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Hanging birthmarks on the body: causes of appearance

The appearance of new formations in the body causes panic in some people, especially if it's hanging mothers on the neck or other places that are frequently exposed to mechanical effects. Their fears are grounded and what are the birthmarks at all? It is necessary to start with the fact that the birthmarks are on the body of almost every person

and in medicine called nevus. They can be congenital, and appear at any age, in all forms and sizes. For the most part, they do not cause any harm to the human body, but the hanging moles have the ability to turn into malignant conditions under certain conditions.

1 General Information

As such, these nevus are a seal on the skin with a hilly surface. The color of the motifs varies from thick brown to bodily, almost merging with another skin. And most recent education is the most worrying of many people. Such moles usually have a fairly bright hue( pink, white or slightly darker), small in size and look like small papillae. What can scare them in such an innocent appearance? In most cases, this is a fear of disrupting education and, as a result, getting negative consequences. But in this situation there is nothing to fear, as it is a normal nevus, which could appear under the action of the hormone melanin.

Hanging birthmarks on the body: causes of appearance

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Sometimes hanging mothers are confused with papillomas because of their characteristic form. And when the emergence of a new formation immediately begin to beat the alarm. In no case need to engage in self-treatment, you need to contact an experienced specialist who can correct diagnosis and, if necessary, to provide adequate treatment.


Risk Group There are teenagers in the puberty period and pregnant women, the main group that is prone to drooping moles. And it is characterized by a change in the hormonal background both in those and in others. Women during pregnancy are very mistrustful, and any changes in their body, including on the body, cause them a sharp concern. But hormonal bursts, which result in hanging moles, is an inevitability during the period of bearing a child and is not a reason to panic.

Hanging birthmarks on the body: causes of appearance

3 Common appearance of the

area If you talk about the places where motifs appear, then this is the entire human body. Although most of their occurrence is found on the neck, in the armpits and in the inguinal area. Most often on the neck of the mole are subjected to mechanical damage, which is known to be contraindicated. This is due to the unconscious scratching of the skin.

Hanging birthmarks on the body: causes of appearance

In case of injury to hanging education, it is necessary to process peroxide or green. Based on the foregoing, such nevus on the neck is desirable to remove, so that the birthmark is not reborn in malignant education. But if a person has not yet decided to remove, then it is necessary to observe safety measures, for example, not to expose the long-lasting exposure to ultraviolet rays.

Appearing in the axillary region, the hollow birthmark brings to the "host" a lot of inconvenience. First, it's a feeling of discomfort. Secondly, such entities should be constantly monitored. This is due to the presence of a large number of microbes in the blade due to the work of sweat glands. Damage to the surface of hanging moles can lead to serious negative consequences.

belongs to the development of melanoma. Therefore, monitoring the state of such nevus should be carried out continuously. When color and size are constant, without thinking, remove it. But in the opposite cases, it is urgent to consult a doctor, who, according to the results of the analyzes prescribed, will treat and further remove the birthmarks.

Hanging birthmarks on the body: causes of appearance

Hanging Nevusi in the groin area are mostly not inconvenient. This does not apply to people who regularly get rid of hair in the bikini area. When injuring hanging mothers in the inguinal area, you should disinfect the morning and grasp it with a medical patch. And in case of its separation from the body( natural or accidental mechanical) it is necessary to give nevus for analysis in a specialized clinic.

4 The main causes of the formation of

Many people are asking about the causes of the appearance of hanging moles on the human body. Reasons may be many, but there are major, especially highlighted:

  • perturbation in human hormonal background;
  • human papillomavirus;
  • age-related changes in the body;
  • reaction to ultraviolet light.

What are the birthmarks of this species? Hormonal background is one of the major factors in the development of nevus. As noted above, women during pregnancy often notice the appearance of new hanging formations. Know about their hormonal nature are not particularly worried about this. In many women after childbirth, such education falls off on their own, eliminating the appeal to the doctor to remove them.

If, in a short period of time, multiple implantable birthmarks appeared on the body, it is a signal to the test, they do not relate to the manifestations of the papillomavirus. When applying to a specialized clinic the doctor sends the patient to the analyzes and, according to their results, prescribes the treatment or removal of tumors.

According to one of the theories, age-related changes, namely aging of the body, may become the cause of the emergence of new motifs. This theory is popular among American doctors who argue that the formation of hanging Nevus suggests the rapid aging and the need for urgent measures. Domestic scientists do not react to these versions without confirming, but not refuting them.

Hanging birthmarks on the body: causes of appearance

Ultraviolet rays are considered to be the most common cause of hanging nevus in both women and other people. This observation is based on the appearance of such moles in areas of the skin that are most exposed to the sun or radiation during procedures in the solarium. Therefore, one should be careful, it does not hurt anyone.

5 Drives for access to the physician

Many factors influence the state of hanging nevi. Under their action, the shape, size and color of the mole can undergo various changes. Naturally, in case of blackening, inflammation or severe increase in a short period of time, urgent referral to a doctor. The same reaction should be caused by the following changes: the

  • hanging rodent began bleeding;
  • in the area around the nevus and in it there is a severe pain or itch;
  • birthmark acquired a more dense structure;The
  • itself was nave and the skin around it began to peel;The
  • on the nave has no skin pattern.

Only a physician can properly advise on what to do in this case and how to get rid of hanging moles properly and without negative consequences. For example, in the case of blackening of the nevus and the appearance of pain, immediately contact the oncologist to exclude the development of a birthmark in malignant education. The doctor will assign the necessary tests and then determine the necessary treatment. And if the motif should still be removed, the same doctor will either advise the method or send it to another competent specialist.

Hanging birthmarks on the body: causes of appearance


Removal Methods As noted above, in some cases it is expedient to remove the hanging rod. There are several ways, and which is best suited in each individual case, must be chosen by the attending physician.

Below are the most commonly used methods: the

  • surgical method - the so-called surgical excision;
  • electrocoagulation - removal by means of electric current;
  • cryodestruction - removal by means of liquid nitrogen;
  • Laser Removal - As a tool, a laser beam is used.

Currently the most popular method is laser removal. This is conditioned by a democratic price and high efficiency.

And as a conclusion: you should never try to remove hanging motifs at home, this often leads to serious, and sometimes irreversible, consequences. If such a nevus began to bother( pain, itching, strong increase in size, change in color) or fallen off, first of all you need to contact a dermatologist who will appoint an adequate examination or send to the specialist.