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Women's Fitness 2017 Photo Motivation to Sport for Girls

With today's pace of life, many people find it difficult to find time for self-improvement, and moreover, to find motivation for sports. Endless refusals are often justified, but today we will try to motivate you for regular training.

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Girls' Training Program for 2017

The most usual daily half-hour workout is enough to keep your body in order, not only organize your thoughts, but also improve your emotional health. You will notice that headaches have disappeared, colds are less common, and how easy it was to wake up in the morning. It is important to find exactly the motivation to sport that suits you and turns exhausting lessons into a pleasant habit.

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Try to dig into yourself, think about what can get you out of the comfort zone and get away from your favorite sofa. When you begin your quest, you must be in good spirits. For some, for example, a great motivation to sport may be a dear designer dress for a couple of smaller sizes. And to someone it is enough that they see each day in a mirror. Put on a separate swimsuit and stand up in front of the mirror. Be honest with yourself and write down all visible imperfections on paper. Must be motivated.

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Many women are inspired when they buy the necessary sporting attributes - sneakers, tights or bright dumbbells. Shopping trips are always uplifting. And it's very important to understand what kind of sport you like the most. It is not necessary to torture yourself on the simulators if you can enroll in the dance class and attend classes with great pleasure.

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Fitness direction to choose tips 2017 photos

Discover yoga, zumo, bodyflex and other modern techniques. In the end, it's not too difficult, to allocate several hours a week for your own health. To date, there are many fitness areas. And although some of them, at first glance, are very similar, however, each of them pursues a certain goal. Some are aimed at the development of muscle mass, others for the development of flexibility, endurance or strengthening of the cardiovascular system. For example, such as yoga, affect not only the physical state of the body, but also the emotional and spiritual. ..

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Some people prefer one kind of training and they are engaged in it until the very old age, others combineseveral directions to achieve big goals. Which kind of fitness you choose depends on your specific task. For example, if you intend to develop body flexibility, but are not interested in the muscle mass set, stretching is best for you, and if you want to lose weight, strengthen your heart, you can do aerobics, shaping or pilates. Foryou could choose exactly the discipline that will best fit your needs and wishes, we will help you figure out what the most common types of fitness are about. Women fitness_dieta_( 18) Women fitness_dieta_( 25)

Bodiflex is a complex of simple breathing exercises with the help of an aperture, the task of which is to saturate tissues with oxygen by means of breath hold, followed by a sharp and rapid exhalation. The purpose of the body flexion is to reset excess weight and improve muscle tone. When saturated with oxygen cells, they strengthen and function more qualitatively. Exercising bodyflex is a skin tightening, excluding stretching, which is important during weight loss.

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Fitness Motivation for Girls 2017 Photo Testing Tips

A great motivation to sport, or rather, to organize the classroom will be your first achievement. Enter the weight loss diary and record your results once a week. In addition to thawing pounds, record volumes of waist, arms and hips, and do not forget to rejoice because the amount of sweets on your desk has decreased and that you are not currently looking for rejection. Let motivation number 1 become your own perfect body, rather than photographs of famous models or actresses. Take your photo in the same swimsuit and handle it in a photoshop, hang on a prominent place next to the list of disadvantages both shots - before and after processing.

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Today, there are thousands of special sites where you can get acquainted with like-minded people and exchange tips and own stories daily. Ask others to help them start training and motivate sports. By communicating with other people, you realize that many have failed, but more people were able to cope with their own laziness and achieve great results on the path to excellence. Do not hurry, be persistent and compulsory. Everything will be, but of course not immediately. The main thing is not to stand still and move forward day by day, literally and figuratively.

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No less important way to keep constant motivation - tracking results. For this purpose, it is best to use several methods at once: weighing, photographing, measuring body volumes and determining body composition. Of course, every day there is no need to go through these procedures, but once every 9-14 days is required. So, according to statistics, those women who have a consistently high level of motivation find time to practice fitness even with a seemingly very dense daily schedule.

