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Pills for hemorrhoids with lactation

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Pills for hemorrhoids with lactation

Hemorrhoids can be sick people of all ages. Once faced with this delicate problem, as a rule, a person remains hostage to hemorrhoids for many years. The majority of women with

tend to be disturbed during pregnancy, and when a baby is born, the disease progresses to an exacerbation stage. Very often it happens that a young mother does not treat hemorrhoids and starts them from ignorance.

What to do?

Pills for hemorrhoids with lactation

The development of the disease in women is gradual. Everything begins with a feeling of discomfort, a sense of burning and itching in the anal aperture. A young mother, as a rule, begins to suffer from permanent constipation. Dry fecal masses scratch the walls of the anus, and provoke the development of painful anal fissures, of which bloody droplets may appear at attempts. Gradually, hemorrhoidal nodes appear, which grow as they grow in size, may fall outward during physical activity or during a wand. Naturally, the pain over time is getting stronger.

At first, the development of hemorrhoids in women during the lactation of the disease can be won by the use of ointments or candles for hemorrhoids, and the doctor can prescribe taking pills from hemorrhoids. However, the easiest and correct way to prevent a disease. After all, it's not difficult to do it. Young mum needs to restore normal stomach function and normalize the stool. To do this, follow:

  • Drink two liters of fluid a day;
  • More to eat fruits and vegetables, dairy products;
  • Remove from salty menu, spicy, sharp food, refuse alcohol;
  • Hygiene is a must. After bowel movements, it is better to use damp napkins.

Nursing Mothers

Pills for hemorrhoids with lactation

Lactating pills are much harder to cure because the components of the drug can harm the infant through maternal milk. For this reason, you should not choose your own pills for hemorrhoids( a list) and, even, a folk remedy. Any treatment for hemorrhoids during lactation should be approved by a doctor, and not as otherwise! Which means are usually used in such situations?

The main symptom of the disease: pain, burning, itching and discomfort are removed by ointments and rectal candles. Typically, the doctor prescribes the treatment of the following drugs: the funds of the "Relief", "Post-erization", "Gepatrombin G", "Project-Glyuennol" line, but all very individually. In each patient, the symptoms of hemorrhoids and the tolerability of drugs are theirs, so you should consult with a proctologist. In complex cases, application of sclerosing injections, ligation of vessels and nodes, surgical intervention is possible.


The most effective drug against hemorrhoids in the form of tablets is a drug for the treatment of hemorrhoids in women "Detralex".The drug in the complex affects the symptoms of the disease. Detlalex tablets have a positive effect on the tonus of the veins, which promote the correct circulation of blood, eliminate stagnant phenomena in the vessels, normalize capillary permeability. The components of the drug perfectly cope with the inflammatory processes in hemorrhoids, strengthen the walls of the vessels, eliminate the unpleasant sensations that accompany the disease.

Doctors prescribe "Detralex" for pregnant and lactating women with acute illness, with chronic hemorrhoids, as well as with severe circulatory disorders in the pelvic area.

To a very small extent, the components of the drug fall into the milk of nursing mothers. Purposeful studies of the effect of the drug on the child during lactation was not conducted. However, no changes were found in the baby's body, the diet of which consists of mother's milk receiving Detlelex, was not detected. And there are no contraindications to breast-feeding a drug. But caution and consultation of the proctologist in this case will not interfere.

Help folk medicine

Pills for hemorrhoids with lactation

Hemorrhage in women during lactation at the first or second stage of its development can be overcome with the help of folk medicine recipes, which there are a great many and all of them have already been tested in practice by a huge number of patients.

  • Possessively affect the health of the seated baths with the use of herbal infusions. These can be grasses such as chamomile, calendula, tree, nettle;
  • It is possible to apply lotions with oil of sea buckthorn, mummies, honey, and also from herbs listed above;
  • Possibly affects the patient's condition of oil enema;
  • The most popular means are ointments and candles, prepared by their own hands. These may be candles made of potatoes and honey, ointments of mummies, herbs.

Hemorrhoids - a disease of a sedentary lifestyle and malnutrition. Eliminate these two components from your life and, perhaps, you will forget about illness forever. Take care of yourself and be healthy!

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