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Symptoms of chicken pox in children: the treatment looks like during the illness

Under windy whiskey symptoms are characterized by a characteristic set, so a diagnosis will not work. At the same time, chickenpox( chicken pox) is considered one of the most contagious infectious diseases. Traditionally, it is considered a childhood illness, as most people in the

have time to move it in childhood.


  • 1 Important to know
  • 2 First symptoms
  • 3 During illness and recommended treatment
  • 4 Complications with chickenpox
  • 5 How to prevent

1 Important to know

A vetrient is caused by a herpes virus called Varicella Zoster. The main route of transmission - air-drip, through the mucous membranes of the respiratory system. Varsella zoster is a very persistent virus, it retains activity in the environment for a long time, which explains the high infection of chickenpox in the groups of children.

Children carry chicken fat much easier for adults. It is noted that the less the years the patient, the faster the period of recovery. During breastfeeding, the child receives specific antibodies to the chicken pox from her mother( if the mother had previously had this disease or had been vaccinated with a weakened virus), then cases of chickenpox are extremely rare in children. But the period from year to year 5 is optimal for a meeting with the virus - the disease is easily transmitted, stable immunity is produced.

Have been infected with chicken pox, as a rule, get a lifetime immunity to this type of herpes. However, in medicine, there are cases of second-line disease of the chickenpox in mild form many years after the disease that was postponed in early childhood. WARNING!Charged at any age, chicken pox does not give immunity to other herpes and diseases caused by them.

2 The first symptoms of

As the chickenpox looks like, almost everything is remembered: the skin is covered with a small characteristic rash with whitish watery content. However, it is sometimes difficult to recognize chicken pox due to a small amount of such rashes.

Visual signs and symptoms of chicken pox in children and adults appear approximately 10 to 20 days after contact with the carrier of the virus. In this period, called incubation, the virus of the chickenpox penetrates into the bloodstream. A few days before the first skin rashes you can see the first symptoms of the disease, typical for most viral infections:

  • headache;
  • scar tissue in the bones, especially in the lumbar spine;
  • chills;
  • loss of appetite;
  • general depression and apathy.

Symptoms of chicken pox in children: the treatment looks like during the illness

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At this time, a slight increase in body temperature may occur. Particularly vividly, this period of the disease is expressed in adults, children often do not have a complete clinical picture, when the chicken pox is the initial one, and it's great to feel right up to the appearance of such signs - rash on the skin. This, of course, is a problem for the early diagnosis of patients, their withdrawal into quarantine and the beginning of treatment.

Skin rash as a major symptom of chicken pox has a specific look. This is in the first hours after the appearance of red spots of small diameter - 2-4 mm, which are very rapidly transformed into papules - in the center of the rash there is a bloat with watery content. Early definition of the type of rash allows you to start timely treatment of the disease and facilitate its course.

Sometimes the rash appears not only on the skin, but also on the mucous membranes of the mouth, larynx, genital organs. What looks like this type of rash is well known to those who periodically treat stomatitis lesions of the oral cavity. Ulcers on the mucous membranes are flat, with no pronounced papule, pale, even whitish. Unlike stomatitis, ulcers with windy whiskers do not cause particular pain, but can be very itchy. It is worth remembering that if the ulcers appeared in the oral cavity, the food should be given over, without spices and with a minimum amount of salt and sugar.

A whisker in children and adults in the period of rash accompanied by a severe itching. In some cases, body temperature may rise to 39-40 ° C.The duration of this period depends on the immune response of the body and can range from 2 days to a week.

Next, the chicken feeder passes into its final stage - the formation of the crust. Papules dry, change their color to brown. At the same time there can be observed and drying of the papules, and the emergence of new rashes. With a long course of chicken pox, the recovery process may take up to 3 weeks.

3 During the illness and the recommended treatment for

. Poisoning of children with smallpox occurs with three main symptoms:

  • , temperature ranging from 37.5 to 38.5 ° C;
  • rashes on the skin, rarely on mucous membranes;
  • rapid development of papules from the primary rash.

Symptoms and treatment of chicken liver must be certified by a physician. Even despite all the prevalence and ease of the disease, we are talking about acute viral infection, which can complicate the very different plan, so it is not recommended to treat yourself. The disease is treated by physicians who can determine the severity of the disease, symptoms and prescribe appropriate treatment.

Symptoms of chicken pox in children: the treatment looks like during the illness

The initial stage of chicken pox does not require any medication. The patient needs calm and abundant drink. When anxious itching, use local remedies to reduce irritation. Sometimes prescribe antihistamines for relieving itching. Treatment of chicken pox may include the appointment of common antiviral drugs, symptomatic reduction of temperature.

