Hemorrhoid Treatment

Pills for hemorrhoids: treatment and prevention

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  • Tablets
  • "Chemoroidin"
  • "Detlelex"
  • "Litovit-B"
  • "Asclean-A"
  • "Veneras"
  • "Pyletx"
  • "Ginkor Fort"
  • "Anthracitene"
  • During pregnancy

Pills for hemorrhoids: treatment and prevention

Hemorrhoea suffers most ofthe adult population of our planet. But how to cure him, not many know. And

until the disease has gone into a more serious stage of development, special attention should be paid to the treatment of hemorrhoids by conservative methods.

Hemorrhoids are divided into two forms - internal and external, and both of them successfully treat candles from hemorrhoids, ointments and pills. Hemorrhoids are an insidious disease that should be treated with the first signs. In this article we will more closely analyze the drugs from this disease in the form of tablets. They are most often prescribed by proctologists and sold in pharmacies without a prescription. So, which pills are most effective against hemorrhoids?

Tablets for hemorrhoids

In our time, many pills for hemorrhoids are made from natural components, which means they can be used to treat hemorrhoids during pregnancy and nursing moms. There are pills that are used for analgesia, there are drugs for relieving an attack, to get rid of the symptoms of hemorrhoids. The following are the most effective and often taken pills for hemorrhoids( list).


Pills for hemorrhoids: treatment and prevention

These phyto-pills with hemorrhoids are very effective and are for sale without prescription. The composition of the preparation includes plant extracts, strengthen the walls of the vessels. In addition, the drug can cure a symptom of hemorrhoids, such as bleeding from the rectum and cope with the inflammatory processes of the anus. After the start of the drug, the patient feels relief, itching and burning in the anus. These hemorrhoids tablets, among other things, contribute to the digestive process by facilitating the march to the toilet. However, there is a minus, "Chemorroid" begins to act after three weeks, and a lasting effect can be obtained after a half-yearly intake of drugs. What pills are most often used for hemorrhoids?


These pills from hemorrhoids are also very popular in the proctologist's circle of patients. This drug works much faster. The medicine increases the tone of the veins of the small pelvis area, eliminates stagnant effects in the blood, relieves severity, pain, itching and burning. In the first stages of hemorrhoids treatment, the drug can completely get rid of the disease, while maintaining the following prescriptions of the doctor, as a diet and special therapeutic exercises.

During exacerbation hemorrhoid treatment "Detlelex" should be used in slaughtering doses. After each meal you need to take six tablets, and so - three days. Then 4 days to eat 4 pills. Course - 7 days. Hemorrhoids during pregnancy: treatment is prohibited. You can not take this medication to pregnant women, nursing mothers and elderly people.


Pills for hemorrhoids: treatment and prevention

The tablets of hemorrhoids of this brand consist of plant components - a medicinal mineral fertilizer and zeolite. Also medicines include bran to improve digestion. This remedy effectively against bleeding from the anus and reduces the fragility of the capillaries. Also, Litovit-B restores human immunity. This drug can prevent the disease.


Pills for hemorrhoids: treatment and prevention

This remedy is a dietary supplement that promotes correct blood flow in the veins. Extract of walnuts in the drug significantly strengthens the blood vessels. These pills of hemorrhoids are treated at any stage of development, also effective in the preparation and prevention of the disease.


Pills for hemorrhoids: treatment and prevention

These pills for hemorrhoids are used to treat diseases of the veins and their tone. The drug eliminates stagnant effects, making the veins more elastic. In addition, the drug "Veneras" perfectly controls the resistance and fragility of the capillaries, promotes the desired lymph flow.

Systematic administration of the drug "Venerus" against veins reduces the signs of chronic forms of venous insufficiency of the legs and pelvic organs.

Venerus medicine is presented in the form of tablets in orange shell. The basis of the preparation are substances hesperidine, diosmin, secondary components - it is talcum, gelatin, crystalline cellulose and others. Absorption of the drug "Venerus" into the body tissue lasts up to 11 hours. Conclusion of components occurs during urination and defecation.

The treatment of "Venerus" is primarily due to venous insufficiency in the region of the pelvis and the feet and, of course, can be successfully treated with hemorrhoids in any form and stage of development. When acute hemorrhoids "Venerus" is taken up to six tablets per day for the first four days, then the dose is reduced to 4 tablets per day for another three days. The drug "Venerus" is not recommended for breastfeeding and with the individual intolerance to the components of the drug.

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Pills for hemorrhoids: treatment and prevention

These pills against hemorrhoids combined. With the treatment of these drugs, you can quickly cope with inflammatory processes of the rectum, cure bleeding from the anus, eliminate pain syndrome and prevent the development of microorganisms. Composition of the drug - a plant that allows, without harm to health, to positively affect the blood vessels and reduce the swelling of the patient.

"Ginkor Fort"

Pills for hemorrhoids: treatment and prevention

Tablets for "Ginkor Fort" hemorrhoids are accepted as a venotonizing drug based on natural ingredients. Also, the tablets can be treated with capillaries, increasing their tone. In addition, the remedy quickly removes inflammation of the anus, sensation of itching and burning, bleeding."Ginkor Fort" is effective in the treatment of any form and stage of development of hemorrhoids. Possible prophylaxis of the disease with this drug.


These pills for hemorrhoids are taken most often to eliminate constipation. The composition of the drug is an excellent laxative - an extract of the stool. Components of the drug soften the fecal mass, thereby contributing to their easy withdrawal. The drug should be taken at bedtime in the amount of 1 to 3 tablets, depending on the duration of constipation. Of course, these pills are hemorrhoid treatment, but are often prescribed by a doctor to eliminate the underlying cause of the disease.

Treatment for constipation is a priority task. In order to cure hemorrhoids, you first have to conquer the constipation. For this, the proctologist will advise the patient to take the drugs to increase the intestinal motility and give an excellent therapeutic effect. Such drugs were: "Cute Couples", "Leaf of the Seine", "Bark of the Corn".For analgesia you can drink all the familiar drugs: "Pentalgin" or "Analgin."Also, with severe pain and itching, you can drink Nayz, Spasmalgon, Ketanol or Tetralgin.

If these drugs do not bring relief, we can talk about the presence of not only hemorrhoids, but also diseases such as proctitis or paraproctitis. In such a situation, you should drink the same drugs, but an appeal to a specialist is simply necessary. Treatment is prescribed complex.

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy

Pills for hemorrhoids: treatment and prevention

Hemorrhoids in pregnant women and mothers during lactation in women with hemorrhoids should be chosen with extreme caution. The choice of the drug should be provided by a specialist, and not based on the advice of the neighbors. In any case, the advantage should be given to tablets of natural ingredients. Often, prescription drugs such as Ginkor Forte, Escuzan, Troxasein, Mysveenal, Aspirin, Pentoxifylline are prescribed.

Also prescribes pregnant remedies for pain, vitamins, minerals, but they should not harm the baby.

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