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Fitness slimming program for girls at home 2017 photo

Searching for ideal home-based workouts for girls who are dreaming of losing weight is a topic, to put it mildly, the most popular topic on the Internet. So why is the problem still relevant? On the way to the ideal body there are a lot of obstacles: incorrect calculation of time, laziness, lack of competent load programs, balanced regime. And if to overcome idleness everyone can only independently, with training we will help you. The following is a summary of the bits collected and systematized in a kind of instruction, on the basis of which you can really lose weight and bring your body to a tone.

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All exercises need to be repeated 3 times with dumbbells:

  • Sideways( 10-12 times)
  • Tilt dumbbells( 10-12 times)
  • Squats(up to 20 times)
  • Split Lying( 10-18 times)
  • Pressing from the bench( up to 20 times)
  • French Stand Standing( 12-15 times)
  • Pullover Lying( 20 times)
  • Walking on the Stand( Up to 20x)

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Variation of this program includes such exercises, which, like previous ones, shouldDo not run with dumbbells:

  • One-way dumbbell slip in the slope
  • Standing-up dumbbells
  • Squats( dumbbells arranged between the legs)
  • Standing dumbbells
  • Bridge - lifting the pelvis lying
  • Stamping traction
  • Foot lifting while sitting
  • Hand-bending with dumbbells standing
  • Number of repetitions -from 10 to 20.

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Fitness clothes for girls 2017 photos novelty

Today the gym is a favorite place for sports among a large number of people. Some conveniences and no extra worries, they say, see the simulator - sit down and try. The question of clothes for fitness in the hall deserves special attention. What got into the simulator is not wearing, because on the background of other mods, which are dressed in brand sports items, do not want to look foolish. So how is it best to dress in the gym and what should be the clothes?

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Clothes for classes in the hall varies according to the type of workout. For fitness loads and running, for example, you need other sneakers, not the same as for strength exercises. All heavy loads must be carried out in comfortable and durable shoes( in sunglasses, for example).Squats, drops, cues and other exercises with a high weight( or at least working) can not be performed in running shoes, since the support area does not correspond to the type of load.

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It was previously thought that for gymnastics at the gym, it is not necessary to dress somehow in a special way. In the course were old t-shirts and shorts, pants, sweaters. But now sport is a circle of interests for many modern people. Classes in the gym are a way to get away from everyday worries and at the same time correct the figure.

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Fitness Weekly Menu for Girls 2017 photo correct nutrition

The unmatched selection of food and essential ingredients, strict compliance with the diet and diet are all the most important positions, which help to achieve a perfect state of health in any way.what is their age. Essential is the fact that a healthy and efficient diet contributes to the attenuation of the risk of various diseases, and also helps to eliminate already existing ones.

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Exemplary daily diet menu:
Breakfast: a glass of water, an omelette of two proteins and one yolk, a small portion of oatmeal with berries, sugar-free coffee
Second breakfast: fruit, low-fat cheeseor yogurt without additives
Lunch: Chicken breast on a grill, a portion of wild rice, green salad
"Window": Carbohydrate or protein-carbohydrate cocktail( eg, low-fat milk + banana + 1 tsp Honey)
Midday:baked potatoes with herbs and yoghurts
Supper: 200 g boiled moseproduktiv, steam broccoli, a glass of kefir.
Self-made menu for a fitness diet is easy: it's enough to understand that you can eat everything, but in useful form, proportion and consistency.

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In order to achieve and record a steady result from fitness activities, it is necessary to somehow make sports lessons in their way of life. Unarmed classes will not do you much good, and, conversely, can cause health damage. The tension of physical activity must satisfy the body's potential and be regulated. Without a doubt, even the zealous fitness classes will be fruitless without maintaining a strict diet. The main goal of fitness training is to eliminate the mass of fat cells and multiply the tissues of the muscles. And for this purpose, fitness nutrition for athletes should also be stable in the rules, becoming your habit. The unmatched fitness nutrition is already fifty percent victory!

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