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White skin atrophy - causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, photo

White atrophy of the skin is called a condition that is caused by a specific defeat of the capillaries and small vessels of the skin. The disease was first described by a dermatologist from France R. A. Milian( G. A. Milian), so the second name of the pathology was given in honor of the scientist.

White skin atrophy is an

quite rare disease that can develop on the background of vein diseases, for example, against the background of phlebitis of the surface.

Million's atrophy is considered "female", men make up only about 5% of patients with this diagnosis. White atrophy develops, as a rule, in middle age, cases of people under the age of 30 are extremely rare.


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Causes of development of

White atrophy of the skin causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, photo To date, the causes and mechanisms of development of white skin atrophy have not been studied sufficiently. Some researchers attribute Millian's atrophy to diseases that are based on the usual vasculitis or any of its forms, for example, urticaria vasculitis. Inflammation of the vessels of vessels leads to occlusion( compression) of small arteries, which causes the violation of microcirculation and nutrition of skin tissues.

It is believed that white atrophy should be attributed to a group of hemorrhagic-pigmented dermatoses, caused by varicose veins, located on the legs. Changes in veins cause compression of capillaries, which leads to the development of areas of atrophy of the skin.

However, in not all patients with Millian atrophy there is a history of thrombophlebitis or varicose veins. The development of atrophy may also occur in the background of hemodynamic disorders that are associated with liver disease, heart failure, and the development of tumors of various nature. Described are cases where white atrophy developed on the background of pregnancy and related conditions of hemodynamic disorders. Also, atrophy of the skin can be caused by impaired skin feeding processes, for example, as a result of atrophodermia.

Clinical picture

White atrophy is manifested by the formation of small scars on the skin of an irregular or rounded form of white porcelain. Around the scars you can see a thin corolla of hyperpigmented skin.

No inflammation in the skin tissues with milian atrophy is observed. Does not appear in patients and subjective sensations. The appearance and the existence of spots does not cause pain, does not cause itching or other unpleasant phenomena.

The number of spots in the Millian atrophy may be different. The scars can be located in isolation, at a distance from each other. But in some patients, the spots merge, forming cells of a rather large size.

With white atrophy on affected skin, telangiectasia( vascular sprockets), petechiae and small hemangiomas can often be noticed.

Approximately one third of patients with white atrophy have lesions of irregular shape on the background of lesions. Ulcers are quite painful and extremely difficult to be treated.

At the atrophy of Millian, the skin of the legs is mostly affected by the legs most often, from the back of the foot, and also the chronic eczema is seen in the patient. Spots of atrophy may appear as symmetrically( on both legs) and unilaterally.

At Million's atrophy, no violations of the blood coagulation system are observed, and the resistance of the capillaries is not altered.

Diagnostic Methods

Diagnosis of white skin atrophy is based on the study of clinical manifestations of the disease and the study of anamnesis. In addition, a histological examination of a material taken from the lesion area may be prescribed.

White atrophy of the skin causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, photo The histological picture of atherosclerosis of the Millian is as follows:

  • Thinning of the epidermis;
  • The complete disappearance of elastic fibers;
  • Hyalinisation( compaction) and homogenization of collagen fibers.
  • Expansion of the passage of small vessels and thickening of their walls.
  • Dermis infiltration.

It is important to distinguish white atrophy from diseases such as:

  • Surface vasculitis of allergic nature.
  • Lipoid necrobiosis.
  • ─░tsenko-Cushing's syndrome.
  • Spotted skin atrophy.

The main difference between superficial vasculitis from white atrophy is polymorphism( multivariate) rashes. When vasculitis, rashes are represented by stains, nodules, bullous and hemorrhagic elements. In addition, rashes with vasculitis are more common, they are located not only on the limbs, but also on the trunk.

The foci of lesions in lipoid necrobiosis are located closer to the upper part of the shin, and with white atrophy, the bulk of the foci is located in the foot area. In addition, with lipoid necrobiosis, the focus of the lesion is greater and they rise above the skin.

