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Submersible pumps for watering the city

Submersible pumps for watering the city All owners of country or private plots are faced with the problem of watering the cities, since not everywhere centralized water supply is provided. Wearing old water in buckets or watering cans is not very good for health, and the productivity of such work is extremely low. Therefore,

people are increasingly resorting to such aids as submersible pumps for watering the city. Why are they and what is their advantage? In this we will understand. ..

Purpose of submersible pumps

When there is a well, pool, pond or well, and all of this depth of more than 10 meters - you can not do without a powerful mechanism. If a large natural reservoir is nearby, the drainage pump is well recommended. There are deep barrels - you need to buy a barrel analogue. For wells - well pump, for immersion in a well, respectively, well.

The very name "submersion" implies that the device will be in water, making it more protected from overheating. Installation requires knowledge, and better - expert intervention. Significan

t minus - when cold, if the pump was used only for irrigation of the city, it must be dismantled. In the spring, it will have to be installed again.

As plants do not like watering with cold water( from this they can rot root), then usually with the help of submersible pumps filled barrels or other containers. In them, water defends and becomes warmer, and only then it is used for irrigation.

Types of submersible pumps

Submersible pumps are divided into two groups:

  • centrifugal;
  • vibrating.

The difference between them is the principle of water supply. In pumps of the first group this task is performed by a rotating impeller, a screw or a disk with a plurality of rectilinear blades. They differ in complex design, more details, high power and price, more often overheat. They are installed in deep wells and wells.

Vibration pumps have a simpler design, a minimum of parts and a low cost. Despite the smaller, than the centrifugal, power, they are well suited to the task and have demand among buyers. A brand such as SMALL is especially popular. Available with lower and top placement of suction holes. For pumps with lower water intake there is a thermal bar that protects against overload. All models of this brand are provided with the function of thermal protection, disconnects the device in the absence of water. And "MALIUK-3" is used in wells with an internal diameter of a casing 8 cm.

It should be taken into account that, when the well was installed on the vibration pump, it is not recommended to use the vibration pump.

By way of application, submersible pumps for watering the city are:

  • boreholes;
  • well;
  • barrel;
  • Drainage.

Borehole pumps

Submersible pumps for watering the city

Borehole( or deep) pumps are the most complicated in both design and installation. Here without a thorough consultation a specialist can not do. Judging by the name, intended for deep wells, although often used in wells, if there is a fairly high level of water for its proper operation. It is better to entrust the installation of such a pump to the master.


For wells, the best option is a well pump. It is larger in diameter than well, the Submersible pumps for watering the city is less in length and cheaper. If the width does not matter, then the length makes it possible to have a larger supply of water. In addition, well pumps are better cooled and not so sensitive to solid suspensions. And the presence of float switches in them protects from working in a dry mode. These pumps have:

  • bottom water drainage hole and built-in filter for protection against large suspensions;
  • water inlet at the top and variable float filter.

These pumps are available in a large assortment, there are those that work horizontally or with incomplete immersion in water. An example of one of the most popular well pumps is the trademark MALUK.

Barrel pumps

Submersible pumps for watering the city

barrel pumps may not be as common as surface, but quite convenient for containers where dirt, silt and sand are collected on the bottom. They are cheap and ideal for watering a small town. The pump itself is lowered into the barrel, and a fixing with a switch is installed on board. To work with different weighed particles there is a filter. The presence of a float switch will protect the pump from breakage if the jar suddenly does not become water.

Drainage pumps

Submersible pumps for watering the city And, finally, drainage pumps - a great option for submersible pumps for watering the city from the pond. If near your site there is a natural reservoir with not very clean water - this pump will be the perfect assistant. He will cope with the silt, small turtles, sand and other not very large and solid particles. Of course, his pressure is too weak to irrigate the city with the help of nozzles. But to download a large amount of water from the neighboring river to him is quite powerful. In the deep drainage there is a float, which includes a pump to reach the desired water level. And the passport shows the size of the solid particles, which can be managed by either model.

In order to choose from a large number of options and buy a pump for irrigation in the city, which is suitable for you, you must carefully examine all the characteristics. Do not forget to take into account the size of the irrigated area, the distance from the well to the filled containers or beds, the depth of the water source. Also, the pump can be adapted to clean the house rate or pool: and the city is off, and the water will change. Of course, the pool in this case can not be cleaned with chemicals. In any case, a submersible pump is a convenient and necessary acquisition for a site, to do without which in most cases it is simply unrealistic!