Hemorrhoid Treatment

Candles from hemorrhoids: Gamamelis, Phytomax and Fitter

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Candles from hemorrhoids: Gamamelis, Phytomax and Fitter

for conservative treatment of hemorrhoidscandles are used.

But treatment should only be used after the diagnosis of .There are Chinese candles made with secret Tibetan recipes, candles with novocaine, moreover, today, creams and candles against hemorrhoids prevent the appearance of wrinkles, what will happen tomorrow?

Sparkling Candles

Spark plugs are well helping against hemorrhoids, against constipation and prostatitis, bleeding, and also eliminate pain syndrome, reduce heat, and result in normal metabolism. Filler candles make the immune system of the body more effective in overcoming the disease. Filler candles normalize blood circulation, blood formation, are characterized by bactericidal properties.

Candles from hemorrhoids: Gamamelis, Phytomax and Fitter

Candles with propolis

Candles with hemorrhoids propolis are treated very effectively. Ready candles for hemorrhoids are sold in the pharmacy, but they are not difficult to cook at home. A piece of propolis wipe and melt in a water bath with a slice of butter. Then pour the contents into foil molds and freeze. Apply medications against hemorrhoids and inflammations of the prostate gland, as well as for the treatment of prostatitis, vaginitis and various erosions in women. Candles from hemorrhoids and constipation with propolis eliminate pain, itching and heal wounds, as well as kill bacteria and microorganisms.

Candles from hemorrhoids: Gamamelis, Phytomax and Fitter


The best candles for hemorrhoids, creams and ointments of this brand have anti-inflammatory, astringent and disinfecting components. Universal remedies, cream and candles, suitable for men and women of any age category, helps against hemorrhoids, prostatitis, constipation. Side effects have not been detected, except for the possibility of individual intolerance.

Candles from hemorrhoids: Gamamelis, Phytomax and Fitter

Homeopathic Candles

Preparations consist of plant components, but effective in hemorrhoidal candles only in the first stages of the disease. If medications with calendula or chamomile, well-healing cracks, candles help against inflammation and pain or may have laxatives from constipation.


These rectal effective candles from hemorrhoids are especially familiar to women during pregnancy and acne. Drugs "Viburkol" are known for a wide range of applications not only in gynecology in women, but also in pediatrics. Treatment of hemorrhoids with candles of this mark is safe and does not have a negative effect, because the composition of drugs has a plant basis, which allows it to be used in gv. Candles for hemorrhoid "Viburkol" are well helping against inflammation in the sexual system, well suited for the treatment of prostatitis, help with constipation. The "Viburcol" feature is that it forces the body to incorporate its immune system to fight the disease at full power."Vibrarkol" normalizes the functions of virtually all organs and systems of the body, whose work was violated during the illness."Viburcol" is even used to treat gastric colic of the newborn.

Despite all the advantages, "Viburkol" drugs are used only after prescriptions of the doctor. For example, for pregnant women and gynecologists for the elimination of pain, itching and heat, we recommend the candles for hemorrhoids "Viburkol" twice a day for one candle. Duration of treatment "Vyborkol" should not exceed two weeks. In addition, nobody canceled the individual intolerance. Therefore, after starting treatment, you need to listen to your body.

Candles from hemorrhoids: Gamamelis, Phytomax and Fitter


"Phytomax" from hemorrhoid candles have a wide range of applications. These are: hemorrhoids, cracks and anesthetism, erosion in women of various types, proctitis, as well as the treatment of prostatitis, various tumors, including malignant ones. Helps the drug and against constipation. Essentially, "Phytomax" is an immunomodulator, which makes the body effectively fight the disease. It helps to get rid of heartburn and itching. The composition of Phytomax includes celandine, has a painkiller, anti-inflammatory and sedative effect. There is also a cream of this brand, which has the same properties.

Candles from hemorrhoids: Gamamelis, Phytomax and Fitter


Candles "Gamamelis" - a drug of effective antihemorrhoidal action. The composition of the medicine is the plant walmart virgin - a shrub with therapeutic bark, which is included in the preparations of this line against hemorrhoids.