Most people with Ishchenko-Cushing's syndrome have obesity. In addition, the stains with this syndrome are usually red or pink, and in the case of milian atrophy in the lesions, the skin is white, sometimes with a pearl tint.

Treatment for

Unfortunately, the effective treatment of white skin atrophy has not been developed.

Atrophic changes are irreversible, it is impossible to return the skin to a healthy look. Therefore, the treatment of this disease is aimed at improving microcirculation and preventing the formation of new foci.

White atrophy of the skin causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, photo As a rule, patients with white atrophy are prescribed to receive vitamins, angioprotectors, immunostimulants. Recently, it has been decided to use the complex application of rubella and aspirin for a long time.

In the presence of varicosity syndrome is assigned a specific treatment aimed at restoring the veins - medication or surgery.

In the case of white atrophy, external treatment is widely used to strengthen and increase the elasticity of the walls of the vessels. Use ointments( for example, Troxevasin) and physiotherapy procedures.

At a white atrophy, patients may be prescribed ultraviolet irradiation of the affected skin, application of mud applications, sulphide baths. It is useful to resort treatment.

When ulcerative lesions of lesions in the treatment of milian atrophy are used, both local and systemic treatment. Local treatment involves the use of antiseptic drugs, taking into account the nature and sensitivity of the detachable from the ulcer. In addition, ointments that have a regenerative effect are used. Also use systemic anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics.

Treatment of folk methods

Major medicine for the treatment of white atrophy may be essential. However, treatment with the use of drugs should be long and regular. In addition, having decided to use folk remedies, you can not arbitrarily cancel the treatment prescribed by a doctor.

When the first signs of white atrophy appear, the onset of chestnut infusion should be started. It can be cooked on its own, a gulf of 50 grams of thoroughly shredded fruit 300 ml of alcohol. Inserting a remedy in a dark place for a week. Take the cooked infusion for 10 drops three times a day.

Similarly prepare a nutmeg tincture. Only take it for 20 drops three times a day. The course of taking the tincture should continue until the end of the prepared portion. Further it is recommended to take a break for a week and again to repeat treatment.

Well-aid in the treatment of atrium of Millian spores of planes is cluster-shaped. From this plant, a broth is prepared. A glass of boiling water take a full spoon of a dispute. Cook with low heat for 20 minutes. Then he will leave and drink in small portions during the day. Drinking the infusion needs without strain together with the plant material.

For external treatment of white atrophy, wheat germ oil can be used. Need to lightly warm the oil and rub it well into the skin in the places where the spot of atrophy is located.

Healing oil for the treatment of atrophy of Miliana can be prepared and independently. We have to take 50 ml of almond and peach oil, as well as dry herbs - daisies, herons, thyme, eucalyptus, birch buds. The raw materials are taken in equal parts and rubbed into a powder. To prepare medicine, you need a spoon of this mixture. Powder from herbs fall asleep in a glass of dark glass and pour there both types of butter. Then you need to add to the butter a tablespoon of glycerin and shake well again. Lubricate the skin of the feet in the places where the white atrophy stains are placed, to give the means to be absorbed.

Juniper baths for the treatment of milian atrophy, as well as for the treatment of shiny lichen. It is necessary to make a decoction of juniper berries. On a liter of water take three-quarters of the fruit cups, boil the medium with a slight heating for half an hour, let cool. Then, filter and dilute with five liters of warm water. Used for shoe shampoints baths. During the procedure, you must ensure that the areas of atrophy were immersed in a decoction. It is very important that the bath water is not hot, it should be pleasantly warm 36-37 degrees.

Forecast and prevention of

Prevention of white atrophy is the timely detection and proper treatment of chronic diseases - varicose disease, liver disease, cardiovascular system, gynecological disorders, etc.

The prognosis for life with white atrophy is favorable, however, full recovery of the skin with already formed areas of atrophy is impossible. For patients with white atrophy, it is important to try to avoid any damage to the affected skin and overcooling in order to prevent the development of complications in the form of ulcers.


White atrophy of the skin causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, photo White atrophy of the skin causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, photo