Thanks to the teachers of kindergarten from parents

The ending of a kindergarten is exciting for all participants in this event: both for children and for educators, and, of course, for parents. The words of gratitude to kindergarten moms are sometimes very difficult to come up with, especially when after a festive morning, emotions and feelings are filled. In this article, we will try to give

advice to parents, how to prepare for a thank you speech, how to make it new and original, and also to give some examples of gratitude to the teachers of kindergarten from their parents.


1. Ideas for
word-of-mouth training 2. Examples of grateful speech for kindergarten teachers
3. Instead of the conclusion

Ideas for preparing the

word for word As a rule, say thank you at the end of the festive morning. Therefore, it is very important that this part of the celebration not be tightened, because both the children and the audience are tired.

On the Internet there are sites where you can find grateful speech in verse. You can use this option, but such "harvested" thanks to someone else's words, is unlikely to seem all present, really goes from the soul. But the poems prepared by parents with their children are another matter. The main thing is that in such a room you can remember all the staff, or pick up the materials so that they really are echoed with the life of the preschool.

Instead of poems, you can make a song or columius. It is allowed to use already finished materials, as a similar gratitude to educators in parenting will already be a heartfelt and heartfelt gift.

Examples of grateful speech for kindergarten teachers

We immediately want to clarify that the examples can be used as they are, or to compile from them some new speech, or to use the offered variants as the basis and write a new one. The main thing is that your gratitude to the educators comes from the heart. Thanks to the teachers of kindergarten from parents

Thanks No. 1

Dear educators. You have become our faithful mentors for our children, and we would like to thank you all for that. The mentor is not just a job, but a vocation that is a huge contribution to the development and formation of the outlook of each child. It is to you that we have entrusted the most valuable treasure in our lives, and you have not led us. We hope that our kids have not given you too much trouble.

We are constantly hurrying somewhere, to work, on important occasions, and every minute we worry about our children. But you, the proof that there are people in the world who love their work, who protect and give a particle of their heart to our little ones. You taught them their true friendship, work in the team, told them every day how to behave at the table, why it is important to go to sleep in time, and with a smile on their face forgiven them all the tricks. With your work, we discovered great and small talents in our children, saw in their eyes the lights of enthusiasm and enthusiasm. Thank you for reminding us, be it children.

We remember how to make applications, to draw chalk on asphalt, to create small masterpieces by our own hands. We are happy to have this stage of maturing our children together with you.

Gratitude №2

Dear teachers of this wonderful kindergarten. At this time, we all celebrate the day of release of our native children from such a warm nest as a kindergarten. The children grew up and leave it. But in memory there will remain every moment spent in it for a lifetime.

It seemed as if we had brought them here, made acquaintances, learned to get used to each other. With your help, our children quickly became accustomed to a completely different atmosphere - an atmosphere of independence, they had their own opinion that they would be good there. This was the first independent step.

Over time, kids have learned many things: beautiful and proper language, friendship, helping the little one, respect for the elder. Their circle became more interesting, they found new real friends, many "their" adventures.
Time is fast. The children grew older and became independent. Tasks have become more complex: the doctrine of poetry, speeches on holidays, talent translation, the production of various stories.

In the conclusion I would like to say thanks for the fact that during this year our children learned to read, solve mathematical problems. They were fully prepared for admission to school.

Finally Released. From the parent's team, we want to thank you very much for your hard and long work. Thank you so much, our dear tutors!

Thanks to the teachers of kindergarten from parents

Thanks No. 3

At this solemn moment, I, in the person of all parents, want to thank the educators of our group for their conscientious work on the upbringing of the new generation. Your work, more precisely, your work, is a capture and admiration. Many say that work as a tutor in a kindergarten is a penalty, but you, ourselves, our dear tutors, have shown the opposite, and show their steady character and, at the same time, kindness. Not much could have been so. And we all admire your patience because our little ones are not very obedient.

When our children came to the garden, they did not know how to express their joy, so sometimes they were bored. But it was very important that we, the parents, completely trusted you and did not worry, leaving our children under your warm wings. It is impossible not to mention your sensitive attitude towards your pupils, as well as high professionalism in the upbringing of the younger generation.

All of you are an example to follow any mom. You came up to the solution to your immediate task with creative inspiration, fantasy, and even occasionally with a slight excitement. You have felt through each yourself every success and failure of our children, for which we, parents, and we are telling you a huge thank you!

Acknowledgment №4

In the life of every person, the family plays a major role. The family is the people who will always be close, ready to support in a difficult moment, rejoice in the days of success, direct and listen. For each child, parents perform all these functions, and what do children do when parents are not close? Here and they appear, rescuers, relatives and beloved - educators!

What you are doing is not just a job or vocation. This is your essence. Day by day, you watch the growth and development of children, take each hand and gradually, with small, but sure steps, lead them through difficulties and obstacles.

