Headache during pregnancy 2-3 trimester, causes and treatment

In this article you will find out why there is a headache during pregnancy, its causes occurring early on the body, tell about headache treatment in this difficult period, which pills can be taken in pregnant women, and talk about prevention without


Headache during pregnancy 2 3 trimester, causes and treatment

Pregnancy is considered to be quite interesting in the life of a woman, but it is only one side. If to speak about it from the medical point of view at this moment in the body there is a real revolution.


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Causes of headache

Headache during pregnancy 2 3 trimester, causes and treatment The female body begins to take care not only of itself but also of the future baby. There is a complete reorganization of all its functions and systems, the hormonal background changes. On this basis, it can be assumed that headaches may appear during pregnancy, even if you have not suffered this before.

How it will be difficult to predict your pregnancy. Unpleasant sensations may appear at the beginning of the term or on 2 trimester, and maybe on 3 trimester. At such moments, it must be remembered that you now have a dual responsibility.

Be sure to register for a woman's consultation and if you have any chronic diseases, be sure to tell them a doctor. Headache during pregnancy is present as a side effect, but it can irritate you for a long period of time.

With the right attitude and approach, this factor can be excluded. To do this, you must follow the recommendations of the doctor and in no case do not suffer from pain. Let's dwell on the most common causes of headache during pregnancy:

is a restructuring of the hormonal background, processes occur in each organism in different ways and changes occur in its work;

- at the beginning of pregnancy, blood pressure is very low, a process called hypotension, complications such changes may be, early onset toxicosis;

- Increased pressure also causes headache attacks, such manifestations are usually present at the end of pregnancy, in the third trimester. In this case, edema may appear, the concentration of protein in the urine may increase, and such processes can cause a pathology in the development of the future child;

- very selective during pregnancy refers to food, at this point, malnutrition can cause severe headaches. It is necessary to avoid products containing tyramine and phenylamine or use them in small quantities;

- Restrict the use of nuts, chocolate, citrus and yogurt. Japanese cuisine, bananas, and exotic fruits also need to be cut to a minimum. Carbonated drinks, strong tea and coffee, food with the addition of preservatives and flavor enhancers;

- you need to eat rationally and it is better to do it five, six times a day. Fasting attacks can cause headaches. Do not overeat, overweight has always been the cause of hypertension, and excess weight gain during pregnancy can cause not only headaches, but also complications in the process of childbirth itself;

- fatigue during pregnancy can cause various discomfort and also severe headaches, any allergic manifestations, lack of fluid;

- it is commonly believed that when a child is being worn, a woman becomes very receptive to various external influences, loud steps, noise, flashing or very bright light, sharp smells - all of these external stimuli cause migraine attacks;

- Dependence on weather conditions, seasonal variation and climatic belt;

- The psycho-emotional state at such periods is intense and any stress or frustration experienced may lead to attacks;

- lack of sleep and any physical overload;

- a long stay in the airy rooms;

- Any chronic illness acquired during pregnancy and available to it.

Headache Early in

Headache during pregnancy 2 3 trimester, causes and treatment Doctors believe that headache during pregnancy comes at an early stage due to changes in the hormonal background in the body of an expectant mother. The body has not yet adapted and completely not rebuilt, therefore migraine may begin.

In the very beginning of pregnancy, the body can begin to suffer from a lack of fluid, and as a result - pain attacks. Sharp rejection of caffeine will lead to a restructuring of the body. He does not receive an ordinary signal and starts to report the brain. Therefore, there are headaches.

At the beginning of pregnancy, even without knowing it, a change in taste and habits may occur. Very often it is expressed in toxicosis, after eating or in the presence of food odors. The body is in a stressful situation and there are pain attacks.

At the beginning of pregnancy, the body adapts to a new state, in the body of a woman does not occur menstruation, and the syndrome could remain. If you have had headaches before your menstruation before your pregnancy, such attacks can persist in this period, especially in the early stages.

It is very important to remember about any chronic illness during pregnancy, they can get worse, even long forgotten. The body of a woman becomes vulnerable during this period, most notably in the early stages, until the adaptation period has passed.

If you notice the first signs of unusual work in your body, visit a doctor and be sure to visit a gynecologist to exclude or confirm your pregnancy. At the initial stage, there is a very strong risk of miscarriage, so you need to take all measures and help the body to adapt to the new condition.

Scientists have proven that all organs of a future baby are formed at an early stage of pregnancy, hence the extent to which this period is important in all respects.

Therefore, it's important to remember that taking medications is possible only with the consent of the physician and to try to relieve headache attacks during pregnancy by other methods.

In many ways, the health of a woman during pregnancy depends on her attitude towards herself. At any time it is forbidden:

  • to overdo it;
  • over-voltage;
  • physical activity;
  • is overeating, but hunger is the same.

It is necessary to find a "golden mean" and the possibility of headache attacks during pregnancy will be minimized.

Treatment of headaches during this period

Headache during pregnancy 2 3 trimester, causes and treatment Headache during pregnancy must be treated. Pick the right method, perhaps only with a doctor. You can endure the attack once, but if such phenomena become permanent, it is imperative to take measures.

Frequent headaches during pregnancy can cause a depressive condition that negatively affects the general condition and course of pregnancy. During this period, the nervous system is in a state of stress and any additional stimuli can exacerbate stress. The mood swings, excessive tepidness will become your companions.

In this situation, as with any other illness, finding out the cause is the most important point. The choice of method and method depends on the root cause. Usually prescribe a complete medical examination and compilation of all necessary analyzes.

