How much child can you sit at a computer

Introduction of various new technologies into our lives greatly facilitates work, learning and communication, but it is worth remembering that the computer was not thought up at all for children to spend their entire time. What is the danger of computer and computer games for

health and life of a child? First of all, parents need to know that the long time the child is at a computer forms a stable dependence of the child's body on this gadget and is associated with a number of serious illnesses.

Table of Contents

1. The Influence of the Computer on the Child's Health
2. The Age Limitations on the Computer
3. Computer Games for Kids: The Benefits or the Damage
4. How to Draw a Child from a Computer? Typical Parent Mistakes
5. Instead of Conclusion

The Influence of the Computer on the Child's Health

Those who grew up in Soviet times remember that most of the time the children were on the streets, circles and sports sections, they talked a lot about oneone played in mobile games. Nowadays, everyday life of modern children has become more "home", most of which is happening near the computer. Talking with peers also called up for correspondence online.

One of the dangers lies in the fact that in the correspondence can be involved completely unknown, sometimes dishonest people. However, these computer problems are not limited.

Computer addiction is a very serious health problem for a teenager. Scientists have proven that the modern generation is growing completely infantile, because children can not make independent decisions. If the child is not sure about himself and does not know how to behave in a particular situation, he turns to the computer. In the world of computer games, he is, of course, a superhero, the winner of the whole Universe, easily communicates with all the users who enter his network.

Returning to real life, the child is lost, life sets before him various, rather complex tasks with which he is unable to cope. Therefore, he again goes into his comfortable computer world, and this forms autism. The biggest trouble is that it is convenient for many parents that their child is spending time on this gadget; in this case, children are deprived of communication not only with their peers, but also with their parents.

For prolonged computer stay, it forms a visual impairment. Children are forced to wear glasses, which can cause psychological complexes, because often these children in school tease classmates. Occasionally, when the long and incorrect position of the body causes the development of scoliosis.

In addition, a bad habit of sitting near a computer can lead to obesity. This is due to the fact that such a way of life is sedentary, often children eat without leaving the monitor, and usually it is bad food( fast food, chips, sandwiches, etc.).Obesity is also associated with a lot of psychological complexes, because if the teenager is sedentary, slow and full, he can not do simple physical exercises, which also causes the peers' ridicule.

Another problem that a teenager can encounter in a computer environment is the development of brutality. Most games that are available on computer networks are packed with pictures of violence that form the cruelty of other people, animals and other creatures.

Age limit on your computer

It's unfortunately very difficult to surprise someone with what your child can include, turn off the computer, download games and search for cartoons online. In the modern world, the computer boom has reached its climax. Of course, it's unlikely that you completely exclude this gadget from a child's life, but you should definitely set a clear time frame that will be adjusted by the age of your child.

So, for example, children from 5 to 7 years old can carry around 30 minutes of daily in front of the monitor screen. This time is enough to watch evening cartoons, listen to a fairy tale or play in educational games.

Children from 7 to 12 years old are allowed to increase this interval slightly and spend about one hour per day near the computer.

Adolescents over 12 years of age can sit in front of gadgets for up to two hours per day, provided that this time also includes the preparation of homework using a computer.

It should not be forgotten that should perform a small break every 40-45 minutes of continuous operation at the computer, to relieve tension from the eyes, elongate muscles, relax a bit. Failure to follow these simple rules can lead to the above-mentioned health problems: myopia, scoliosis, obesity, and others.

Computer Games For Kids: The Benefits or Pitfalls of

There are so many different opinions about the harm and benefits of computer games for children and adolescents today. Let's try to objectively consider the pros and cons of this type of activity and start with the benefits.

  • Computer games develop memory and attentiveness. Some of these games are precisely aimed at developing the visual memory of the child: in the course of passing the levels, he must remember some details, colors, routes, etc., which positively stimulates brain activity.
  • Computer games develop the ability to navigate in space.
  • When playing games on a computer, you can learn a foreign language. There are such games that are aimed at learning a language, there are those in which the sound design is done in a foreign language, and the titles - in Russian. In this case, the teenager can remember the phrases along with the translation.
  • Some computer games add positive, learn to make decisions and make choices( not all games, but only those that have specially prescribed quests).Such computer games help develop logic and thinking.
  • There are disadvantages of computer games and they are not enough. Consider them.

