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Foam from the ants. Why ants are afraid of wheat

Many people know which ants are hard-working and hard-working insects, but when these features turn around against the citizens, it's not nice to have it. Small pests, settling in apartments and in the cities, undermine the calmness and diminished life of the owners at the root, and

begins feverish search for the best and appropriate ant from the ants. Then and then the memory of the form of fighting the ant with a simple flour goes up.

Wheat flour is a stocked fruit of the cultivated species of millet. This cereal is widely used in food, since it contains a lot of trace elements, complex carbohydrates, and vitamins, which is why it is very useful for children and adults. Then it is unclear how it helps the worm against the ants and effectively.

Foam from the ants. Why ants are afraid of wheat

Effectiveness of

Antistatic Wheat Any way against ants should take into account the peculiarities of the organization of life in an antler and the way of reproduction. If you kill only the working people who leave the nest only ten percent, the pr

oblem can not be solved. The root of evil lies deep inside the colony and is carefully guarded. The most effective method to destroy a colony is to kill a uterus.

No studies have been conducted on the topic of "helping with antons".Some believe that grains of fly insects are taken for the eggs of their queen and bring them to an ant. After the next rain it is logical that the worm swells and closes all passages in the nest, making life unbearable in it. Others believe that wormwood is eaten by ants and uterus, and after that, under the action of intestinal enzymes, it swells to such sizes that the individual simply ruptures like an air balloon. In any case, it is unclear why the ants are afraid of wheat.

Recipes and instructions for using

ants from wheat flakes The fowl from the ants is used for a long time and each host has a super-effective recipe. Most often this cereal is used in raw form. It simply falls asleep an ant, places of dislocation or the frequent appearance of ants. Of course, it's easier to do it on the farmstead than in the apartment, as it is unlikely that an individual will want to try the usual wheat instead of the usual and affordable diet.

In order to make groats more attractive in the eyes of the ants, you can try the following recipes.

Sugar powder with wheat

  • 500 gr. Beef must be mixed with 100 g.powdered sugar. A sweet smell will attract the individual and make her share the find with her sister and queen.
  • Mix it best to pour as close as possible to an ant or to it. You can dip some honey in the apartment conditions beside the lure or on it.
  • Sweet Wheat

  • To accelerate the action of the means of millet, you can pre-soak in warm water, literally for 10-15 minutes.
  • Add sugar, honey or jam to water to make it very sweet. Sweet wheat at times will increase interest in the ants and will surely reach the queen.
  • It should be laid out in the corners of the room, under the baskets, near the bin.
  • Security Precautions

    When handling whips, no security measures are taken. Yes, and how can a dangerous cereal, consumed every day by children in kindergartens? In addition, if you use it on the farmland, then no harm to the land, birds, bees or other representatives of the animal world, it will not cause.

    Poison can drive or destroy ants, but only if it is interested in insect data. Ants do not like wheat, this is a fact, but the causes of such an open hostility are still unknown. It is still better to combine this folk way with other chemical or physical variants.