It is very important to be registered at an early age in women's consultation and your doctor will be able to observe during pregnancy from the first few weeks and also notice any changes in time.

For the future mom you can start a diary and record all the feelings during pregnancy. Such a measure can greatly help doctors correct diagnosis. Headache during pregnancy can be highlighted in a separate problem, which needs to be given special attention.

The choice of methods and methods of treatment is quite limited in this situation. This is due to the fact that the development and formation of a new life takes place, and any external influences can disrupt this process.

Admission of drugs is very limited, but if possible, it is better to refuse them and choose without a medical method. When choosing a treatment, be sure to choose the most effective and safe.

Much will depend on the correct organization of the day. Pregnant you need to rest not only at night, but also in the afternoon.

If you have a migraine diagnosis with aura, then install irritants and take care not to disturb you. Attacks will or will become very minor and there will be the opportunity to do without medication.

When choosing a method, you can stop your attention to the use of herbs. Of them, broths and tinctures are cooked. Aromatic oils can also help in this situation. But it should be remembered that any remedy can be used only after consultation with the doctor.

What pills can I drink?

Pregnancy headache can be treated with pills, but their choice is very small. Therefore, be sure to listen to the advice and do not use the medicine yourself and in large doses.

When choosing a drug, several parameters need to be taken into account. One can prefer the most harmless and quickly withdraw from the body.

It is believed that in the case of headache during pregnancy it is possible to take "No-Shpa" tablets or children's "Panadol".In the most critical case, they can be taken without a doctor's advice, to relieve an attack. But after all, consult with a specialist.

There is one disadvantage in the No-Shpa drug, there are cases when it does not provide the patient with the necessary action. Some physicians admit "Tsitramon".But it should be remembered that it contains caffeine and if you do not have hypertension, you can use this drug, for the future baby, this drug is undesirable.

You can try Paracetamol, to take off the headache, but it's just this drug in its pure form, not its derivatives. But in any case, consult a doctor and do not take the pills yourself.

The possibility of using medicines during pregnancy is very limited. Early on, taking medications is highly undesirable.

Try to avoid drug groups of analgesics, drugs containing caffeine, barbiturates and a group of drugs that reduce the pressure.

Analgesics should be prohibited for you throughout the pregnancy, and in normal life it is desirable to refuse from them. This applies to all drugs containing analgin. This substance is very toxic and prolonged period is not excreted from the body.

In case of headaches during pregnancy, you can occasionally use the tablets: Sumatriptan, Risatriptan, Tylenol, Nurofen, Pentalgin. But it is necessary to coordinate their reception with the doctor, strictly adhering to the dosage and the scheme of reception.

Some physicians recommend the drug "Fiorial", it is suitable for relieving pain. But there are side effects and it is expressed in bad influence on the developing baby, and may even lead to complicated pathology.

After choosing any medicine, be sure to read the instructions, if you have any questions, ask them to your doctor.

Preventive measures without medication

Headache during pregnancy 2 3 trimester, causes and treatment Pregnant women need to be very attentive to their health and future baby's development.

If you are suffering from headaches before pregnancy and you are well aware of the causes of its occurrence, it will not be too hard for you to use methods to relieve an attack without medication.

If you have such a pain during pregnancy, tell the doctor and get advice on how to get rid of them. The most common preventive measures include the proper organization of the day's regime.

Your life during pregnancy will change and how serious you will be, will depend a lot. You need to sleep in at least eight hours a day, find time for rest during the day.

The physical load should be eliminated, not to heighten the severity. Pregnant women need to move, walking, there is also a special charge for pregnant women.

When attacking you need to ventilate the room, sit in a comfortable chair or lie down, close your eyes and try to relax and distract. You can even fall asleep and the attack will take place after awakening.

Head massage is a great help. You can make a massage yourself. With the tips of your fingers massage your head, it's best to start with a zone in which pain is felt most strongly, and then gradually move on to others. This massage can be done not only when an attack occurs, for example, in the morning or in the evening.

It is very helpful to remove a heat bath attack or compress on the head. To prevent and improve the overall blood circulation, use a contrast shower. With the constant use of this reception, the general condition improves. In the period of pregnancy, the permissible water temperatures should be agreed with the doctor.

If the cause of the attacks has become fatigue and over-stress, you can master the method of meditation. Its use will bring you emotional balance and calm the nervous system.

In our opinion - these are the most effective and safe measures for the removal of attacks and the prevention of headache during pregnancy. During a baby's bearing, the state of your health and the development of your baby depends on your diet.

Try to consume more vegetables and fruits, greens. Discard fried, salty and sharp. Include dairy and dairy products in your diet. Use medicinal herbs and folk recipes can be done only after consultation with the doctor.


Pregnancy headache may begin mid-term. During pregnancy, the body rebuilds its work and, possibly, the appearance of a side effect in the form of headaches.

It should be borne in mind that pain can not be tolerated, it can be more harmful than taking medications.

The most popular and harmless assumed:

  • head massage;
  • contrast shower;
  • meditation;
  • sleep

At the very beginning, pay attention to this problem and realize its importance. Be sure to discuss any questions with your doctor. Possible medications for treatment in this period will appoint a doctor, do not neglect his advice.

It is strictly forbidden to overdo it. You will need to learn how to properly organize your day. If you are working, it is desirable to take breaks during a day from a few minutes in normal state of health, and up to several hours in the sense of attack or weakness.

Learn special gymnastics for pregnant women, breathing gymnastics can be very effective, and may even be useful during childbirth. Phytotherapy, folk remedies - all this is subject to mandatory agreement with your doctor.