Cora Gammalis has essential oils of glycerides of acids, quercetins, phlobaphenes, etc. Candaca Gamamelis, thanks to its composition, effectively affects the walls of vessels, strengthening them, which is very important in the fight against hemorrhoids. The active ingredient of the drug is the extract from the bark of hamamelis, it is she who takes on the main fight against the disease. Use candles "Gamamelis" should only be after the confirmation of the diagnosis and according to the doctor, especially during pregnancy and gv. Contraindications to the use of these drugs are in the form of individual intolerance, also do not use a suppository if there is a site restriction in order not to provoke bleeding. Candles Gamamelis are injected into the rectum twice a day, in the morning and at night, after the hygiene of the genital organs. The duration of treatment is individual in each case and depends on the effect of the drug on specific symptoms. In the presence of constipation, candles "Gamamelis" will be another assistant.


Aurobin is often used for hemorrhoids. Candles are designed to eliminate the symptoms of the disease. In addition, Aurobin drugs help to remove inflammation after several applications. Medicines restores tissue, can be used to treat prostatitis. Popular drug "Aurobin" for hemorrhoids, eczema, wounds of the rectum. For treatment of an initial stage, as a rule, there is enough weekly treatment, but at the same time the patient should eat properly, in order to have no constipation, move more and keep track of personal hygiene."Aurobin" is in the pharmacy of drivers and people of other sedentary professions. In addition, "Aurobin" has helped many women after childbirth and at work to deal with the problem. The composition of the drug has no side effects, however, taking "Aurobin" should take into account the individual intolerance of the components. The drug "Aurobin" is effective at the initial stages of the disease. How long should the treatment last, the doctor decides.

Candles from hemorrhoids: Gamamelis, Phytomax and Fitter


This is a natural medicine that heals various types of hemorrhoids. Honeysuckle candles from hemorrhoids have a natural composition with a minimum of chemistry. That is why, the drug "Olestezin" is not contraindicated for children, pregnant women and women in the period gv. Exception - allergy to the components of the drug. In addition, "Olestein" candles are laxatives that help prevent constipation during hemorrhoids. Relief occurs only a few minutes after the application of "Olestezin" .In the composition - amestezin, twin-80, oil of sea buckthorn and others.substances"Olestezin" has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, almost immediately eliminates the pain and sensation of something extra inside the rectum. An unexpected case of illness does not require the use of "Olestezin" more often than on one item twice a day. In case of severe pain, instead of one candle "Olestezin" it is allowed to enter up to 2, 3 vestiges. Candle stands are inexpensive, and the benefit of them is great.

Candles from hemorrhoids: Gamamelis, Phytomax and Fitter


Synthomycin candles are mainly used in gynecology. However, because of their antibacterial action, they are used to control hemorrhoids. Synthomycin candles have their contraindications in the form of allergies to the drug store. Synthomycin candles are an antibiotic and can provoke thrush. After a course of treatment, the drug should restore the microflora and remove dysbiosis. Not recommended for use in conj.

Candles from hemorrhoids: Gamamelis, Phytomax and Fitter


Candles "Ketonal" are characterized by antipyretic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory effects. The composition of the drug includes the substance ketoprofen, it removes inflammation, as well as reduces pain syndrome. "Ketonal" is a very strong drug for extreme cases. Available in "Ketonal" not only in the form of candles, but also in tablets, as well as in the form of capsules and creams. Spectrum of application "Ketonal" is very diverse."Ketonal" rectal candles are prescribed twice a day for one candle, they are combined, if necessary, with prescribed drugs. Ketonal has side effects in the form of diarrhea or constipation. It is categorically not recommended to use "Ketonal" with renal insufficiency, bloody discharge from the rectum in history, for women during pregnancy and during pregnancy is prescribed with caution, up to the termination while receiving "Ketonal" gv.

Candles from hemorrhoids: Gamamelis, Phytomax and Fitter

For the treatment of hemorrhoids, candles fit perfectly, in most cases they still act as laxatives, as well as with novocaine, but it should be remembered that they remove only the symptoms of the disease, but do not cure it radically. And most importantly, before starting to treat hemorrhoids, candles should be selected against the disease, it is necessary to undergo a medical examination and establish the exact diagnosis.

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