  • A teenager is developing a psychological dependence on computer games: if he started to level a certain game, then it would be very difficult for him to break away from this lesson.
  • How much can a child sit at a computer

  • Long-term enthusiasm for this kind of activity generates changes in the psyche, there is aggression, especially if the game is based on fights, any kind of violence, and so on.
  • The game requires a fair amount of time, which affects both the state of health and the success of the child in school.
  • The game loses a sense of reality. Teachers themselves note the fact that having spent in computer games for a while, they lose their sense of death. In the game you can always go back a step back, save or download the necessary moment. There is no such thing in life, but often adolescents who are overlooked by their monitors forget about it, which increases their susceptibility to suicide.
  • Computer game forms a shortage of communication with real people, develops various psychological complexes, makes the child an asocial personality.
  • Some gamers believe that a computer game is capable of developing intelligence and reaction. In fact, what they mean by intelligence is nothing more than specific mouse and keyboard skills. The same thing applies to the reaction that only comes with the click of a mouse. In life such skills are unlikely to be necessary.

    In general, computer games have their pluses and minuses, as well as many other things in life. Most importantly, playing them, one should not forget about the reality and sense of measure and treat such entertainment with the mind. No game, which would be nice, could not replace a family and real friends.

    How to draw a child from a computer? Typical mistakes parents

    Often, parents themselves do not think that their actions themselves pushing the child to the gadget. It is impossible to buy or not to show computers to children. Parents are trying to limit the time of games, to track what games their favorite child is playing. But how to drag a child from a computer.

    How much can a child sit at a computer

    Parents often make mistakes, and the result of their diligence becomes useless. For example, one of the mistakes made by parents who want to limit a gadget to their son or daughter is that they themselves spend a lot of time behind their example.

    Now, in technological progress, we can not completely remove the computer from our home. But its use should be short and effective. If you use the computer correctly, it helps the baby to develop, but parents need to be fully in control of this process.

    Consider the typical mistakes of parents who push the child to a computer.

  • Employment of parents by work and by oneself. Often, we say to our children the following phrases: "Take away, I'm busy, I never have."Naturally, you can use gadgets to let your parents relax, and divert the baby, but everything needs to be dosed. It is important to meet your child, ask him what games he plays, help him to limit the time for entertainment. Take part in it in the process of the game, ask questions, make it think, turning ordinary sitting on the computer into an interesting logical game.
  • Prohibitions without explanation. In fact, you need to be able to formulate a ban, otherwise it will not be of any use. It is said that the forbidden fruit is always sweet, so it is very important to explain the reason for the prohibition of any of your children and what consequences it can turn out for its health and livelihoods. Explanations from the series "You are starving in a bad way" is difficult for children to understand and accept because they do not react to them.

    Children do not like to follow someone's life experience, because in this case you impose your child's opinion and he will, of course, resist him.

    Ask your child why this game is so much interested in him and what he would advise his friend if he had a vision fall, that is, put the child in his position.

  • Dissatisfaction and excessive criticism. Constantly criticizing its child, showing dissatisfaction with them, parents develop insecurity in it and a certain complex of inferiority, which he tries to conceal and realize through computer games. In this case, the father is considered a child as the worst enemy, while the computer is the best friend. In this case, it is better to give her some kind of task, ask for help, and definitely praise the child at the end. It is important to look for such moments in which it will be possible to praise him, and not to bring up the method from the reverse, trying to eliminate his bad behavior. Criticism can be minimized and only when you want to discuss something with a child.
  • Disregard for the emotional state of the child .What problem is tormenting him, it is necessary to find out, because it is with her he runs into computer games.

    You need to be very attentive to what happens to the children. This may be a problem with classmates, teachers, etc. If the child is not ready for revelation, give him a day of impressions.

    Come somewhere together, let it be a spontaneous decision, whether it's a park, a center of attractions or a fun walk. In the end, he will turn away from his experiences and will open to you.

  • Applying your own desires. By forcing or forcing the child to something, be sure to explain why you should do this, and not otherwise. Encourage him to have a hobby that turns him away from computer games. It is important to become a child friend, with whom he would like to discuss and share something.
  • Instead of Conclusion

    How much can a child sit at a computer

    A dialogue with children is a very difficult task. It is important to create such conditions and an atmosphere in the family so that the child was comfortable communicating with adults than with the computer.

    Make your computer your friend, because it can help you find a lot of useful information that is interesting for a child that will fit his hobby. Offer him alternative entertainment, for example, write to a sports club or set up a dog. Pay attention to your children and listen to their thoughts, and then computer games will stop disturbing you.