How to glued false eyelashes at home: tips and secrets


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  • Adhesive for overhead eyelashes: what to choose?
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Long and thick eyelashes are a recognized symbol of women's beauty, which at all times was celebrated by poets and artists, and also attracted the attention of ordinary men. Knowing this, women are trying to bring their eyelashes in line with the ideal in all truths and lies. Of course, many women claim that they only welcome natural beauty, but they do not have chic eyelashes by nature, they are trying to fix this situation in every possible way. One of the most common ways of solving this problem is the use of patches.

How to glued false eyelashes at home: tips and secrets

How much does it cost to grow your eyelashes in the cabin?

Naturally, the optimum variant can be called extension of eyelashes in the cabin, the effect after this procedure is quite long. Nevertheless, its cost can not be called low. Thus, the average price of eyelash extension is approximately 2500 - 3000 rubles. However, high or low cost of service is not always a quality indicator. Yes, sometimes a self-taught master can do a better job than a branded salon employee.

How to choose false eyelashes?

At the moment, the choice of false eyelashes is very large. They can be purchased at the usual retail outlets, as well as in specialized stores. In addition, if you buy a high quality product and you can properly stick your eyelashes, then they can not be distinguished from natural ones.

When choosing false eyelashes, it is better to give preference to the classical black color, a versatile variant that is perfect for a romantic evening and for a business event. In addition, it is worth paying attention to the quality of the product, as well as the chemical composition of the material from which the eyelashes are made. It is important that it is safe and not allergic. It is better to give preference to well-known brands that produce professional cosmetics.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that overhead eyelashes come in different shapes. Yes, you can buy eyelashes, which are easy and fast to stick. And if you want to achieve a more natural effect, then you better pay attention to bundles or completely separate eyelashes.

How to glued false eyelashes at home: tips and secrets

How to stick your eyelashes?

False eyelashes require a certain sequence of actions:

  • - first of all you need to apply makeup. Paint your eyes with shadows, and emphasize the lashes with a small amount of carcasses so that they do not stand out against the background of the overhead;
  • - In the second step, you need to unpack the patches with patches and try them forever so that you can adjust the size of the strip if necessary;
  • - In order for the eyelashes to become elastic and take the form of the century better, they need to be warmed up slightly. To do this, hold them in your palms for a few minutes;
  • - Using a cotton wand or a toothpick, apply glue on the edge of the ribbon. Before applying it to the century, it is necessary to give glue 10-20 seconds on thickening;
  • - glued overhead eyelashes need from the outer corner of the century, after which they need to press for 20 seconds to the surface of the skin;
  • - if you have stuck the eyelashes not close enough to the edge of the eyelid, then they can be slightly slipped with a tweezers or other tool;
  • - At the final stage, you need to paint the eyelids with a pencil or eyeliner to mask the joint between your patches and your eyelids.

How to stick beam eyelashes?

When choosing false eyelashes, note that the beams give a more natural effect than the traditional tapes. You can stick a bundle exactly to the area of ​​the eyelashes, where you do not have enough thickness, without overloading the rest of the eyelids. In this case, the gluing technique remains the same as in the previous case. It is important to know the specific nuances:

  • - to get started, decide what effect you want to achieve and choose the place for the pasting. Most often longer and thicker make eyelashes on the outer corners of the eyes;
  • - Do not try to stick several beams at one time. Everything needs to be done gradually;
  • - in the case of beam eyelashes carcasses are applied at the last moment.

How to glued false eyelashes at home: tips and secrets

How to choose a good glue?

To keep your eyelashes long and look beautiful, it is important to use high-quality glue. To get started, define with a tint. Glue for eyelashes can be transparent or black. So, the first version gives a more natural effect, and therefore well suited to those women who have worn eyelashes in their everyday lives. If you glue the eyelashes for a ceremonial event, it's better to get a black glue. He will emphasize the beauty of long eyelashes. The main indicator of glue quality is the preservation of color or transparency even after drying. If the transparent glue is cloudy, and the black becomes dull, the product is poor quality and it is better not to use it.

It is very important to thoroughly study the composition of the glue. It is better to abandon the funds in which formaldehyde. They can cause irritation, allergic reactions and even spoil your own eyelashes. If you are not sure about the authenticity of the products, then you will never hesitate to ask the seller for a quality certificate, since it depends on your beauty and safety. It is also important to study documents because of the high price, under the guise of branded products, you can smash low-quality forgery.

