Color the eyebrows: 3 ways, secrets and nuances


Eyebrows are not just eye protection from dust and infections, but also part of the image. Pay attention to its facial expressions: the movement of eyebrows can express the entire palette of emotions, from pity to joy and surprise. The beauty of eyebrows is the main point of everyday makeup. They should be

monochrome, well-formed and naturally, so that nobody thought that they were "drawing" someone.

Color the eyebrows: 3 ways, secrets and nuances

Eyebrow coloring is a popular procedure for housewives

Table of contents

  • Eyebrows and eyelash dyeing methods in salon
  • Select a shape
  • Choose the color and color: Brow henna and other
  • brands We test for ourselves
  • Technology of staining eyebrows at home with henna paint: how beautiful is decoratedholes
  • After coloring: correction procedure

Blondes and owners of red-haired by nature, unlike brown-haired, brunettes and dark-blond girls, can not boast of expressiveness of eyebrowspale palsy hairs. Therefore, they prefer different types of eyebrow dyeing, which help to emphasize them.

Color the eyebrows: 3 ways, secrets and nuances

Methods for dyeing eyebrows and eyelashes in salon

  • Cosmetic products. Among them, gel, powder, shadow, mascara. .. Pencil and other decorative cosmetics leave a huge creative field for each day: you can constantly change the images and adjust to any color of hair without much effort, with only one applicator or a brush.

Color the eyebrows: 3 ways, secrets and nuances

Plus: if you make a mistake, it's easy to fix with water or a wet wipes. You can "fill the eyebrows", if they do not differ in thickness, give them a monotony.

The shortcoming of this method is short-term. Whether the rain can wash off all the covers, not to mention bathing in the river.

  • Permanent makeup( for example, tattoo) Eyebrow tattoo is a popular service in salons. The master picks up the shade and makes a solid color or simulates the hairs.

Important: come in a tattoo in the beauty salon, not in the tattoo. Not always in the latter case, masters have the education of a cosmetologist.

Plus: Long-lasting. The correction will take only a few years.

Negative: looks unnatural, the problem is more difficult and costly to fix, possible pain and injuries.

Such eyebrow dyeing in the cabin is recommended only for women of old age who are determined and do not want experiments.

Before and after the tattoo:

Color the eyebrows: 3 ways, secrets and nuances

  • Bio-eyebrow.

Painting Eyebrow Paint is the best option for women who want to stay bright in any situation. This is especially true when you have to go on a long hike, on the sea or in a bath or sauna, where the makeup climbs, not keeping the high temperature and humidity. This type is optimal: it is kept for about a month, it is safe and there is always a possibility of a radical change of the image when it is desired.

Eyebrows before and after painting:

Color the eyebrows: 3 ways, secrets and nuances

In this article, we will consider in detail the latest version. So, what is needed for successful eyebrow dyeing?

Select the shape

The shape of the eyebrows determines the facial expression. The clumsy eyebrows with sharp tips make the faces angry, the raised corners - provide expression of eternal surprise. Therefore, one should choose a neutral expression of the face. The shape of the eyebrows can be calculated using a regular pencil.

On this versatile scheme it is visible, under what angle should you place the pencil relative to the pores, so that the higher points of eyebrows are located exactly where you are most suitable.

Important: Tweezers are recommended only from the bottom to make them look beautiful, naturally and do not go visually down.

Color the eyebrows: 3 ways, secrets and nuances

Choose the color and color: Brow henna and other

brands Mostly eyebrows are painted in the cuisine of henna. It was created specifically for stable eyebrow dyeing which would not damage the bulbs, the scalp and the hairs themselves.

Coloring eyebrows and eyelashes has its own inviolable laws, such as:

  • Do not paint eyebrows with hair or eyelashes, or vice versa. It is endangering skin irritation or loss of hair.
  • It is necessary to observe the rules of protection( Avoid getting pigment in eyes or on the skin under the eyes).The effect may not only be aesthetically unpleasant, but there is a risk of burning.
  • The right choice of shade: the eyebrows should be 1-2 t darker and satier than hair on the head. You can manage this scheme:

Color the eyebrows: 3 ways, secrets and nuances

We test ourselves

If there is no time and money for the trip to the salon, you can perform the painting procedure at home. With the proper performance of all the rules of painting the eyebrows in the cabin will not be anything different from home coloring.

What to do:

  • Make sure there are no inflammation on the skin and in the eyes. If they are, it is better to postpone the painting until recovering.
  • Prepare inventory: sticks or disks, greasy cream( baby or petroleum jelly), brush and paint itself.
  • Remove all makeup( it is preferable to do this with special makeup tools).
  • Technology of staining eyebrows at home with henna paint: how much does the beautiful design of the eaves

    • Cooking paint in full accordance with the instructions. Do not think experimenting on the eyebrows if they're dear to you!
    • Protects skin from paint. Here we will need a baby cream. The fatter the better. We smear a thick layer on the places around the eyebrows, which we do not want to paint. On the lower eyelid put half a wadded disk or adhesive plaster.
    • Apply a paint on your eyebrows.

    Color the eyebrows: 3 ways, secrets and nuances

    Important: Before conducting staining of henna eyebrows, it is necessary to test it on the inside of your wrist to exclude the possibility of an allergic reaction.

    Eyes need to be kept tightly closed all the time( how much to keep paint, read on the package - most importantly, do not overdo it!).It usually takes 5-15 minutes, depending on the thickness of the hairs.

    If the paint still hits, you should use special anti-inflammatory drops for the eyes and rinse thoroughly.

    • At the end of painting, the remnants of the paint are removed by moistening in water with a cotton swab. There should be marks of paint on it. Do not worry, if there is a lot of it - everything that is needed for painting, already fixed on the eyebrows.

    Care after coloring:

    correction procedure Eyebrow correction with tweezers is performed immediately after painting. This is done in order to remove light hairs that were not visible to the procedure.

    If you are dissatisfied with the tone and it turned out darker than it was planned, you can dampen the cotton wool in an alcoholic solution and rub your eyebrows.

    Color the eyebrows: 3 ways, secrets and nuances

    Keep an eye out, they have one

    . It is important to remember that one coloring can be limited if you want to have healthy and beautiful eyebrows. In addition to the monthly correction of the color of eyebrows at home or in the cabin, it is important to "feed" their different vitamins: B6, E, A, D;as well as oils: castor oil, rapeseed oil, peach and olive oil;and various masks with their participation.

    You can use them with a brush from an old carcass that you can wash and give it a new life, using useful tools daily before bedtime.