especially popular among pigeons. They are very unpretentious and perfectly fly. Let's consider some features of this breed of birds: standards, appearance and features of the content.

Pigeon Kasany: description, photo of breed Beautiful exterior, charming flight and

unpretentious cultivation make dove-tones popular among birds lovers.

Who are the pigeons of the

? The pigeon breeders are usually involved in the breeding and maintenance of one breed. Kasany is a good breed of birds with excellent flight qualities. It belongs to the breed of militant pigeons. Military breed is not a sign of aggressiveness, but a style of flight. It is he who is a feature of these birds. Breeders have spent many years on their withdrawal. Pigeons are distinguished from each other by the structure of the body, the shape of the legs and head, the presence or absence of decorations of feathers on the head and legs, coloring. The length of the wing in the touch is usually 20-25 cm Weight of adult birds can be 600 grams( photo number 1).

Breeding birds of this breed in several places:

  • Turkey;
  • North Caucasus;
  • Central Asia.

A large number of these beautiful birds are grown in Turkey. The Turkish tangles on the head wear an earthen look. These pigeons may have feathers and feathers on their paws. Military birds from the North Caucasus are different from the Turkish length of the beak and the original pattern of plumage. For them the most characteristic is yellow, red and black colors. In Central Asia, they produce and contain short-haired cattle pigeons with an original color of the feathers. They are famous for excellent flying properties and are used for breeding. Particularly appreciated individuals from Bukhara.

Pigeon Kasany: description, photo of breed The homeland of pigeon-paws is Turkey, but they are also found in the North Caucasus and Central Asia.

In recent years, breeds with a new color have been extracted. Some have fangs in the form of a shell or crown, most have feathers on their legs. Pigeons have different lengths of beak, interlacing feathers, heads of different colors. Widely known specimens with light coloration of the body and gray color of the tails of heads( photo number 2).Pigeons love this breed. The description of the pigeon pigeons can be continued with this fact: these creatures with a purely decorative appearance can fly in various stunts for as long as 5 hours without interruption. The birds themselves do not even suspect that they are often accepted for artists.

Military birds have a special flying style. Their flight resembles a butterfly that rises in battle. This spectacular beauty is usually a few hours. Sometimes it happens: the pigeon flies out of the cage and for some time freezes in place, and then rises sharply up the pillar by 3-20 m.

Such abilities begin to show up in the birds in the third month of life. But for some individuals, such talents appear only at the age of three. It is even more appreciated.

The highest score you can put on the pigeons that come in the turning pillar. Such a game in flight is able to show even a small group of birds. Larger flocks are simply flying fan, developing a high speed. Usually 5-6 pigeons play beautifully.

Bird care and rearing is quite simple. They live in ordinary cells. Hatch eggs very well. The chicks feed on the whole flock. Over time, they have an instinct to return to their pigeon. Great memory helps to do this.

Conclusion on the topic

Pigeon Kasany: description, photo of breed Pigeons are attractive design and are valued for the ability to write interesting curls in the air.

Kasany - interesting birds. They belong to the category of pigeon pigeons. They are called belligerent because of the special flight style. For each individual, this style appears at different times. In some, it manifests itself in the third month, in others it is in the third year of life. Part of the pigeons begin their game immediately, others - only after molting, the third - after feeding the chicks. To pull the whole flock is necessary from the very early age. Adult birds must fly along with the growing ones. Only so revealing the true slaughter qualities. The clutches should fly up the pillar, slapping their wings. This pigeon learns from three months to three years.

These birds also refer to decorative rocks. Doves attract the views of the observers with their appearance. They may have bangs on their heads, ornaments of feathers on their legs. The beak of birds is short and long, the plumage is painted in different colors. Their content does not pose particular trouble to the owners. They do not require special care, they are unpretentious to eat. It is important only to build a dry cage and provide them with food with minerals and vitamins. Of most illnesses, the tangles have immunity. Dangerous for them is only salmonella and Newcastle. Protecting from these diseases helps to vaccinate at an early age.

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