Hydrangea leaves yellow: causes and cure

The flowers on the windowsill always gladden the eye and raise the mood of us, especially if they are blooming very beautifully. Hydrangea, like a houseplant, has long settled in our homes. But there are situations when the flower ceases to please us and there are yellow leaves of

.To understand why the letter became yellow, this article will help.


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Causes of yellowing of

If you have seen that hydrangea started to yellow, then the first, which suggests that somewhere there is a mistake in the care or plant something is missing. Therefore, in the first place you need to evaluate the correctness of care, and only then look for other reasons why the plant appeared yellow leaf.

Hydrangea leaves yellow: causes and cure

Hydrangea leaves are yellow due to the following mistakes made when taking care of it:

  • you have filled a flower. Home hydrangea is a very moisture-loving plant. But even it can be poured if you do watering too often. The first ones to reciprocate are the leaves that will turn yellow and fall off;
  • is a lack of heat. This room flower does not like drafts and low temperatures. When a plant hits this situation, a yellow letter will appear as the first signal of inappropriate conditions of detention;
  • lack of nutrients. Even at room hydrangea, which grows in a pot, it is necessary to ensure that it receives an optimal set of micro - and macro elements;
  • lack of sunlight. For a normal growth and development of a flower, it is necessary to observe a certain light regime. It is important both for the health of hydrangea and for the beautiful flowering. But remember that the light must be scattered, not straight. Otherwise, those who have received a sunburn are added to the yellow leaves. It is manifested by the fact that the leaves are painted in brown and dry;
  • feeding during flowering and stem formation. If you do not do that, after a while, the first yellow leaf appears on the stem.

The lack of nutritional elements should be discussed in more detail. During the flowering period, plants need the maximum amount of nutrients. And even a small lack of them can lead to a defective formation of inflorescences, as well as serve as the cause of the leaves twitching. Usually this is evidence of the lack of iron and nitrogen in the soil.

Hydrangea leaves yellow: causes and cure

If the care of the flower was correct and the letter is still yellow, you need to look for the reason in the other. Sometimes the leaves of hydrangea yellow and dry due to illness. In spite of the sufficient resistance of hydrangea to various types of infections, in certain situations it can be attacked by viruses and fungi. Why such situations come up, you can answer quite easily. All the reason lies here again in the wrong care of the flower.

For indoor hydrangea, there are not many diseases and only a part of them can cause the appearance of yellow leaves. For example, the most common reason for the leaf twitching is a viral disease such as ring spotting. In this case, the letter not only yellow, but also deformed. It is on the deformation of the leaves of the plate that one can determine that the reason is here in the virus.

Hydrangea leaves yellow: causes and cure

In addition to ring spotting, home hydrangea may be affected by axochitis spotting. Casting is also yellow here. But they dry up rather quickly, die and fall off. For indoor hydrangea, the disease is also characterized by chlorosis. The reason for its occurrence is violation of the technique of watering the plant. Taking the chlorosis of a flower can be a matter of how it was poured out with tap water, which had a high percentage of lime content.

As a result of accumulation of lime in the soil, it leads to soil alkalinity. The infected leaf is yellow and dry. They dry because of the fact that the plant does not have the ability to fully eat. This situation, if it can lead to the complete death of the flower. As you can see, there are a lot of reasons that can lead to the fact that there are yellow leaves on hydrangea. But most often the reason lies in the wrong care. Therefore, one needs to be very careful about this room flower and care for it.

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How to cure sick leaves

When the leaves are yellow, it is urgent to take measures for the treatment of hydrangea, otherwise the flower may perish. In the first place, it is necessary to find out the reason and to reject it from the choice of the method of treatment.

Hydrangea leaves yellow: causes and cure

Consider some of them:

  • when reloading - should normalize the water regime, reducing the number of irrigation;
  • with a lack of heat - rearrange the flower from the path of drafts and into a warmer room;
  • when detecting causes of nutritional deficiencies - start feeding. Usually, fertilizers are introduced into the pot during irrigation with water. Also, use only soft water that is well settled.

It should be noted separately that if there is a lack of iron in the soil, then it is necessary to restore the acidity of the soil. To do this, a solution of acetic essence must be added to the soil. It is cooked, adding in 10 liters of water 1 tsp.essencesPlease note that instead of vinegar, you can use oxalic acid or citric acid. In addition, a special solution of ferrites can be used to restore the soil pH.

But in a situation where the restoration of proper care will not produce the desired result, there will be a presence of a viral or fungal nature in the flower. Although proper care will help improve the condition of the plant, it will not be enough. Here, the infected leaf should be removed, and the hydroencea itself should be treated with special fungicide preparations. Very often the Bordeaux fluid( 1% solution) is used to control the disease.

Measures to combat chlorosis include transplanting the flower into a new pot. Its further watering is carried out only with softened water.

Prevention of the disease

Hydrangea leaves yellow: causes and cure

Prevention is always and everywhere was the best means of combating various diseases and pathologies. This applies not only to animals but also to the plant world. Therefore, if you want to prevent the appearance of yellow leaves on hydrangea, follow the following recommendations:

  • follow the optimal water regime. Do not pour too much or dry the plant;Use
  • watering only with soft, damp water;
  • put the flower only in a warm room without drafts;
  • Avoid direct exposure to sunflower rays;
  • do periodic dressing( especially during flowering).

It is also sometimes possible to handle a flower against microbes and viruses. Following these recommendations, you can prevent the appearance of yellow leaves in the room hydrangea and preserve its beauty for many years.

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