Sharp headache in the temples and the frontal part: symptoms, causes and treatment

In this article, you will find out why there is a sharp headache in an adult person, a child and causing a headache in a pregnant woman. Let's share tips on health promotion and the fight against this ailment.

Sharp headache in the temples and the frontal part: symptoms, causes and treatment

Probably every person has had a sharp

headache at least once in his life, in which it seems that there is still a bit and his head splits in two.


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Symptoms of

Occasionally, you get a feeling that getting rid of these cuts can only help cut it off. But the factors that provoke such a malaise are many, and we meet with them every day - it's stress, jumps on the hormonal background, excessive physical activity, various diseases, mental fatigue, causes discomfort and not only clothing.

Strangely enough, people who seem to be completely healthy may even suffer from acute headaches. When the head as if it is cracking at the seams, it gives the impression that it hurts inside the skull, in the right or left hemisphere of the brain. However, the thought is false because the brain does not have its pain receptors.

Thus, the brain shells that lie between the skull and the brain, which possess a huge amount of pain receptors, are known about themselves.

It's no secret that feelings that cause pain and discomfort may appear in different parts of the head. Acute pain in the frontal part is most often due to various illnesses, for example, influenza, migraine, increased intracranial pressure, allergic reactions, sinusitis or even dental problems.

An unbearable temporal pain according to statistics is the most common problem among patients seeking treatment for a neuropathologist.

According to medical data in developed countries, sharp pain in this part of the head affects about seventy percent of the population. The reason for this can be the change in weather conditions, poisoning, including alcoholic, physical or emotional strain, as well as various diseases, provoked by infection.

Intense headache often "says" that you have a cervical spine or stretch or injury in this area. In addition, such pain in some patients is accompanied by a number of symptoms: slight dizziness, noises in the ears or discomfort in the process of movement.

At a time of acute pain it is quite difficult to understand the reasons that provoked it. However, it should be remembered that determining the key factor causing headache is the first and most important step in the appointment of correct and, importantly, effective treatment, since acute headache is not recommended.

Why does a headache really hurt?

Sharp headache in the temples and the frontal part: symptoms, causes and treatment Unfortunately, it is unrealistic to unambiguously and exhaustively answer questions about the causes that provoke a sharp headache. Firstly, all kinds of diseases can contribute to this.

Poor sensations of pain may be due to viral or infectious diseases, such as ARD, sore throat, and so on. In such cases, people tend to experience pain in the temporal areas of the head.

Intensive headaches can be accompanied by various colds in children, which is most likely to be evidence of inappropriate or inadequate treatment.

Another ailment, accompanied by prolonged headaches, is definitely migraine. This disease can manifest itself at any age and can often cause irritation, nausea, or intolerance to loud sound or too bright light.

Spider migraine may have a poor sleep or unbalanced diet, stress, and abrupt weather changes. Also, the factor that provoked the appearance of headache, can be a cold or inflammatory disease, such as otitis media or rhinitis.

Pain in these cases, as a rule, manifests itself against the backdrop of general weakness or nasal congestion or any other similar manifestations of the disease.

It should be noted that if this type of illness is accompanied by intense headache and nausea or vomiting, medical help should be sought immediately.

Another common reason for a sharp headache - eye disease. Pain sensations may be due to the fact that you sit too far in front of the computer screen or read in dim light.

A headache can cause dental problems, for example, tooth decay or similar illnesses. In such cases, the head is sore mainly in the frontal part.

Among other things, according to statistics, in the range of 0.1-0.5% of patients who seek a doctor complaining of a severe headache, a tumor of the brain subsequently appears.

Supportive symptoms to suspect such a disease may include dizziness, blurred vision, and possibly seizures. However, it is not necessary to immediately panic, because to confirm such a diagnosis of physicians can only after a thorough and comprehensive examination.

But severe headaches are not always associated with any illness. Other factors can trigger them:

  • is a stationary way of life, if you like to sit in front of a TV or computer, be prepared for the headache to become your "other" for a long time;
  • is permanently in stressful condition, it is necessary to protect itself from stressful situations and emotional overloads as much as possible;
  • is bad nutrition, headache will surely become annoying if your diet is dominated by products containing histamine, caffeine or nitrates, and pain can also trigger a diet and elemental malnutrition;
  • exhausting exercises are one of the factors that cause severe headaches in children, besides, in children intense headaches may also appear during puberty;
  • has an excessive load on the muscles of the head and shoulder girdle.

Separately, women's headaches during pregnancy should be distinguished. This is due to the constantly changing hormonal background at this time. Acute pain in the head area during pregnancy may be due to a number of factors, for example, reduced or elevated blood pressure, toxicosis, a noticeable weight gain, and so on.

What to do with acute headache?

Sharp headache in the temples and the frontal part: symptoms, causes and treatment To begin with, it's worth noting that in such cases it is not worth it. The recommendations of physicians are quite simple:

Discard alcohol, despite the fact that alcohol drinks can temporarily blunt pain, later it will definitely return to you and become much stronger.

Do not abuse nicotine, it provokes narrowing of the vessels of the brain, which, in turn, provokes acute headaches.

In hypertension or atherosclerosis, it is strictly forbidden to use any drinks containing caffeine, while it should be borne in mind that even with a steady drop in the pressure of coffee is unlikely to have the desired effect.

You can, of course, fight yourself with an intense headache by simply taking an analgesic that can be purchased at the nearest pharmacy. But remember, this is just a moment to visit a specialist, and he will certainly come and soon enough. In addition, you should not forget that late appeals to a doctor can cost you not only blown up health, but also life.

In medicine, there are rare cases when it is still possible to help the patient today, but tomorrow doctors may be impotent. Therefore, it is better to go to the doctor's office and find out the causes of your headaches, then to sleep calmly.

Many in the treatment of severe headaches, of course, depend on the results of the examinations, as well as on the following recommendations from physicians. However, the first step to overcoming this ailment can be done by yourself.

Try to lead a healthy lifestyle - to abandon alcohol and tobacco, to exclude from your diet foods containing different nutritional supplements and harmful substances. Take some kind of sport, make a daily routine for yourself, and do not forget about a healthy dream, because you sleep and wake up better at the same time.

Try to be active, travel more often, get acquainted and communicate with people who are interesting to you, recharge with positive emotions, and then you are unlikely to encounter such a problem.