The eyelashes from different manufacturers can vary in their consistency. Yes, it is not recommended to use too thick and viscous glue. This is due to the fact that it is rather difficult to evenly distribute it along the surface, and when in contact with the skin, it can be assembled in lumps, and dry will be several hours. But too much liquid glue should also not be bought, because it can spread, damaging the false eyelashes. In addition, there is a risk that it can damage your own hairs and even get in the eye.

Be sure to pay attention to the date of manufacture and the time of implementation of adhesive for patches. On average, the shelf life is up to 10 months, and if the tube is already printed, it generally goes down to 4 months. Typically, the printed glue for eyelashes is stored in the refrigerator, so it needs to be extracted a few hours before use, so that it gets warm at room temperature, and its structure becomes more fluid. Do not forget to close the tube cover tightly after each use.

How to glued false eyelashes at home: tips and secrets

Feedback about the waybills of famous brands

One of the most well-known cosmetic companies that produces, including false eyelashes, is l'etal. The following reviews can be found on their products:

  • - the hairs look quite natural and practically do not stand out against the background of their eyelashes;
  • - you can choose eyelashes made of natural nylon, as well as of artificial materials;
  • - the products are very high quality and durable( false eyelashes can last up to 4 months depending on the frequency of use);
  • - High-quality adhesive is provided in combination with patchy eyelashes.

The customers of Ardell's patchwork are as follows:

  • - since this product is quite expensive, then a positive moment is considered to be reusable;
  • - False eyelashes are very soft, and their weight is absolutely not felt for centuries;
  • - thanks to high-quality glue, the eyelashes hold firmly throughout the day.

A huge selection of low-cost patina offers the famous online store of goods from China Aliexpress. Despite the fact that the price of products may seem ridiculous, this is not always an indicator of low quality, confirmation of why there are reviews of the following content:

  • - a low price, so you can not spare the release of goods in the event that it turns out to be inadequate;
  • - a huge assortment( a large selection of materials and color solutions);
  • - convenient packaging, as well as free shipping;
  • - natural look;
  • - when using high-quality adhesive, the lashes hold firmly;
  • - the first minutes after pasting feel discomfort, but then the skin gets used.

How to glued false eyelashes at home: tips and secrets

How to remove false eyelashes?

Every girl who uses patches should be able to remove them correctly. It is important not to damage your own eyelashes and keep them properly artificial if you plan to reuse them more often. Yes, there are the following rules:

  • - Soak in a warm water cotton swab and apply to the edge of the century for a few minutes to glue softening;
  • - the joint between your own and patches should be greased with vegetable oil or cosmetic milk;
  • - lift your fingers or tweezers to the extreme heel and slowly separate the entire strip from the century( if the material is not exposed, then repeat the preparation procedure again);
  • - You should not lift your eyelashes sharply or without pre-training, otherwise you risk injuring your skin and damaging your own hairs;
  • - when the eyelashes are removed from the eyelids, wipe the place with the gluing of milk to remove the makeup, apply a cream or gel.

Remember that removing overhead eyelashes is no less painful and responsible process than gluing them.

Service life of

False eyelashes are not recommended to be worn too long. It is better to stick them on a ceremonial occasion, immediately after the end of the event. Some girls prefer to wear lashes all day or even several days. It is impossible to do this categorically, as allergic and inflammatory processes can occur on the skin and in the mucous membrane of the eyes. In addition, false eyelashes have the ability to wear out and during prolonged use they will simply lose their attractive appearance.

How to glued false eyelashes at home: tips and secrets

Useful Tips

When sticking the false eyelashes, follow some of the tips that professional masters give you:

  • - if before the eyelashes lightly warm up in your palms, they will take the form of the eyelids better and look more natural;
  • - so that the eyelashes in the lower century look more natural, you need to buy special sets with short curved hairs;
  • - If you want to shorten the tape with patchy eyelashes, then measure the length, starting from the outer corner, and cut off the gap that falls on the inner corner of the century;
  • - Do not use false eyelashes very often so as not to damage the eyelid and eyelids;
  • - To protect your eyelashes from the harmful effects of glue, regularly grease them with castor and almond oil.

False eyelashes are a quick and easy way to make your appearance more spectacular. But it should be remembered that beauty should in no way be detrimental to health. Therefore, do not abuse long wearing artificial eyelashes. In addition, by selecting materials and glue, carefully monitor their quality, shelf life and chemical composition.