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Handbag carrier for small dogs: small, choice, manufacturers

Carrying bag for dogs of small breeds: small, choice, manufacturers

If a small pet owner likes to travel, a carry bag for small dogs will be a great helper and will solve a lot of problems that can be delivered during the move. For long walks, shopping is becoming much easier.

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  • Selection of carrying bags - the responsible decision
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Need for dog ware

Animals are always very worried about any kind of move - from travel to publictransport within the city for a long flight to another country. By providing the dog with a comfortable travel experience, some pet health problems, both physical and mental, can be avoided. Choosing a transfer is a responsible decision, because the dog should be comfortable, which means the bag should be of good quality and be practical.

If the owner overcasts doubts about the need to purchase such an accessory, one must understand that the inconvenience will not bring such a bag, but the advantages of the carrier can be easily listed:

  • comfort of the inborn when moving;
  • to preserve animal health;
  • there is no inconvenience for the owner;
  • aesthetics in appearance;
  • ensuring that the pet is not lost and will be constantly on hand.

In the case of a plane trip, a dog without such equipment may not be boarded.

Choosing a carrying bag - the responsible decision of the

To make the right choice, first of all you need to understand what goals the owner pursues when buying a transfer. This can be the transport of animals often and at short distances, and maybe - for a single, but long and distant journey.

A dog should be comfortable in the transfer, its size should allow the pet to move freely inside, change its position, curl up. A psa should open a good review. An important factor is to provide the dog with air, the dog should not feel the shortage. A good host should take care of the presence of a soft and warm litter. Often, the litter is included in the kit and is sold with the handbag.

Handbag should provide the dog with safety. A good transfer should be equipped with special devices designed to hold the pet. All locks need to close well and open, it needs to be checked when purchasing.
Carrying bag for dogs of small breeds: small, choice, manufacturers
If the carrier is needed for an airplane flight, it must comply with the IATA( International Air Transport Association) standard. Requirements include a certain transfer height, which is carefully controlled by airport workers. The distance between the dog's shoulder and the edge of the container should not exceed 10 cm in height.

What are the transferring of

When buying a carry for dogs, you need to make sure that it is suitable for your pet.

There are several types of carrying cases:

  • Soft carrying bag for small dogs. If a dog is a small breed, then such a carry is perfect for a pet, it will be comfortable, and the owner will not be difficult. Such bags are presented on the market in a wide selection, but in any case of the transfer of this type on the other side of the entrance there should be a mesh window for monitoring the outside world. The bag should have a flat bottom and a medium sized handle. When buying such a bag it is necessary to pay attention to the material from which the layer is made. Plastic perfectly holds shape, and sintepon will warm the pet in the cold season. Sometimes you can find such bags with a special aperture for the head, but the practicality of such bags do not differ.
  • Bag-carrier on wheels. If the breed of a dog has an average size, then wearing a carry with a pet in his hands or throwing on his shoulder is difficult and not very convenient. To do this, there are bags of transportation, equipped with wheels. When choosing such a handbag, you must necessarily check the quality of the wheels - they have a habit of breaking quickly. Better if the wheels are solid and have high-quality mounting. In addition to wheels you need to examine the textiles, a warm layer, a comfortable bottom and a window.
  • Backpack Carrying Case. For very small dogs and their hosts, such a carry will be a very convenient solution. Today's market offers both backpacks and backpacks that can be worn in front, based on the baby-kangaroo bag. There are also bags-transformers, which can easily be converted to an ordinary soft carrying bag or in a bag-carrying on wheels.
  • The carrier cell will be useful in the case of long-term transportation. In any transport, it can be put up as comfortable as the master and other passengers. This cell is a great shape that gives the dog extra convenience. The cage should have two doors. Any breed of dogs can be transported in such a cage. An optimal option for such a decision is to transport a fighter dog.
  • Plastic Crate Container. To travel with a pet on an airplane, this is just an irreplaceable option. Being a nanny in such a transfer is quite comfortable. Special locks protect such a transfer from accidental discovery. There are containers without a lock. A wide selection of sizes ensures the ability to carry dogs of any breed. If the dog is large, then it is possible to stop the choice on a special container from the door of the metal.
  • Carriage - Tent. Perfect for pets that often take part in exhibitions and various tournaments. It is multifunctional, it can be used not only for transportation. Pupils love to have a night in such a tent and at home, it can serve as a good house in the open air. Such transfers are easy to weight and to use. In addition, the big advantage is that fabric-carrying tents are fabricated on a waterproof basis.
  • Portable for several dogs. When a host holds more than one pet, and two or more, then a successful acquisition will be a carrier that can accommodate two or more dogs. Finding such a transfer will not be a job - such an accessory is quite common and is offered by virtually every manufacturer.
  • Carrying bag for dogs of small breeds: small, choice, manufacturers

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    Producers and price category

    Juicy. Soft portability of this company can be found on the market within the value of 800 to 2000

    Trixie. The company is famous for high-quality carry-containers and tents. In the transmissions of this company the animal gets a special comfort. Containers for dogs of large and medium breeds can be purchased in the range from 2500 to 4000 r. For small breed dogs you can find a transfer from 500 r. Wheels for transportation can be purchased at a price - from 200 to 1500 rubles. Of particular popularity among the models presented by this company, has acquired a nylon carrying bag for small dogs in the form of a grid.

    Dogman's bags and backpacks can be purchased at a price of 400 rubles.

    Atlas is famous for its high quality products. Plastic transfers are presented in various sizes and, despite the high quality, are low in price. Containers with wheels that are offered by the manufacturer are suitable for big dogs. For some instances, the kit offers a filter, feeder, department for things. Mattresses of the right size usually come in a set of plastic containers. The cheapest version of the plastic container of this company can be purchased for 500 rubles, and the quality cage - for 3500 r.

    The transfer of the company dezzie are in the price range of 1000 to 2000 rubles

    The Italian company ferplast offers containers and cells, equipped with improved ventilation. Top in such variants is executed from a grid. The door is made of steel. This ensures long-term operation and reliability of the transfer.

    Carrying bag for dogs of small breeds: small, choice, manufacturers

    The clipper company makes transfers that are most comfortable in operation - it is possible to assemble and disassemble the structure without any difficulty. The quality of the transfer of this manufacturer is high, and the price policy is slightly higher than that of other manufacturers.

    by the Chinese firm triol produced carry different low cost. If the pet is calm, then this option will fit. You can find accessories worth 200 rubles.

    Russian company Ladoli is a leader in the country. Designers are following world trends, and products are of high quality and affordable price.