Charging for children 3-4 years in kindergarten

Morning Charge for a Child's Body - This is an Important Aspect of Creating the Future Personality of a Child. And it's not just words. Having trained a child to do sports, we lay the foundations of his health. After all, it is no wonder that in a healthy body there is a healthy spirit! That is why in preschool

institutions of physical development of children are of great importance.

Morning charge for children 3-4 years old is performed in the form of a game, more often in the music hall, with various complexes of physical exercises. It is about them that we will talk in this article.


1. What is the need for charging in a preschool institution
2. How to start the morning charging
3. How to set the child on the morning exercises
4. A set of exercises for the younger group
5. Other types of exercises for children in kindergarten
6. Other recommendations for strengthening the health of preschoolers

What needs to be recharged in a preschool institution

Morning exercise in kindergarten is a daily activity aimed at performing various physical exercise complexes. The main goal of the training is to improve the health of children, strengthen the muscular system and improve the body.

Charge for children 3 4 years in kindergarten

The developing body of the child constantly requires movement. This physical activity can be translated into a more organized channel by involving children in mobile games, competitions and sports events. One of these is the morning exercise in kindergarten.

The role of morning exercise in a preschool institution is enormous. Morning exercises create an organized beginning of the day, lift your mood. The excited children calm down, performing actions at a certain pace, while the less active - are drawn into a given rhythm of activity.

Thanks to the morning charge, vital vitality and physical endurance rises, as well as expanding endurance and discipline.

Morning complex of physical exercises affects the life of the preschooler. Some physical activity on the muscles activates the respiratory and cardiovascular system

Children of junior preschoolers can perform simple exercises for for 8-15 minutes daily, .Organized physical activity will help get into the baby's habit. In the future, this not only prevents many diseases, but also helps to cope with overloads in school and other stressful situations.

Charging should bring joy and pleasure, but do not become overwhelming or unpleasant. Muscle sensations should please children and develop the need for independent performance of non complicated exercises. Therefore, it is necessary to select appropriate movements for a child of a certain age.

How to start the morning charging

The main activity of children 3-4 years is more often the game: everything the children study in kindergarten. Passes in the form of a game, ranging from musical and sports classes to educational ones. Charge for children 3 4 years in kindergarten For charging to become a pleasant daily exercise, you need to be in a gaming form.

In order to get a positive attitude towards the preschoolers, simple techniques are used:

  • Before starting morning gymnastics, you need to include cheerful music that psychologically tweaks children to certain actions.
  • A set of exercises should be fun and exciting. Elements of the game will not let bored the preschoolers.
  • The name of the exercise should be fun and fun.
  • Morning gymnastics is performed for cheerful music. Physical exercises can be accompanied by funny verses or simple songs.
  • It is possible to use video material with the records of the morning charging complex for children of a certain age.
  • Worth paying attention is not so much the number of exercises performed, but their quality. To ensure that children are not lazy, but aspiring to the proper implementation of physical movements, they should be praised and encouraged.
  • All this has a beneficial effect on the educational and developing process in kindergarten. Children get used to the daily exercises, the regime, quickly retracted to the desired pace.

    How to set up a child for morning exercises

    Upon performing the morning exercise setup, you will be able to set up your child with interesting content, positive emotions, as well as a tongue teacher's language.

    Positive interesting motivation will also stimulate children to perform gymnastics, want to become stronger, stronger and healthier. Charge for children 3 4 years in kindergarten

    To set up preschoolers for morning exercise, you can suggest a general action for everyone. For example, suggest to go to visit your favorite fairy tale hero, bounce and smile together.

    Children of this age are very curious, seeking to know the world around them. You can also use this. How the animals move, how the flower grows, what happens during the natural phenomena - it's all interesting to them.

    A group of exercises for children of the younger group

    In children, who constantly perform a charge, appetite and activity all day long. Exercise affects different muscle groups: neck, shoulders, spine, waist, pelvis and limbs. The main goal of gymnastics is to strengthen the musculoskeletal system and prevent scoliosis.

    Charging is best done in the fresh air, and in the winter - in a well ventilated room( this may be a sports or music school kindergarten).

    It is very effective to combine gymnastics with hardening measures. This will be a prerequisite for strengthening the immune system and the stability of the child's body to various diseases.

    Morning charge can be performed using various items, sports equipment and more.

    The morning charging complex is conducted in three stages:

    • introductory part;
    • main part;
    • is the final part.

    For the introduction part of the , alternate types of walking and running are selected. Warm-up is required for the gradual activation of all muscle groups.

    Do not move in one place. Monotony tastes children, loses interest in activities. Going and running need to be diversified by moving in space. Charge for children 3 4 years in kindergarten

    In , the main part of includes exercises that promote the development of muscle strength, mobility of joints, orientation in space, form the correct posture, strengthen the whole body.

    The final part of the is, as a rule, moderate walking and additional types of gymnastics.

    Below are some exercises that can be done with children. They can be included in classes with children in the garden, and at home.

    Exercises for morning exercises without items

    The instructor sets out a riddle about a rabbit and tells children that this fluffy animal will work with the children to do morning exercises.

