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We equip the bathroom in a wooden house.

It is possible to make a bath in a wooden house, yet it is better to go under the shower every day than bathing a couple of times a week. Is not it? Therefore, many owners of private homes are asking questions - can one arrange a bathroom and how to do it? I myself asked myself

this question until I met and did not. Of course, my bath is far from perfect, but everything works - you can get water in the bath, take a shower, then the water flows through the pipes( which I myself laid in the ground) into the pit. Agree to be the owner of a private house - not a sugar, but I did not have a choice when I bought my own house - it's better to live in a poor, but your own house than having a tiny room in a 5-room communal.

I do not have a bath, so I urgently needed to arrange a bath, which I did. I wonder what I did? Then read on.

First - buying the proper bath, I took cheap steel for 4000 rubles - has been 2 years old and everything is fine. Of course, the cast-iron bath would be cooler, but I still have en

ough steel.

The places I have in the house once and twice and the edge, so the only way was to "throw a bath" between the rough and the wall, on the other side of the room. That is, in the middle of the house I have a stove, the room is divided by partitions, and behind the stove is a bathroom. The places between the rug and the wall are quite a bit, just fitted only bath. Compact, cozy))

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Since the house is wooden, the plastic panels were a good option for the walls of the bath. All the walls in the house are covered with drywall, so in the bathroom, I simply took and glued wide plastic panels( width of 50 cm), glued with liquid nails. Thinking that the panels would loosen when the temperature changes, then the humidity, then dry from the stove( when it is fired).Nothing like that, the panels hold very firmly. And most importantly - they are completely airtight.

It is possible to put ceramic granite on the oven, of course, it is necessary to pre-tune the side of the wall with a refractory putty, then a primer and then already glued ceramic granite to a special glue. I think it is unlikely that any of you will make the stove the fourth wall of the bath, so let's go further.

After installing and fixing the bath, it is necessary to take care of the complete sealing of the sides, the water should not fall between the sides of the bath and the wall, it is threatened in a wooden house, there will be moisture, moisture, we do not need it. Therefore, carefully weighing the places of contact between the bath and the walls, I used a sanitary sealant, which was applied with a pistol for sealants and liquid nails. Sanitary sealant prevents the formation of mold and fungi, which is especially important in the bathroom.


Here everything is much easier, we put a tile on a wooden floor. For this you can use a special masonry grid, which we nail nails to a tree, then sprinkle and level, then put the floor tile tile. Then we rub the seams with rubbish. The floor of the tile - the most waterproof, so throw off the head of linoleum or other flooring material. The floor in the bathroom, especially in a wooden house, is best done with tiled tiles.


Nothing special, ordinary ceiling tile, such as from foam, cheap. It would also be better to make plastic panels that are sold specifically for the ceiling in the bathroom, such corrugated. However, the money I had at that time was not enough, so I saved. And of course it is desirable to do it right away.

I can not advise anything about ventilation, under the ceiling there is a small hole that goes into the exterior. I think a little after all, the bath is ventilated at the expense of him.

Water Heater.

What a private house will cost without a water heater. Especially if you decide to arrange a bath. I took an inexpensive water heater from Ariston, a review of which you can read here.

The cost of bath equipment is small, we will count:

Bath 4000 rubles
Plastic panels 3000 rubles
Tile 3000 rubles
Tile adhesive 400 rub.
Liquid nails 300 rub.
Masonry net 300 rub.
Basin sink under it 2500 rub.

All estimated estimates, estimated purely in memory, remembered that he did not spend more than 15,000 rubles. Everything was done by itself, so if you do not know how - you will have to pay the masters again. So that the bathroom in a wooden house was not as difficult as it seemed at first. The most important thing is that the water was drawn. And already arrange your own room will not work.