Cavinton from the pressure


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Cavinton is a very effective drug that expands blood vessels and improves blood circulation. However, it does not act

instantly, but gradually, over the entire treatment time and has a long-term effect. So that Cavington to take pressure from the pointless, but with its help you can significantly improve your well-being with problems of cerebral circulation. The

Cavinton from the pressure

Cavinton is well suited for long-term pressure, but taking it in order to reduce high blood pressure in the short term is meaningless.

The effect of Cavinton

The state of brain cells directly depends on how well they receive the blood bearing the nutrients and oxygen necessary for energy generation. Coordination of movements, sensitivity, speech, memory and thinking - all of this depends only on the state of vessels. Cavinton extends them, normalizes arterial pressure and allows the brain to work normally. Its effect is so effective that noticeable improvements are observed even in patients with long-term illness after the first course of treatment. Side effects are such beneficial properties as increased stress resistance, easier transfer of loads both physical and psychological, reducing the sensitivity to weather changes. Surprisingly, Cavinton is also prescribed to patients suffering from migraines of various origins and menopause in women.

Testimonials A doctor may prescribe Cavinton if the patient is found to be suspected or suspected of:

  • Encephalopathy( major diagnosis);
  • Stroke;
  • Headache and dizziness;
  • Weakened memory;
  • Aphasia - speech problems;
  • Apraksiya - violation of coordination of movements;
  • Glaucoma and other eye diseases;
  • Loss of hearing, ear noise;
  • Menopause

And many others. In addition, due to the mechanism of action of its active substance, Cavinton after administration slightly reduces arterial pressure, but can not be used in hypertension as an independent drug.

Dose and course of treatment with

Dosage starts from 20 mg and is gradually increased to 50 mg or another value. It depends directly on the weight of the patient's body, so count it on their own - it is impossible, this should be done by the doctor. When overdose, the stomach is washed and an absorbent is prescribed - usually activated charcoal.

The usual course of treatment lasts for two weeks, followed by dose adjustments or drug replacement. One-time use of drugs has virtually no noticeable results. It should be remembered that until the therapeutic effect is achieved, the medicine is used in ampoules and only then the patient switches to tablets in the mode of about 2 tablets for each meal. Also, tablets are prescribed at relapses of the disease.


Cavinton from the pressure
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Side Effects

The main side effect that occurs in all patients without exception is a slight decrease in blood pressure. But, besides this, the following can be observed:

  • Violation of the cardiac rhythm - arrhythmia, tachycardia;
  • Nausea and dizziness;
  • Facial redness;
  • At the injection site - inflammation of the vein wall and thrombosis;
  • Allergy.


The active substance of the drug vinpocetine - can cause an allergic reaction, so that at the first signs of malaise after receiving it is necessary to seek qualified medical assistance.

Otherwise, it can not be used by those who have suddenly become or have the risk of having a vascular disease in the near future - this applies to patients with hemorrhagic stroke, ischemia of the heart, arrhythmias and tachycardia, and other dangerous conditions. Expansion of vessels in this case can provoke deadly health consequences.

Since Cavinton has the ability to penetrate the placenta and destroy it, causing bleeding and provoking miscarriage, it is strictly forbidden to take a pregnant woman. Feeding mothers are also not recommended for him - the product penetrates breast milk and can be dangerous to the baby. Children under the age of 18 are not appointed at all.

Interaction with other substances

Cavinton can significantly reduce arterial pressure when used with any other medication. In this case, the dilution of the drug in saline with amino acids and heparin is prohibited.

At the discretion of the physician it remains to be used in combination with medicines that dilute the blood and reduce its coagulation - for the most part this is prohibited, but sometimes, with great caution and in small doses, is used. The same clinical picture when used together with medicines for arrhythmia - it can both enhance their effect, and block it.

Cavinton from the pressure

Cavinton Forte differs from its usual counterpart with a small change in composition and dosage - it is more effective and faster, but also the risk of side effects when taken at it higher.

Reception of Cavinton is not possible with any formulation containing ethanol. These include both drugs and alcoholic beverages - moreover, because of this ban even use a drug to treat alcohol dependence at various stages.

But there are drugs whose combined use is absolutely not threatening - these are beta-blockers, acenocoumarol, digoxin, clopamide, and some similar.


The cost of "Cavinton" depends not only on the form of release of the drug, but on the size of the pack and dosage. The minimum dose in tablets of 5 mg in a pack of 50 pieces will cost 250 rubles on average, ampoules for 50 mg in a pack of 10 pieces - within 400 rubles. So the price for Cavinton can not be considered cheap and affordable.

True, there is another type of drug Cavinton Forte. He has more dosing, a slightly modified composition, so the action is faster, and the result is more prominent. But the price increases - the cost of Cavinton Forte ranges from 300 to 1,000 rubles per pack of drug.

The only thing that pleases - the price does not affect the material of the pack and blisters. These are ordinary cardboard boxes and standard plastic blisters. Ampoules - the most simple dark brown glass.

Reviews of Cavinton

"A great tool, but not instantaneous. I was stabbed at the hospital, after the course, there is a great improvement, if you dribble the pills after the discharge - you will be new. One minus - the price for Cavington bites, drinking it constantly not in pocket. Of course, a small amount of dosing is less, and not great for prevention, but it could make the price even easier. The rest is all great. "

" I did not help. Instead of a cherished improvement, it probably assumes almost all the side effects that it has. Because of low pressure could not get up, noises in my ears, heart failure, my head spinning strongly. Maybe it's just a doctor's mistake and it's not my medicine, but when showing up to hearing loss due to my cerebral circulation, he did not help me, and the prices for him are overcast. "

" I was very praised for this medicine, and in fact, it came out psich. He does not clean any headaches, nor the consequences of a stroke. Few helps symptomatically - the noise in the ears and ripples in the eyes is less, it's a fact, but in the rest, everything is pretty sad. At the same time, you can not drive a car - the doctor has forbidden, because Cavington lowers the attention. Lowered pressure is also inappropriate for me, so I'm not happy. And already the price for a pack he has huge, that ampoules, that the pills.

"Cavinton is the best remedy for encephalopathy. I have a disability and my climacterium is inappropriate, many manifestations of functional disorders - the hands are poorly moving, there are problems with coordination, in my head sometimes it is noisy and hypertension is tortured. In the hospital, doctors prescribed a Cavinton, a week went on, another tablet drank a week. Now I feel fine, in the morning I get up easily, but I lay for hours earlier, trying to stop the pain and dizziness. With side effects, too, there are no problems, no allergies, no interruptions in the heart. Yes, medicines are expensive, but it costs its money. "