    The first stage( warm-up):

    • children move the colony by the usual step;
    • running in a straight line, running "between the bushes"( you can use the chairs as "obstacles");
    • walking on socks, on heels, on the outer and inner sides of the foot( exercises are prevention of flat feet);
    • running with a stop on the cotton wolf "behind the bush"( the children run, the teacher clicks in the palm and the children stop, trying to become invisible to the "wolf." Exercise for coordination);
    • walking with alternate hand changes, walking with high knee lift, normal walking.

    Charge for children 3 4 years in kindergarten

    Second stage( includes several game exercises):

    Exercise "Hello, bunny!"

    Legs on shoulder width, arms folded behind.

    Lean forward. To expose
    Return to original position.

    Exercise "Bunny Looking For Friends"

    Hands on the Belt.
    Run the torso to the left and then to the right.

    Exercise "Our Bunny is Growing Up"

    Raise your hands through the sides up, stretch your fingers and put on your nosholes.

    Get down to the foot, lower your arms down. Outbound with sound.

    Exercise "Bunny Taps"

    I.p.( position): Lying on the back.
    Return to the stomach through the left, and then through the right side.

    Charge for children 3 4 years in kindergarten

    Exercise "Bunny-Poppy" AS: standing, hands bent in front of the chest.
    Run jumps in place, jump around the bush. "

    Such exercises are clear, accessible and interesting for children 3-4 years old, children do not get tired during the class, and perceive the charge as an exciting game.

    Third part( final)

    A moderate walk through the hall.
    Breathing exercises and self massage.

    Set of morning gymnastics with a subject( with a ball, a stick, hoop)

    Below we present a set of exercises for morning exercise, using sports equipment.

    The first part( warm-up)

    • Walking around the room with hands stretched forward, a ball or a stick keeps the children in front of them;
    • on the floor( or on the ground) balls, sticks, hoops or other sporting equipment are laid out, and children run between them, trying not to step on or push objects;
    • walking with arms raised above the head where children hold balls or sticks. When walking, children can turn corps to the right and left for each step.

    Charge for children 3 4 years in kindergarten

    Second part( main)

    Exercise ball "

    • " Exit position( below): standing, legs at shoulder width, hands with ball( or other inventory) below.
    • Hands with a ball or a stick raise up, look at them, bend over, putting your foot back on the sock. Make a breath
    • Lower your hands with the ball down, exhale. Repeat the exercise for each leg 5-10 times.

    "Tilt with Ball"

    • I.p.: standing, legs wide, shoulders with ball lowered.
    • Raise the ball up, hold for a few seconds in this position, straighten up.
    • Tilt down, hold for a few seconds in this position, straighten up. Repeat 10 times.

    Charge for children 3 4 years in kindergarten

    Exercise "Turning Ball"

    • I.p.: Standing, hands with a ball extended forward.
    • Make slow turns to the left and right, trying to look behind your back. Do not drop your hands when turning.
    • Repeat the exercise for each side 10 times.

    Exercise "Squat"

    • I.p.: standing, feet in parallel, hands with ball pressed to the chest.
    • Hold your hands forward, sit down. Return to the IV, repeat 10 times.

    Exercise "Spruce"

    • I.p.: sit down, hands with a ball lowered down.
    • Under the "spring" team, bounce, raise your hands with the ball over your head.
    • Return to the IP, repeat 10 times.

    Third Part( final)

    Exercise "Vintage"

    Walking in the move is an ordinary step. Children simulate harvesting, leaning down and touching the ball of the floor. After all you need to throw the "harvested" into a basket.

    Other types of exercises for children in kindergarten

    The morning gymnastics complex may include additional preventive exercises. Very useful respiratory charge , helps to saturate the body with oxygen, restoration of breathing after physical activity, strengthening of respiratory muscles, airway cleaning.

    The fingernail gymnastics develops the motor skills of the fingers, and the fingers play the imagination and imagination of the child. Also, exercises help the child's body to control their body, to withstand colds, prevent the emergence of childhood neuroses.

    Foot Gym Helps to Correct Walking, It is a Flatbed Prophylaxis. For strengthening of immunity and prevention of various diseases, self-massage of biologically active points is carried out.

    Children rub their legs, arms, feet, palms, points near the nose and behind their ears. An exciting will be imitation charge, exercises that reflect the various movements of animals, plants, objects, people of different professions.

    The most interesting children morning gymnastics in the game form. For example, figurative gaming is aimed at the ability of the child to navigate the space and coordinate their movements with the rhythm and pace of music.

    Other Health Promotion Guidelines for Preschoolers

    In addition to exercise, measures should be taken to tighten the child. Adapted to the temperature difference of the body, will be able to resist diseases.

    Charge for children 3 4 years in kindergarten Healthy eating plays an important role in the development of children. Every day in the diet should be natural foods with high content of vitamins and other beneficial trace elements.

    Children of junior preschool age must adhere to day mode. During the day, mental and physical activity must alternate. Also, do not forget about a healthy and high-quality sleep.

    For the healthy growth and development of the child, you need to create the necessary psychological conditions. Children learn to establish a relationship within the children's team. Psychological comfort affects the formation of the individual and the adaptation of the child in society.