You are the creators of the future! It depends on you what kind of character your pupils will have, how they will perceive this world, how they will communicate with others and reach new heights. Each day is a small battle with which you help your children win the winners!

Not always enough words to express your gratitude and respect, but now is the time to say so much thanks! Thank you for your patience and attention, for your love and understanding. You stand at the very beginning of the way of our children and hand them a compass. With your help, they will continue to step in the bright future, reach the peaks and conquer the world. But each time, looking at the compass, they will remember the people who pointed them to life.

Thanks No. 5

Dear teachers! Today is a great holiday, but we do not just want to congratulate you. First and foremost, we want to thank you. Our kids have a lot of achievements ahead, and today the first, very important stage in their lives is coming to an end. And we promise you that we will try to do our utmost to ensure that our children remember you and your love for as long as possible. You can not doubt that it is thanks to you that our children will successfully graduate from school and institute. Arrive at work and lead families. Because you have put in their hearts something that will help them become really good people.

It is a bit unusual and sad to realize that our children will not come here to get acquainted, play, be friends and grow older. It seems that until recently, we first brought our babies here, who, with tears in their eyes, refused to part with their mother and did not want to recognize their caregivers. It really did not take much time, and today our children are crying again, but for a completely different reason. And, with them, we cry for happiness, and we!

We are thankful for you without any words. You are doing a very important and proper business. We want you to be happy, no less happy than we are today! Thanks to the teachers of kindergarten from parents

Acknowledgments # 6

Dear, our esteemed educators! Today is a wonderful day that you, we and our children will remember forever - today they will make the first, small step in life. And all this thanks to you. You taught them a lot, they put knowledge and light into their hearts. You have become the first teachers. And the most important, because they carried them by the hand from the very first years of their lives.

Our children will forever keep warm memories in mind. After all, the childhood is mentioned more clearly, the older we become. It is very important that this memory is warm and pleasant. And she will. Because you have always been caring and gentle, ready to support and help, extend your hand to a little man who wept bitterly, because my mother left and left him among strangers. You have become ours, their family, their second parents. It is impossible to express in words the gratitude that our hearts feel.

Thank you so much for the efforts, strengths and love that you gave our children! Let such words of gratitude be heard in your life, and let the children released by you in the world have more. Because we are sure that they will become beautiful, honest, kind people who will make the world better. Because you brought them up. Thank you. Thanks to the teachers of kindergarten from parents

Thanks No. 7

Dear educators, I would like to appeal to you with words of gratitude from all our friendly parents. Many will say that the educator is an ungrateful work, and we believe that the educator is a noble vocation. In order to engage with children as you did with them, you need not only to be patient, sensitive professional, but to really love your profession and your children, what you did during these few years.

Obviously, our children were not very obedient and exemplary children in the world: they did not want to fall asleep in the quiet hour, they did not want to eat porridge for breakfast, they did not want to drink milk, because it with a foam, sometimes did not want to obey you. But you always managed to find a special, individual approach to them and reassure them at the right moment. We are boundlessly glad that they made the first steps in this complicated and complicated life under your watchful eye, glad that many of the "first" things in their lives, you carefully and carefully monitored.

Thank you for your work, for your care of our children. Although it is likely that after these years you can not call them "ours".So thanks for your care for our children!

Gratitude №8

Dear and beloved educators, on this day we, on behalf of our parents and our children, would like to thank you sincerely for the fact that throughout the whole time you brought up and educated our children as relatives.

Thank you very much for the fact that in any situation, each of you was a reliable assistant and close friend of our children, a wise mentor and a competent educator. Thanks to you, our children were given the opportunity to spend time in kindergarten fun, interesting and cognitive. It was here that they got their first friends and learned how to play their favorite games, and you all the time tried all the best to ensure that every child, going from kindergarten, wanted to come back here again and again. And we are grateful to you for this.

Thank you for the good education of our children, because they learned the basic rules for communicating with their peers and elderly people in kindergarten, they consolidated their knowledge of personal hygiene and general rules of etiquette.

It was you who were near them, while they were just beginning to recognize this world and took the first steps in life. And that is why we are confident that in the heads and hearts of our children you, dear educators, will remain one of the closest people for life. Thank you so much for everything! Thanks to the teachers of kindergarten from parents

Instead of Conclusion

Preparing a thank-you speech to parents in kindergarten educators is a serious matter. Recently, it has become fashionable to dance the father's dance-flash mob in graduation evenings. Try to prepare a presentation for gratitude to those who spent so much strength on the upbringing of your little ones. Dance, poems in the performance of children, song or lunch in the performance of parents and a beautiful word of thanks to one of the parents on behalf of the whole team does not take much time, if everything is properly selected, coordinated and well rehearsed.