Hair Care

Smooth and shiny hair. How to make your hair smooth?

Smooth and shiny hair - the pride of any woman. Under the influence of the sun, wind, temperature changes, malnutrition, bad circulation of the scalp, low sebum secretion, or any illness of the hair, are made sluggish, thin, easily broken, the

breaks down and falls out.

Smooth and shiny hair. How to make your hair smooth?

Shine and smoothness of hair are available to everyone!

So how do you keep your hair beautiful and healthy and make it smooth?

In order to make the hair smooth and shiny, there are many ready-made cosmetics, but you can prepare effective hair care products and yourself.

Below we offer recipes from well-known beauties of the TV screen.

  • It is very useful to rinse your hair. .. with beer, and also on its basis you can prepare a wonderful mask for hair. For procedures it is better to use light varieties, as they quickly weathered and do not change the natural tone of hair. With dry hair it is recommended to smell a beer mask with oil of oil( enough 4-5 drops).
  • Make hair brilliant, and prevent aloe vera helps prevent hair crossings. He is applied to the hair for about half an hour before washing his head.
  • An excellent addition to the beer mask is liquid or melted honey. It makes the hair shiny and nourishes them.
  • You can also try to rinse your hair in an infusion of wood and wood chips( 2 pinch wrappers, a handful of chips, 1 liter of hot boiled water).The infusion needs to cool and strain. If the second component can not be found, then you can rinse your hair with a single brew. Especially this recipe is suitable for dark-haired women, since the brewing gives a beautiful chestnut shade.
  • You can make the color more saturated by using the usual bulb. From it the broth is prepared and the hair is scratched with it.
  • Another cause of the deterioration of the health of our hair is the hard water that we use regularly. You can soften it by adding lemon juice or apple cider vinegar to the water. You can also use rinse water to thaw the head, that is, water is first frozen in ice, then thawed and used.
  • Recently, among the celebrities, it is very popular to rinse hair with champagne( especially for blondes).Therefore, if you have left champagne after New Year's holidays, it's time to pamper your hair and feel yourself a star. The main thing is to remember that sparkling hair is suitable only without gas, which means that before the procedure it is necessary to open the bottle beforehand and leave until bubbles come out.
  • And one more simple but effective tool for hair care is blown eggs. They are applied to the wet and slightly squeezed hair, massage the roots and leave for ten minutes. Then the mask was washed with warm water. Apply this mask several times a week.
  • Apply these recipes regularly and you will not soon find out your hair!