It's important to remember! Inflammatory bowel disease in children usually does not give a high temperature( above 38 ° C).However, if the temperature still rises, you can not use aspirin. The drug is a powerful diaphoretic agent, which will result in extensive irritation of the skin and new rashes. It is best to remove the temperature using wiping with cool water and more gentle preparations in agreement with the attending physician.

With regard to zelenki, which has recently been rubbed all patients with chicken pox, there is no need for such a radical aesthetic point of view. Sufficiently periodically treat the skin with appropriate disinfectant solutions.

In a wind chicken duck, you must adhere to a minimum diet, in particular, to remove acute and salty foods from the diet, as well as highly allergenic foods. It is worth maximally enriching nutrition with vitamins and easily digestible proteins.

At the last stage of the disease, with the formation of crust, very well-established prosthetics, mild dense education. With the use of such local drugs in combination with ointments against itching, the patient does not have the desire to combine the seal, which saves from the attachment of bacterial infections and the formation of scarring on the skin.

4 Complications with chicken wind

As a rule, chicken pox in a child passes easily and without serious consequences. The disease in adults does not look so safe. So, how does chicken pox in adults look like and what it can give:

  • encephalitis( inflammation of the brain's membranes, characterized by convulsion, fainting);
  • myocarditis( infectious complications on the heart, manifested in the form of dyspnea, which causes pain in the heart, severe weakness);
  • lymphadenitis( a significant and painful increase in lymph nodes);
  • bacterial complications( infection of the skin, which can lead to difficult healing of ulcers in the place of papules);
  • suppuration morning due to hormonal or immune problems of the body;
  • intoxication( lack of appetite, vomiting, bowel disorders, headache - common symptoms of poisoning).

Symptoms of chicken pox in children: the treatment looks like during the illness

In the event of complications, it is possible to diagnose who again should only specialist, prescribing specific treatment, up to the use of antibiotics local and internal action.

To avoid bacterial infection during windy whiskey, special care should be taken with hygienic procedures. And especially care for the papules - do not tear them, do not scratch, if possible, touch them only dampened in a disinfectant solution with a swab.

5 How is


As the chicken pox manifests itself in children and even adults, it is clear. The only way not to get chickenpox if an infection has been detected in a kindergarten or school group is to isolate the child from other children. But the need for such a quarantine is very questionable, since the opportunity to become sick with chicken pox in childhood and get a lasting immunity for life.

Today, in order to prevent chicken pox in children, a special vaccine has been developed. In its basis - weakened pathogens of chicken pox. Developers argue that the vaccine protects against the virus in the future or significantly reduces the severity of the disease in case of infection. Vaccination or a natural way of getting infected is by your parents choice. The developers themselves recognize that at this stage the vaccine does not give 100% immune protection against the virus, and the immunity to the disease is about 20 years.

Symptoms of chicken pox in children: the treatment looks like during the illness

Interestingly, in some countries the tradition of "windsurf parties" is still preserved. If one child is suffering from chicken pox in the area, then parents invite all those who want to buy an immunity to a sickness in a guesthouse, where children are allowed to play, hug and eat from one dish with the patient for the purpose of infection. Such a peculiar form of "vaccination" is not safe at all, since an extremely active and viable varicella zoster virus enters the body. That is why in the modern system of education and health practiced the quarantine type of prevention of epidemics of smallpox - instead of "windsurf parties" all dispersed in homes for 2-3 weeks, until signs of the disease appear in all accidentally infected.

Experts agree that optimally chicken pox should be grate if it has not been transferred before, in the period from 14 to 18 years. This is especially true for girls who have no antibodies to the varicella zoster virus. Vaccination eliminates the possibility of infection with chickenpox during pregnancy and the pathogenic effect of infection on the fetus.

Before scheduled pregnancy, specialists recommend a mother's blood test for specific antibodies to the measles virus, if the woman does not remember, she was ill with chicken pox in her childhood. And the results of the analysis are already taking decisions on vaccination. It should be remembered that after the introduction of the vaccine terms of the planned pregnancy will have to move a minimum of 3 months.

Antibody properties have also been developed and immunoglobulin therapy of chicken pox.

Preparations of immunoglobulins to chicken pox are introduced into the body for 7-14 days after contact with the patient, which can significantly alleviate the course of the disease and even prevent it completely. Unfortunately, immunoglobulin therapy in Russia is rarely used, only in cases where a possible illness is an extreme danger.

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